Best Swiss Gear Backpacks and Luggage Review

Are you deciding on buying Swiss Gear Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 8 of the Best Selling Luggage from Swissgear.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Swiss Gear is also one of the top manufacturers of luggage all around the world giving Samsonite and Delsey a tough competition in this crowded luggage jungle.

The price at which Swiss Gear offers their luggage is also very genuine. They do not make too graphical luggage but it does not mean that they offer dull looking bags.

The designs and colors Swiss Gear use in their bags are vibrant and you will surely get lots of compliment while traveling with them.

And most of the backpack they manufacture are now loaded with Smart Scan feature which reduces your time to the minimum in the security check.

So without wasting the next second let's begin the review of 8 Bestselling bags from Swiss Gear.

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack


SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 BackPack is one of the best selling backpacks in the entire world. This roomy backpack allows to pack more and still offer lots of more space. 

Constructed of 1200 D polyester makes the bag durable and strong. And can also face worse weather conditions.

The Best Part that it offers is Scan Smart Technology. With No more Carrying your Laptop in your hands anymore on TSA X-Ray machines reducing your time in Airport Security.

As the name suggests the bag is specifically designed for carrying laptops. You can get the plenty of option to choose the size of the bag according to your laptop dimensions. But the Max size available is 17 inches. The laptop compartment is separated from the main roomy compartment.

The zippers are quite big which makes the grip more perfect and tight.

The thing that almost all of the backpacks lacks is totally opened compartment. This is the part I fell in love with SwissGear Travel Gear. The bag almost open's in half (50-50) as a book. This, of course, speeds up the security check but also provides a better organization option.

The back of the bag is heavily padded with a deep airflow channel with straps allows the flow of air. Means the place of contact of the bag and your shoulder does not sweat more. The multiple air-flow ventilation technologies allow a more comfortable journey despite the load of the bag.

Another small detail that caught my attention is the tablet holding pocket. It is a small move but anything that helps in the proper organization is always beneficial and appreciated by travelers and users.

Swissgear Travel Gear 1900 still has a lot to offer. Let's have a quick walkthrough.

  • A Front Carabiner.
  • Side Accessory Pocket. For Water Bottles or Anything Extra.
  • Quick Zip Pocket at Top for Easy Accessibility. 
  • Front Accessory Zip Pockets that holds pens, notebooks, keys and other useful stuff.
  • The Big Front Multi-Compartment Pockets has a lot of organization features - Zip Mesh Accessory Pockets, A pocket for holding you phones with headphone ports, An Elastic File Holder,

Backpacks are preferred by adventurer this is why the bag has lots of tightening option so the stuff inside the bag won't mess into each other and stuff remain intact.

All in all, I can say that SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is a world champion in backpack class. With more than 90% positive reviews on Amazon from 7100+ customers makes it the winner among any backpack available in Amazon.

SwissGear Travel Gear 6283 Spinner

This straightforward but elegant looking soft-side luggage from Swiss Gear is available in all standard sizes ranging from 17 inch Carry On - 28 Inches.

The bag adapts its size according to your ample packing needs thanks to the expandability option it provides to you. The benefit of having a soft side is it also adjust according to your packaging capacity as the top are flexible as compared to hard side bags and can be stored Underseat or overhead cabins as required.

I generally give my soft-side bags to my wife because of the obvious reasons, she needs more room.

One thing to note that the same model is available in two different variants. One has 4 * 360-degree spinner wheels and another one has 2 skate wheels. The one I put my hands on for this review was the version having 4 spinner wheels.

The Telescopic Handles are quite long and locks in 2 stages according to you need. Simple handles on top, side and bottom are installed for easy lifting and carrying.

The bag is crafted with strong and water repellent polyester and does not rip off easily. A detachable wet cloth pocket is a great add-on on overall features.

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The bag opens on one side with a tie down strap at top of it holding your belongings tightly and securely. The other side has a big zip mesh pocket providing more space to keep your stuff separately from the main compartment.

A rectangular zip pocket is also available in inside the bag.

With 2 additional front pocket, SwissGear Travel Gear 6283 makes sure you don't leave anything behind on your trip.

This trolley is perfect for anyone looking for a convenient soft side bag at affordable cost with great 10 years extended warranty.

Swiss Gear ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops and Tablets

In our list of Swiss Gear backpack reviews, this is the 2nd backpack that receives a lot of loves all around the globe.

This is a cool looking Scan Smart Bag from swiss gear that offers relatively all the features of the above-reviewed backpack.

The Scan Smart functionality of the backpack makes swiss gear one of a kind luggage brand that offers this functionality.

This is one of the USP of the brand that is taking the brand to the next level.

The versatile bag is loaded with tons of feature in a highly affordable price tag. The inner compartment is huge with adjustable laptop strap to hold laptops of different sizes. In the laptop compartment, I easily packed my 15-inch laptop with the cable.

My Son's Backpack

My Son's Backpack

With lots of pockets, your organization experience will be going to be a breeze.

One thing that I personally liked is the keys holder in the middle pocket. These are the minor details that SwissGear take care of and these small things make a big difference.

The water bottle holder is deep and of great quality, so it can hold bottles of variant sizes without falling. The bag is built with 1200 D ballistic weave fabric. The polyester is very strong and water resistant also. The bag is designed to face challenging weather conditions without hurting your belongings.

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A lot of extra padding is available in the back of the bag. So it does not matter how heavy your bag is and how much distance you will travel with the bag your experience will always going to be comfortable with maximum back support. The multi-panel airflow design reduces the chance of sweats in your shoulders and back.

You also get an option to choose from 4 colors the bags are available in. The colors are kind of dark and do not allow dust to easily settle on the bag making it look fresh always.

Organizing a SwissGear bag is a very pleasant experience because of the number of different pockets available in the bag. The backpack has a floating tablet holder, Interior pockets with an organizer compartment for small things like notepad, pens, etc. A front big pocket, An elastic tab on shoulders also to hold your glasses and is easily accessible.

From my experience, I can say it is a beautiful tough bag with lots of space with proper organization and is available at a highly affordable price. So get it and love it.

SwissGear Maggiore 28" Suitcase, Grey

A classic looking luggage  never gets old this is why this SwissGear Maggiore is one of the favorite choices among many avid travelers. It is available in 2 different colors to choose from.

You pretty well know how the travelling staff treats your luggage . This is where a soft side bag performs better than a hard side bag, in absorbing shocks better.

The bag is quite big and can hold a ton of stuff. Despite the big size, the bag is still lightweight and you won't face any complication even when your bag is full to the top.

If you are like my wife than your packing will never going to end even before the last minute of the journey.

Thanks to the expandability option the bag offers that allows packing more stuff even in the last minute.

The 4 * spinner wheels follow your direction very smoothly regardless of the surface in which it is rolling on. I never felt any difference in any surface I checked the bag on.

Retractable Push button handles are also very smooth and do not require much pressure in opening or closing the handle. The handles are very strong and thick and do not wobble even if your bag is completely loaded.

There are additional 3 normal handles are made on top, bottom, and side of the bag for easy carrying of the bag as required.

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As said above the bag is really big and offers a lot of space, to sum up, your goods. The bag has one big and deep compartment with X-Straps at top of it for tightly holding your stuff.

It also has a separable mesh pocket for clothes you waiting to be get dried. One big net mesh pocket on the other side of the bag for keeping items separate from the main compartment.

The 2 Big Front Pocket can also hold a lot of stuff and can be easily accessible on the move. 

SwissGear Maggiore is a great dependable bag and is also available in other sizes as well (Currently at the time of writing only 1 size is available on official site and on Amazon too. However the other size is available in ebags but the price range may vary.)

Overall the bag is durable, does not catches dust easily and offers a huge space and all this comes at an affordable price tag. So grab it Now.

Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon for Upto 17-Inch Notebooks

This smart business class looking rolling bag Swiss Gear is a perfect example of craftsmanship. The Bag is going to groom your personality whether you are taking it on your business trip or to your work.

However, the bag is designed to store minimal clothes possible and the objective of the bag is just for a short business trip not for a family vacation. 

If you are a business person and till now you are carrying a backpack for your laptops or any other bag then this rolling bag is going to be the perfect upgrade for you.

The bag is also a great item to gift someone.

You can easily fit your laptop in the bag if your laptop is under 17 inches.

The padded mat will take care of your notebook and can handle jerks while moving the bag quite comfortably.

Since the bag is small you can easily fit it under seat or overhead cabin.

my swissgear laptop rolling bag

I am personally using the bag from last 2 year and there is not a single sign of wear-tear on the bag. It just looks like I bought it yesterday.

The 2 skate wheels make the movement of the notebook bag flawless and are also silent. It feels like you are gliding the bag not rolling it even in the rugged surface.

The front quick pocket is designed for easy accessibility of your items like pens, tickets, phones etc.

The back pocket is also spacious but not enough to hold clothes for more than a couple of days.

The business pocket is a great add-on overall feature of the bag. The business pocket offers to store cards, iPod, Headphones, ID, Keys and much more.

The telescopic handle is also of great quality and extends and retracts with just a push of a button and does not stick in between. An extra normal handle is also present for carrying the bag according to your ease.

More than 86% positive reviews on Amazon reflects how much love people are giving to SwissGear Granda Rolling Laptop Bag. My opinion the price tag of the bag is worth it.

SwissGear Baden 29" Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Seeing a white traveling bag is as rare as seeing an albino alligator . But the color looks quite unique and classy after all white is the color of purity, virginity, peace, goodness, cleanliness, and innocence.

White is also a symbol of perfection and so does SwissGear Baden.

The bag is lightweight (9 Lbs) and can easily handle weight up to 50 Lbs.

Swiss Gear Baden does not offer anything out of the league but the existing features are nothing less. The size is quite large but it won't add any overcharge fee from the airline.

As I said earlier this unisex luggage looks very attractive and is a head turner people will surely ask you about your bag on your first journey. (Stay Tuned for knowing why I said the first journey).

Manufactured with High-Quality blended fabric the bag won't get a sign of wear and tear even after several years of regular use.

The Self Healing Zippers works effortlessly and has been tested more than a thousand's of time before delivering it to the outlets or Online Stores. A self-healing zipper means whenever the zipper lost the track or get over one another or any other problem (other than totally broken) then moving the zipper in backward direction automatically solves any problem with zippers and they will start to work again without any issue.

The 2 front pockets are not too large but good enough to hold down a lot of stuff.

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On the backside of the bag, you get a tag holder for identification of your bag.

The telescopic handles are made up of strong material and are quite thick in nature. The handles work smoothly with just a push of a button. Extra nylon handles are available at top and side of the bag for easy lifting. A small hand placement style handle is also at the bottom.

The Open Spoke designed 2 * 4 Spinner wheels makes the movement of the bag silent and smooth.

The fully lined inside is great. The bag has one big roomy compartment with adjustable straps at the top for the known reason. You can call it dresser on the wheels cause the amount of space it offers.

The other compartment has a big net mesh pocket and behind the pocket, you also get a zippered section to store a bit more things. The zippered section is also as big as the size of the bag. 

One more zippered pocket is also available in the bigger compartment. For storing some of your wet clothes the bag also has a detachable wet pocket in it.

As I said above people will compliment your choice of luggage on your first trip because of the color. The only drawback I can see is the white color (Silver). But the bag's fabric is designed in such a way that it does not catches dust easily.

The bag just needs a
 little maintenance after several trips and it will glaze like a brand new bag again.

With 5-year limited warranty and affordable price, this awesome looking bag is surely worth your hard earned money.

SwissGear Sion 21 inches, Pewter

SwissGear Luggage is strong, dependable and a great way to showcase your elegant taste while traveling.

And SwissGear Sion is one of the perfect luggage to reflect exactly that.

SwissGear Sion is available in the USA in two different colors termed as pewter and teal. However, a couple of other colors are also available outside the USA or maybe they were out of stock while writing this review.

The Bag is quite strong and one-sided opening provides a lot of space for a perfect packing experience.

If you are like my wife than buying a ton of stuff before traveling and a lot more while traveling is your habit you can't control on.

Thanks to the expandability feature the bag provides you. You can now add more stuff while traveling.

This beautiful bag is actually a bad boy when comes to regular use because the bag is constructed with polyester fabric and can face worst weather situations. The polyester fabric also increases the overall life of the bag so it does not get ripped off easily.

This is a perfect bag for whomever more is less. The sleek and stylish design would be loved by anyone and the strong telescopic handles work quite well as desired.

Despite the big size, the handle won't wobble even when the bag is filled up to the top. 3 extra handles are also present at the top, side, and bottom of the bag for easy carrying or parking.

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The interior of the bag will amaze you like the exterior. One side opening compartment allows to organize your stuff more easily and is also quite deep. A small net pocket is attached to the inner part of the bag. With the detachable pocket for wet clothes, you don't have to worry about your dried clothes.

The other opening compartment of the bag has a big net mesh pocket with zippers for keeping things separate.

4 * Spinner wheels allow easy maneuverability and with corner guards over them the wheels won't get broken easily and lasts longer.

Swiss Gear Sion is available in all other standard sizes like 21, 25, 28 inches. 

Overall the price tag of the bag is really genuine and I can say Swiss Gear can easily fit a label of
 above $200 on the bag and still there sales won't get affected since the bag really delivers quality. So check the bag price and the perfect partner for your next journey.

​SWISS Ruigor Motion 07 Duffel Bag With Water Repellent Materials

When it comes to  Duffel Bags Olympia Luggage is the market leader in manufacturing them. They are the number one seller of Duffel Bags on Amazon Marketplace.

But Swiss Gear is not far behind them. This stylish looking duffel bag offers a lot of features and space that other companies fail to deliver.

This smart duffel bag is available in total three models Motion 01 , Motion 07 , Motion 12. I have got my hands on Motion 07 so we are reviewing it here.

The air flow material used in making this bag is also water repellent and can face challenging weather without any issue.

my swissgear duffel bag-min

The Bag I Used For This Review

The main compartment of the bag is very roomy and can hold a ton of stuff in it. As we know Swiss Gear bags are famous for multi compartments that offer greater organization and the duffel bags meets your expectation in this pretty well.

Aside from the main roomy compartment, the bag has one accessory pocket, a front pocket with lots of divided space for keeping things separately and a shoe pocket (much-needed pocket).

With so many compartments there is very little probability that you need to leave something behind.

A metal buckle with the sturdy handle on top and side makes lifting the bag quite comfortable.

The only thing missing in this particular model is the shoulder strap.

2-way zippers work flawlessly.

With 32 liters of total capacity and such a genuine price, this bag is sure you want to get or gift someone. So, Grab it now.

​My Experience with the Swiss Gear Brand

After reviewing all of the bags above I can say Swiss Gear does not makes only beautiful bag but they are highly durable too.

Whether you choose a duffel, backpack or suitcase all of them are tested thousands of time before delivering it to outlets or when making available for the public.

The material Swiss Gear use for making either Soft-Side or Hard-Side bag are of extremely well qualified and does not breaks or rip off easily. 

Most of the Bags have a 5-year global warranty which reflects the confidence of the brand in their products.

The brand is continuously growing a couple of folds each year as they are having a great marketing skill and customer satisfaction experience from last 3 decades.

All I can say in summary that I personally don't felt anything missing from Luggage. The only thing I can complain about is missing of In-Built TSA locks which is a must nowadays in every bag.

Swiss Gear takes customer satisfaction as the top priority and you won't regret your purchase from them.

Finally, I can say the bags are fantastic, durable and quite roomy. The price tag of all the bags they offer is really genuine and really worth your hard earned money.

This is all from my end, Now it's your turn. Do you find our SwissGear review helpful? Did we miss anything or any bag worth mentioning? Do you guys have any of your personal experience with the brand?
Let us know in the comments below.

Till then Happy traveling and Happy Shopping.

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