Why Luggage Tags are necessary

Why You Need Luggage Tags and Why it is so necessary ?

Why luggage tags are necessary

Do you know 1 out of 150 people lost their luggage while traveling? This is a huge number, have a look at the stats below.

Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lost_luggage


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1,000 passengers


Baggage Reports



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1,000 passengers[4]


Thanks to modern technology the number of luggage lost is quite decreased. With Smart Luggage losing your bag is a thing of past now. So coming to the topic of the page that, Why luggage tags are must-have travel accessories.

I am 100% sure that you have picked someone's else luggage or someone else has picked up your luggage at luggage carousel on the airport.

Most of the bags at Luggage carousel looks same. The same old-fashioned luggage in black, brown and other old colors confuses you and other people too (At least it confuses me a lot earlier). But thanks to many luggage brands that took the initiative and made luggage designs out of the league. Some of the brands that offer cheerful, lovely colors are Hauptstadtkoffer , Rockland, Lipault Luggage just to name a few.

What are Luggage Tags ?

Luggage Tags are just a piece of an ID card attached to your luggage. Many tags offer to write down your personal details on it so someone could contact you in case of misplacement of your luggage.

Generally, most of the Tags are designed with bright color making it easy to identify your luggage in the piles of luggage.

Now you can also buy luggage tags that come with Luggage Locator installed in it in case your luggage gets lost, or you want to track your luggage location[Aff Links].

What Things To Look For Before Buying Luggage Tags

If you are looking to buy a luggage tag than there are few points to take care of when purchasing luggage tags.

The color of the tag must be of high contrast. Because dull color Tags get mixed with the color of bags and become hard to spot on, so what's the use of a tag that does not solve your problem, this is why you must opt for bright color Tags.

Don't buy a single piece of the tag. Always look for 5-6 tags in the pack. This will cost less, and you can also use it on your bag or can gift someone.

Always choose for steel loop attachment. Other material loops do not last long.

Tags which goes inside a plastic pocket is the best type of Tags as their colors do not fade off and also protects it from the rain.

Nowadays many companies offer to customize your luggage tags according to your design. These type of tags looks cool.

As everything around is getting smarter so why not tags. Smart luggage tags can reduce your stress about losing your luggage. You can always track where your luggage even in the case of theft.

The most important thing that a luggage tag must have is that you can fill your personal details in it. So in case if your luggage gets lost their always a greater probability that anyone who finds your bag can able to contact you especially airport crews.

That's all about Luggage Tags, and now you have understood why you need to buy tags and what to look for when buying it. Share this article with your family or friend so everyone can get benefit from it.

Till Then, Happy Journey.

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