Are you deciding on buying Timberland Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 17 of the Best Selling Luggage from Timberland.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Do you have heard the name of the luggage brand "Timberland"? The chances are low if you are from the United States. Other then Luggage, Timberland company makes clothing, foot wares, accessories, and many other lifestyle products too.

There are
 many companies that make the same stuff as Timberland but Timberland is different from them.

What makes them unique is that their product is designed by focusing on outdoor lifestyle.

So everything they make is strong and every product they make is preferred for the outdoor lifestyle.

And it is quite understandable that their luggage is of no difference. Timberland
 luggage is strong and stylish and can face the worst weathers possible.

So, without waiting for the next second lets began Reviewing the Bestselling Timberland Luggage.

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Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

This beautifully designed luggage is for rough terrains. If you are looking for a good investment in your travel companion then these are the trolley worth looking at.

Made up of pure Textured ABS plastic that is super strong in nature and is nontoxic like PVC plastic.

Timberland luggage took one step forward in making the environment a better place and are not using PVC material in the manufacturing of their luggage.

This is a thing everybody should concern about.

The Textured body is molded in manufacturing units and is available in 11 attractive colors. You can pick one according to your taste.

The telescopic handles are thick and strong.

It opens and closes smoothly with just a push of a button. 

I am a tall guy and sometimes I face problem in pulling my luggage due to handling.

And for my wife is a bit short so we need something that fits for both of us. And Timberland spinner luggage provides exactly what we need.

A locking mechanism to lock the handles in between.

A handle is also at the other long side of the bag with 4 strong small stands so you can park your bags vertically too.

The wheels are no doubt smooth whether you are pushing or pulling your luggage.

It moves freely in standing position also for easy maneuverability.

The inside of the bag is quite spacious. Inside you will find one open compartment with straps at the top.

And the other compartment is fully packed with a zippered lid at the top. An additional small pocket is also present at middle for putting your wet clothes or other stuff you want.

The Only small drawback I can say it has is the absence of TSA locks.

The benefit of having a complete set is that it is available at a huge discount instead of purchasing them individually. And you don't have to worry about your travel duration anymore. You have a bag for every travel duration.

Timberland 28 inch Wheeled Duffle Luggage Bag

Timberland 26 inch Wheeled Duffle Luggage Bag

This trolley cum duffel bag is really a masterpiece from Timberland.

Build with durable 600 D Polyester makes this bag tough like a rock. The polyester material is also water resistant keeping your stuff dry and safe even in worst weather conditions.

Remember I said earlier Timberland design products keeping outdoor activity in mind.

This is the perfect example of their high-quality outdoor product.

As I mentioned above Timberland also cares for our environment as well.

These bags are made up of 1% RPET (Recycled Polyethylene terephthalate). It means the bag is made up of 50% recycled plastic bottles.

The 2 handles are made of air mesh padding for moisture proof handling and breathable and comfortable experience.

With TPR over molded handles makes a perfect grip on your bag without sweating your hands. The handles are strong and are strong and durable.

When it comes to storage this bag is a monster. The 26-inch storage capacity is huge and allows packing easily.

Timberland 30 inch Wheeled Duffle Luggage Bag

Timberland 30 inch Wheeled Duffle Luggage Bag

This beautiful bag from Timberland is categorized under mountain collection.

Made with durable 420d ripstop and a 600d collie makes this bag the strongest among its peers.

The duffel bag is quite easy to handle. With 2 carry handles at top and side with air mesh grip makes handling of the bag more comfortable and breathable.

It also reduces moisture from your hands while holding it.

The suitcase has 2 big compartments.

With compression straps at the top of both side of the bag helps you told tightly your belongings.

The smooth and silent spinner wheels make your movement hassle free. The wheels roll perfectly well on uneven surfaces and tiles as well.

The expandability option allows you to expand your bag 15% more than its original space offerings.

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Inside you will also find 2 gusted pockets on both sides of the open compartment to hold your stuff separately or to carry wet stuff as the pockets are zippered close.

With TPR coated handles your grip will always remain strong on the bag without causing sweats on your palm. TPR coated handles also reduces the effort on your shoulders while pushing or pulling your bag.

2 * Inline skates are super smooth and move flawlessly experience when tilted.

Many duffel bags tilt over the front side when loaded with stuff but Timberland 30 inch wheeled duffel bag with 2 stands at the bottom does not allow the bag to tilt over when parked.

The adjustable hitch straps allow to expand or squeeze your stuff accordingly inside your bag.

With 4 available colors, there is always an option to pick your bag according to your taste.

Timberland 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Timberland 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Luggage sets are a great deal to grab a set of the bags in the same design with varying sizes.

Getting all the sizes individually will going to take some extra money from your pocket. So getting a set is never a bad deal for any avid traveler.

And Timberland 3 piece soft-side luggage is not a difference at all.

All of the bags have 600 D polyester lining making them quite strong, durable and water resistant at the same time.

The strong soft-side bag looks beautiful and tough enough to face a rough handling. As most of the timberland bags are designed for.

With Inline skate wheels makes the motion of the bag quite smooth. Strong telescopic handles which lock with just a push of a button makes an additional feature you would love to use.

With top, side and bottom carry handles you can lift your bag however you like.

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These beautiful bags also provide a huge interior and lots of mesh zippered pockets and adjustable straps to hold to your stuff.

Bags generally get dirty in just a couple of journeys. And washing or dry cleaning your bag is always not an affordable and good idea to go with. But to clean this baggage you just need to wipe out with a dry cloth first and then with wet one and you are ready to go on a next trip with it.

With all these features and strength Timberland 3 piece set is a viable option to have one. So, grab one now.

Timberland Gilmanton Three Piece Hardside Luggage Set (20.5"/24"/28")

Timberland Gilmanton Three Piece Hardside Luggage Set (20.5 inch - 24 inch - 28 inch), Blue Print

Timberland Gilmanton is a stylish hard case luggage and a perfect companion for your journeys.

Four spinner wheels allow easy maneuverability and strict control of the motion. The multi-directional wheels don't need to be adjusted when taking a turn even in the standing position.

Sometimes for long trips, I prefer hard case bags because they avoid dust easily.

And does not get affected by any type of weather.

So as Timberland Gilmanton. The textured ABS plastic is really tough and does not allows dust and scratches easily. After a few trips, it just needs a wipe from wet cloth and its back like a new bag.

Interior of the bag is also something you will fall in love with. With 2 compartment storage, this bag can hold a ton load of stuff. 

One side it has an open compartment with valet straps at the top to hold your belongings tightly. The zipper divided part is covered with a zippered lid.

A covered mesh pocket for extra stuff or wet clothes. I am always in worry for my clothes to get mingled up. But all of the 3 bags provide a properly organized interior, so you don't need to worry anymore about this.

With 2 handles on each bag makes moving or parking the bag easily.

 price of the bag is however at the higher end of the scale but are totally worth it and you will get a decent discount when buying in a set instead of getting them individually. Available in 3 eye-catching colors you sure want to get your hands on any of the set.

The only drawback I can count on is the missing of inbuilt TSA lock.

Zippers are strong and move freely. WIth 5-year warranty Timberland Gilmanton is sure a bag you will love to get.

Timberland 29" Expandable Spinner Suitcase, Military

Timberland 29 inch Expandable Spinner Suitcase, Military

Timberland 29-inch Expandable spinner suitcase has refined the rugged surface. The collection is named as Reddington collection from Timberland.

The body is crafted with 600 D polyester for rough and tough use.

And this is the prime concern when Timberland design any luggage. The PVC free material, with leather trim, makes this bag a tough boy and stylish too side by side.

No doubt the multi-directional wheels are strong and smooth and rolls perfectly in kind of surface without pushing much pressure in hands and shoulder. Even in the standing position, the movement of the bag is flawless.

The telescopic handles are thick and strong and do not wobble even you fill up the bag to the top. Another handle is also on the side of the bag. The handle side bag has small stands so you can park your bag vertically without the bag touching the ground.

The interior of the bag is very spacious and can hold a ton of stuff in it. The bag is divided into 2 compartments. In which one side has a deep space and the other is a large zippered stash pocket.

The fully lined interior also provides a valet strap on the main compartment.

In front of the bag, there is a large zippered pocket tightened by the buckled flap. You will also get 2 additional pockets at the front for better organization.

With 5 years global warranty this is the bag you don't wanna miss for long journeys.

Timberland Expandable Spinner Carry On Suitcase

Timberland Expandable Spinner Carry On Suitcase

An avid traveler can agree with me when I say luggage is a best friend for making your journey comfortable.

And a cheap luggage may look believable at the first sight but can leave you in between your holiday with lots of embarrassment also.

I have personally experienced this.

But now I take great precautions while buying luggage because many brands claim they are the best and in reality, you know what's the truth.

Thanks, Timberland luggage is not like these.

This Timberland Expandable Spinner Carry on suitcase is a perfect all in one suitcase cum bag. Made up of Strong 600 D polyester. This makes sure that your bag will live longer than expected. The 600 D polyester also makes the bag water resistant.

For keeping you feel comfortable the air-mesh packing with moisture absorbing fabric makes you comfortable while moving.

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Handles are strong and move quite easily. The top of the handles is covered with TVR. It helps to get a perfect grip on the bag without causing sweats in your palm.

Self-healing zipper is the what every luggage manufacture should need to add in their luggage functionality. The best part is almost all of the timberland luggage has self-healing zipper. 

The functionality of the self-healing zipper is that when your zipper gets broken from the track just move the zippers backward and it will keep aligning the zipper again. Great functionality.

Tapered webbing allows you to attach more stuff with your bags.

No need to say the skating inline wheels move quite freely in both positions. But they are not 360-degree rotational wheels.

The inside of the bag is very spacious with lots of zippered divided compartments. It is also expandable. The benefit of soft-side luggage is that you can fill it up to the top and still keep adding your stuff. Soft side bag can also be adjusted under the seat.

All in all, I can say Timberland Expandable spinner carry on can be your best friend and at this price, it is really a steal.

​Timberland Hampton Falls 3 Piece Set

Timberland Hampton Falls 3 Piece Set

You can move an entire house with this Timberland set. Kinda Joking but you can take my words.

Wheeled duffel bag has a two separate compartment opening from the top and is quite spacious.

The handles are strong of the bag and inline skate wheels move freely. The bottom also has molded foot allows standing the bag when parked without tipping it even if it's fully loaded.

The 30-inch duffel bag is PVC free. Fully lined interior with lots of zippered pockets helps keep things organized for maximum organization.

The 21-inch carry-on bag is another plus point in this 3 piece luggage set from Timberland. 

The carry on bag is 100% made up of polyester and is water resistant. 2 front pockets come quite handy and are also spacious.

As all of the bags, the handles are strong and has TPR handle grip for better hold on the bags without sweating your palms. A top and side handle is also present for better grip.

The bottom also has a pair of small stands for keeping the bag upright.

The Backpack measures 17.5 inches in Length and 10.5 inches wide.

It can also fit at the overhead cabins and UnderSeat in most of the airlines.

The Backpack also has a dedicated padded laptop compartment.

With 5 years warranty on all the bag. This set is definitely a steal at this price at which it is offered.

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