5 Most Sold Wenger Luggage Reviews 2019

Are you deciding on buying Wenger Luggage and Bags ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 5 of the Best Selling Luggage and bags from Wenger.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Did you notice something on all the bags of Wenger? Yes, the logo looks a quite familiar right. It is because Wenger is a child company of Swiss Gear the brand better known more making Swiss Army Knife. Swiss Gear also makes High Quality luggage. So luggage from Wenger maintains the same High Quality standards that swiss gear follows.

Wenger is also known for making feature rich backpacks at a highly affordable price tag. So, lets review 5 BestSelling Backpacks from Wenger that are worth your hard earned money.

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Wenger Synergy Backpack, Gray (GA-7305-14F00)

Wenger Synergy Backpack, Gray (GA-7305-14F00)

Wenger makes one of the best laptop backpacks. And this backpack is one of the best sellers of the brand.

The Lappy bag offers a lot of functionality you will love to get. It can easily hold your 15 - 16-inch laptop and the triple layer padded section will save your device from regular tug while traveling.

One of thing I really liked is the music player pocket. There is no need for this as today's generation have everything on their mobile, But still, it is a good add-on to have.

A dedicated Tablet Pocket is what we need today and Wenger Backpack has this.

I have previously seen that backpacks are always intended to be carried. If you put the bag down on the table, floor or anywhere they tilt. But Wenger tackled this small issue by having a stabilizing platform at the bottom of the bag so tilting is no more issue so far.

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Wenger Synergy Backpack also has lots of pocket for proper organization of your belongings. A quick pocket at front allows you to easily grab the stuff you needed frequently while traveling.

A dedicated pocket for cards, Charger, and other small things is also a great add-on in overall feature of the bag.

If you ever carried a regular backpack you may have observed that hanging those on your shoulder for a long time starts to give you pain at shoulder and back of your body. Also sweating is also something you can't avoid while hanging your regular backpack.

Thanks to air-flow channels at back sweating will be minimized. They don't go away but are reduced to a great level.

The thick pad at the back of the bag makes your journey comfortable irrespective of the time you carry it on your back.

All these features at an affordable rate are appreciated by more than 1100 people at Amazon. So don't forget to have a look at the bag. Click below to check the current offered price.

Wenger Patriot Rolling Business Set

Wenger Luggage Reviews

If you are a business person male/female and travel regularly for your business then this is one of the perfect Business cum Travel Bag you should buy as soon as possible.

Wenger Patriot is designed to hold laptops of sizes up to 17 inches.

The bag also provides a slim matching case for your laptop but the sad part is the case is for laptop up to 15.4 inches not for 17 inches (I have a 17-inch Notebook)

The ergonomic handles are quite well built and works flawlessly.

The gel grip handles give a perfect grip on the bag without causing sweats at your palm.

2 Skate, Easy Glide wheels makes the motion of the bag smooth. These are not 360-degree spinner wheels but still allows you to pass through narrow areas at the rush hours on the airport.

The triple layer padded laptop compartment saves your laptop from shocks and the compartment is also lockable reducing the chance of theft.

For storing your important documents the bag offers a dedicated compartment which can also be extended to carry more. Like most of the bag Wenger backpack, it also has a quick pocket at front for easy accessibility.

A pass-thru strap on the bag offers to stack several bags for easy maneuvering.

Another Big compartment has decent room for keeping clothes for an overnight stay.

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Overall I can say that the bag is a must for any business person whether you are a man or women it will surely compliment your personality. So grab it now.

SwissGear Blue Ibex 17" Computer Backpack from Wenger

SwissGear Blue Ibex 17 inch Computer Backpack

The backpack is the types of luggage that come in use anytime and by anyone. It does not matter whether you are a high school student, college guy or a family man/women backpacks are always there to count on while going for a short or long trip.

And how great it would be if the backpack offers much functionality and required room as compared to regular luggage.

This is why we are reviewing Ibex Laptop Backpack by Wenger.

The backpack offers lots of room and functionality that regular bags fail to deliver.

The Triple Padded Omni Protect will take care of your laptop from regular bumps in your traveling session. The protection pad is thick and absorbs shocks quite well.

It also has a 10-inch floating pocket for tablets and iPads. A dedicated compartment for any day to day product is very helpful and is something we want that every bag manufacture should consider while designing their product.

The SwissGear Ibex I used for this review

The SwissGear Ibex I used for this review

Generally, backpacks tilt when kept in flat surfaces like table or ground but Swiss Gear Ibex does not. A case base stabilizing platform is added at the bottom so the bag can stay at an upright position.

The Bag is loaded with lots of pockets and rooms with other organizational compartments. It has a side mesh pocket for water bottles, or for an umbrella.

Other than Comp-U-Flex compartment for your laptop, the bag also has 3 other big compartments for keeping your belongings while traveling.

A side quick pocket can hold your small objects like headphones, iPods, keys or anything else for quick access.

The shoulder straps are also heavily padded and are shock absorbent as well and do not hurt your shoulders irrespective of the time you are carrying it.

IT Luggage The Only Luggage You Need

A small net mesh pocket is made on the shoulder straps of the bag to hold your glasses or headphones or anything else.

Air Flow channels allow passing of airs easily without causing much sweat at your back. The back of the bag is also padded for a comfortable experience.

While checking the bag for this review I do not find anything to complain about. As the first thing for any reviewer is to find some flaw or drawback to complain about so the reader (future buyer) stay alert of the issue before buying the stuff.

But I don't find anything to complain about. But if the bag comes with some inbuilt locking mechanism then it will be much-appreciated add-on over all the functionality it offers.

Even the pricing of the bag is honest and will last longer then you have expected.

Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Backpack

Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Computer Backpack - Fits Most 15 Inch Laptops and Tablets

Swiss Gear is the parent organization of Wenger Luggage and both make High-Quality Backpacks and are the leader in the marketplace when it comes to Backpack.

And Wenger SA 1537 is no exception.

This laptop bag is also on 4th rank in the bestseller backpack list.

The padded laptop sleeve fits most of the 15-inch laptops and keeps them secure from regular shocks while traveling.

You may have seen many backpacks provides a net mesh pocket at side by storing water bottles. But the Wenger water bottle pocket is a bit different than regular.

The pocket is elasticized and can fit a water bottle of different sizes.

Airflow channels at the back of the bag make your journey more comfortable. The back of the bag is also heavily padded so you don't feel uncomfortable even when the bag is fully loaded.

The Straps are also padded and reduce the stress on your shoulder. A small pocket at straps is also available for keeping your sunglasses or headphones other regular stuff.

Wenger Laptop Bag I put my hands on

Wenger Laptop Bag I put my hands on

The curvature shaped handles with firm grip provide better grip and reduce the level of sweat on your palms.

One thing that most of the Wenger Backpacks has in common is the dust proof exterior. The bag does not get dirty easily and even if it got, you just need to wipe the bag with a wet cloth and it will be back again looking like a brand new bag.

The bag also has several pockets and the main compartment is very deep and can hold a ton of stuff. It also has a hidden compartment in the lower lumbar pad for keeping precious items more secure.

Loads of pocket gives you the option of the proper organization. The backpack offers 2 big compartments other than laptop compartment and many separate organized sections help to keep everything in proper place.

A detachable key fob at the front organizer pocket is what I personally like the most. 

The only thing missing in Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Backpack is stabilizing the base. The above 2 backpacks have a stabilizing base. Due to the absence of the base, the bag keeps tilting when fully loaded.

But this small drawback does not cover all of plus point the bag has. And the price point of is also very attractive. So get the bag and feel the difference.

PEGASUS from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack

PEGASUS from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack

Our Final Review in this series is Pegasus by Wenger.

Unlike the backpack reviewed above this model can hold laptop sizes upto 17 inches.

It also has 3 sided padded compartment for keeping your laptop safe.

Thanks to stabilizing base the bag remains in upright position when kept in the flat surface like table or ground.

As we know Swiss Gear (Wenger) makes functionality rich product like Swiss Army Knife and this great backpack.

The bag offers lots of separate compartments for storing business cards, notebook, keys, chargers, cords and much more.

The Quick Pocket at the front is available for storing stuff you need frequently and is quickly accessible. 

It also has an elasticized side pocket for storing the bottle of different sizes.

To keep you sweat free and cool it has Airflow design on the back which most of the other company never thought of.

Pegasus I ordered from Amazon

Pegasus I ordered from Amazon

Even the shoulder straps are heavily padded so you don't feel much pressure on your shoulders.

The ergonomic grip handle is quite strong and came useful when required.

A pass-through strap at the back of the bag allows stacking the bag over any other trolley.

The bag does not offer anything out of the league as compared to any other backpack from SwissGear or Wenger.

This feature-loaded backpack has received 90% positive reviews on Amazon and the buyers are totally loving it.

And at the price tag at which the bag is available is, will surely make this backpack one of your best travel companions.

My Experience with the Wenger Brand

Testing the Wenger Backpacks I went to my friends shop in DC and put my hands on all of the bag reviewed above. From my experience, I can say that the overall Quality of the bag is of Top Notch after all they follow the standard guidelines of Swiss Gear.

Backpacks are generally not that much spacious but these bags give a tough fight and knocked out almost all of the regular bags you have ever seen.

Most of the bag offers not one but 2-3 roomy compartments which are enough to hold clothes for a couple of days.

Aside from roomy compartment, all the laptop bag from Wenger provides a quite safe compartment for your laptop. The triple padded compartments guarantee that your laptop stays safe irrespective of the type of journey you are on.

One thing that needs to be specially mentioned is the several organized compartment for keeping things separate from the roomy compartments. Pockets for keeping sunglasses, pens, notebooks and yes for your keys too.

From my experience, I can say that you won't find any backpacks far near Wenger and Swiss Gear. Even the price at these feature-rich bags are available is also very genuine. SO grab your next travel companion with closed eyes and still, you won't regret your purchase.

That's all from my end, Now it's your turn. Do you find our Wenger reviews helpful? Did we miss anything or any bag worth mentioning? Do you guys have any of your personal experience with the brand?

Let us know in the comments below.

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