How Strength Of Luggage Is Tested

Testing Luggage Strength

With Increase in demand of High Quality Luggage companies all over the globe is making there luggage a modern piece of rock. Travellers all around the globe are opting for high durable standard luggage for there regular needs and to full fill the needs of people luggage companies are doing there best to stand in this competitive luggage market.

How the strength of the luggage are tested

These Baggage are used to carry your personal belongings from one point of the world to the other by air, land or sea journeys so they must be reliable and durable.

All of the parts of luggage are important to make them a complete piece even if one of the parts are not tested while manufacturing you can end up in a terrible journey experience.
It has been also found that airport staff of other loads carrier does not treat your luggage as a new born baby. They have to move hundreds of bags in a definite time frame which makes them handle your luggage as rough as possible.

But, wait that's not the case with Japan

Which parts of your luggage are important?

In one word All, but let's begin with straps.
Straps are an important part of your baggage and if it broke while travelling it will make your journey a bit painful as these straps are made to attach your extra handbags or other small bags so you move in comfort and handle only a single bag a time.

Zipper test

Zippers hold the main responsibility to safeguard your belongings. They are also the most used parts of baggage. If they break in the middle than your face will speak for your problem itself. So, many companies test their zipper quality by opening and closing the zipper 3000+ times via machines of course.

Handle test

All the weight of your belongings including the weight of luggage itself is handled by the slim-trim stylish handles. All high-quality bag manufacturer makes these bags with aircraft aluminium which are highly durable and lasts longer. These handles are tested for strength by applying a heavy weight on the other hand by machines. Machines also simulate jerking effect so they stay strong even in the worst possible conditions.

Drop test

You pretty well know how travel staff handles your bags. So drop testing is an important test and luggage manufacturer can't afford to miss this test.
The bags are tested by dropping them from a certain height in all the angles and sides. So that your bags will reach to you in one piece even after a long journey.

Lock test

No one wants an extra lock to attach to their luggage. The Inbuilt locks should be able to secure your bags from everything. Nowadays TSA locks are preferenced over general brands locks. So luggage brands test their locks by testing it more than 10k times in one go. So your lock will keep their belongings safe and don't die in the middle of your trip.

Wheels test

Do you lift your carry on when you move? No, right? That is why wheels are attached in the lower part of your bags. Luggage maker makes wheels flawless now. They don't roll they glide but only good manufacturer takes these seriously. To test wheels quality they are kept running the wheels for than few kilometres so they don't get stuck when you move in style.


So, Good luggage manufacturer keeps testing their luggage by various other factors like weather test and pressure tests also. But the thing to note here is that low-quality bags maker don't make their luggage go through these tough stages. They simply don't afford to.
So opt for only high quality luggage trust me this going to be your best investment in your travelling needs.

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