BestSelling Rockland Luggage Reviews 2019

Are you deciding on buying Rockland Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 17 of the Best Selling Luggage from Rockland.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Rockland Luggage is from the parent company Fox Luggage and has engraved their name in luggage business since 1995. Rockland luggage is known in Industry for there astonishing graphic designs and the affordability rates.

The price of Rockland Luggage and Bags are the lowest in the industry but it does not mean that they compromise on their quality.

If style is your preference without spending much on the brand name then for sure you want to get a couple of Rockland Baggage for your next trip.

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Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20 Inch Expandable Carry On

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 20 Inch Expandable Carry On, Turquoise, One Size

Anyone will fall in love with this beautiful-looking glossy luggage from Rockland.

Constructed up of ABS plastic makes this beautiful looking bag tough and durable without increasing the overall weight of the luggage.

The lightweight material helps you avoid the extra charge you pay for your luggage.

While testing I found that the multi-directional spinner wheels will rotate easily around the surface and makes the movement of the bag totally flawless.

The ergonomic telescopic handle is made up of aluminum and are strong and does not wobble even when the bag is completely loaded.

The handles operate with a push button without getting stuck in between.

Another spring loaded handle for lifting/parking the bag is also available on the longer side of the luggage.

I found the inside of the bag is also quite surprising. The internal fabric design is awesome. The bag has 2 compartments in which one is open, with straps at the top. Another side is covered by a zip.

My rockland melbourne luggage

Is not mine looking great ?

You will also get 2 other zippered compartments for proper organization.

The other great part is it is expandable too.

I always prefer TSA locks this is what the only thing Rockland Melbourne luggage is missing. But it comes with a free accommodation lock with no extra cost.

This perfect carry on luggage is available in a wide array of colors so you can pick according to your taste.

All in all Rockland Melbourne 20 inch luggage is a quite stylish lightweight luggage that can hold a ton of stuff without causing any problem while moving. And at this discounted price it is really unbelievable to miss the bag as your travel companion. 

With 4.2 star ratings with over 2400+ reviews on Amazon makes Rockland Melbourne one of the Top selling and most favorite luggage all over the Amazon Marketplace.

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set, Owl, One Size

When I tell you that this awesome 2 piece luggage set from Rockland is one of the Best-Selling Bag in Amazon Since 2013 about you won't believe me but 4300+ positive reviews from trusted Amazon Buyers can't be wrong (including me). Let's begin with our review.

First of all the bag above shown is "Owl" patterned graphics in it. And this 2 piece set is available in 44 other designer pattern and all of them are too beautiful and cool.

One is 20-inch upright Trolley and the other is 14 inch Tote. It does not matter if you are an experienced traveler or an occasional one you will fall in love with this luggage set.

Both of the bags is made of patented Eva Molded Hi Count Fabric which is strong and durable. The soft side bags are made of heavy duty polyester and PVC baking which makes them quite strong and does not tear off in ages.

Features of the Tote:

2 Pockets at back and front of the bag with 5.5 inches deep and 11 inches wide big center compartment which can hold a ton of your belonging.

In my experience soft side bags who lacks stands at the bottom get tipped when loaded. But this tote has stability bars at the bottom which prevents it from tipping over.

You will get extra lock and keys supplied inside this bag. It is extremely lightweight just a single pound (1 lb).

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Features of the Upright Trolley:

The trolley has push-button retractable self-locking handles that go inside of the bag when needed. Ergonomic padded grip handle on top and side of the bag is present for easy carrying.

my rockland luggage 2 piece set

Here's mine

Clear Line Skate wheels move freely in the backward and forward direction (they are not 360-degree rotational spinner wheels)

Front side has 2 zipper pockets of large size for easy offerings of your stuff. 

The fully lined interior has one big compartment with 3 extra zippered compartments to keep your stuff separately like wet clothes etc.

It weighs only 6 pounds and has a capacity of 32.5 liters.

With such a low price I say the disposable price you will never find a luggage at this price and is totally worthy of your money. Grab it before the discount expire.

With more than 4350 Positive Reviews on Amazon makes this luggage set one of the Top Selling luggage on Amazon Marketplace.

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 Piece Set, Orange, Medium

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3 piece Set is one of the best luggage set under $200.

Above we have reviewed this luggage individually here and this is no different.

So just have a look at what this 3 Pc luggage set has to offer.

First of all this beautiful set is currently available at a huge discount that you won't get in any luggage outlet.

The spinner trolley bag is available in 15 more colors to choose from. All of the design is of vibrant colors and sure are head turners.

Getting a complete set is a better option to choose instead of getting them individually. Imagine you, your wife and your kids all have their lookalike luggage. It looks cool and easy to identify in the luggage carousel as well.

With a set, you don't have to worry about the duration of your vacation, If it's for a single day business meeting or a couple of weeks you always got your back covered by one of the luggage.

Melbourne collection from Rockland is manufactured with strong but light ABS plastic. 8 multi-directional wheels are smooth and turn easily.

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Telescopic handles and side handles are of good quality and can carry the weight of 40+ lbs easily.

4 bumper is on the longer side of the bag to prevent your belongings from shocks. Those also help to park your bag without making in contact between the floor and your bags body preventing it from scratches.

Interior is also quite huge with a couple of zippered mesh pockets and an elastic pocket. All of the bags are expandable and except the bigger one both of the bags fit in the overhead compartments of flights and smaller one can also be slipped UnderSeat.

With more than 1000 peoples have bought the luggage over amazon only. And with a 5-year warranty, you must try Rockland Melbourne luggage set for your next trip.

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set, Purple, One Size

Rockland is a child company of Fox Luggage. Rockland's priority is to make amazing looking luggage at an affordable rate.

This is why these 2 Rockland Spinner Trolleys are available at such a viable price point.

The set contains 2 bags, one is 20 inch and other 28 inches. You can easily pack clothes of 2-3 peoples for a trip of 8+ days in the bigger one and 1-2 people for a couple of days in the 20-inch bag.

Despite the size of the bags, they are quite lightweight because they are made up of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is used in making car parts and LEGO's also.

The capacity of the small bag is 38.3 Liters and the 28 inch has 93.6 Liters.

Interior is fully lined and the interior design also looks quite beautiful.

With 18+ graphical designs available I am sure you will get confused which one to opt for.

Sturdy zippers are also quite smooth.

Multi-directional spinner wheels glide easily on any type of surface and in any required direction. This helps to move fast even on the busiest hours of the airport.

The hard body can absorb all type of shocks and does not break easily at all. The expand-ability option comes useful for last minute packers like me.

The telescopic push button handle works flawlessly and does not wobble even when fully loaded.

With 5 years of warranty by Fox Luggage (Rockland Luggage) stay relax and just travel.

With 1500+ positive reviews over Amazon marketplace makes this Rockland Spinner Luggage Set a must-have for avid or seasonal travelers.

Rockland 3 Piece Sonic Abs Upright Set

Rockland 3 Piece Sonic Abs Upright Set, Silver, One Size-min

This smart looking Rockland Luggage set looks like it has been brought from future itself.

Carrying a good looking ultimately leaves a lasting impression on anybody who sees you.

So as a traveler I always prefer to get the most handsome looking bag from my collection or either from Amazon or from my friends shop at W'DC.

And this is one of the most handsome bags I personally love to go with. Made up of ABS plastic the bag is quite strong and lightweight side by side. 

Rockland Sonic comes in 15+ vibrant colors and all of them just look fabulous.

my rockland sonic bag

my rockland sonic bag

The bag has 2 * 4 Spinner wheels for easy movement without tilting it.

This beautiful bag also has a shoulder protector at the corners of the body to handle accidental shocks.

Rockland Sonic offers everything like any other luggage but at the very affordable price and eye-catching designs. Push button Telescopic handle goes in and comes out easily.

All of the three bags also offer expandability features.

Inside of the bag has a really big compartment on all 3 of them. It also offers Mesh pockets, Zipper Pockets, and an elastic pocket to keep your stuff organized.

Rockland Sonic's overall appeal is unmatched and the price at which it is available is also unmatched.

28-inch bag weighs only 10 lbs

24 inches weighs 8 lbs

20 weighs only 6 lbs

With over 900+ reviews over Amazon Marketplace simply reflects how much love people are giving up to Rockland Sonic Set.

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage, Love, One Size

I have already reviewed this luggage in my article of "Best Selling Luggage Reviews Under $100". And no doubt this is one of the perfect examples of a designer bag crafted by Rockland.

First thing first you fill in love with the bag as soon as you see it.

The graphic is simply awesome. The one showed above has its name "Love" and there are more than 17 designs to choose from.

In my opinion this "Love" graphics suits on girls more than men.

But for Men also they have strong designs like snake, crocodile patterns. All in all, this is an eye-catching design and are preferred by both genders.

Made up ABS/Polycarbonate material makes this bag lightweight and strong. It can pass the test of time easily. The plus point of having a hard case bag is that they don't catch dust easily and a wipe from wet clothes make them brand new again.

Despite being a carry on bag of 20 inches it still offers a lot of space for your belongings.

my 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage

My 2 bags (Guess who is star war fan)

Internal chrome Telescopic handles are thick and strong. It works smoothly just with a push of the button.

Inside of the bag, you will find one big compartment with straps at the top to hold your belongings tightly and prevents wrinkles too. Internal is fully lined also.

The other end is zip covered. You will also get a big mesh pocket, a zipper pocket and an elastic pocket for better organization.

It does not matter whether you are pushing or pulling your trolley or even moving it in the upright position, the 2 * 4 spinner wheels will make maneuverability a breeze.

And lastly, the price at which is available now is great and puts the cherry on the cake. With 80% positive reviews on Amazon makes this bag a must-have for any style preferred person.

Rockland Deluxe Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set

Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels 4 Piece Luggage Set, Black, One Size

Luggage makes a huge difference in your traveling experience. 

Get a bad luggage and you will know it with yourself that how easily your journey is ruined. 

I learned it the hard way.

This classy looking soft side luggage set is quite durable and can pass the test of time.

In the set, you will get 3 Upright trolleys of size 19, 24 and 28 inches and a smaller bag (Tote) of 14 inches.

All the bags are made up of patented EVA molded high count fabric. The Heavy duty polyester makes the bag tough enough to face worst weathers.

The easy roll inline skate wheels are available on all the pieces and they roll perfectly despite the surface in which it is rolling. But you need to tilt the bag to move, it can't be moved in standing position.

The retractable push-button handles are strong and work as intended. The comfortable padding at the top of handles makes your hands less sweaty while pulling it. It also helps in getting a better grip too.

For easy holding or parking 1 extra handle is available at top and side of the bag.

Two large outside pocket for storing things you need while moving. I generally keep bottles, magazines, iPad, chargers, regular medicines, and snacks.

All the upright bag has one big compartment inside and they are very spacious and I mean it. The elegantly imprinted lining is crafted in all the bags. Zippers are strong. And the bags are very lightweight.

The carry-on flight Tote has detachable shoulder straps also. The size 12 inches is enough to hold lots of items with 3 compartments for better organization. To prevent it from tilting it also has stability bars at the bottom. 

The Tote retractable handles go inside the bag and become totally invisible. A secure zippered pocket at the back is also there. You can carry clothes for a person for a single day. The most attractive point I need to mention is that it only weighs a pound.

This Deluxe Rockland 4 piece collection is available in 10 eye-catching and the current discount makes getting this collection a treat.

​Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Departure

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On, Departure, One Size

For some people moving in style is their first priority and whatever costs it comes it always a great bargain for them. But the cost of Rockland 20 inch Polycarbonate departure luggage is way less than its luxurious and stylish look.

Like all of the other Hardside bag from Rockland it is also made from Lightweight but highly durable and strong ABS polycarbonate.

The beautiful graphical layout looks stylish and is also available in 3 different variants to opt from.

For sweat free comfortable grip the bag has an ergonomic handle grip.

The internal chrome telescopic handle is quite strong and works smoothly with just a push of a button.

2 * 4 spinner wheels work smoothly even in upright position. Even a child can handle the bag without any hassle due to the flawless motion and lightweight.

One point to note is that the bag does not offer any kind of inbuilt lock. Which is a must-have feature for luggage these days and all bags must have TSA locks for safety and avoiding any kind of inconvenience in the journey.

The bag does provide a combination lock but they are not inbuilt.

My 20 inch polycarbonate Departure luggage from Rockland

The Bag i tested for this review

The thing I like in Rockland luggage is the amount of space and pockets they offer for better organization. The bag has two big compartments with big mesh pocket, a zippered pocket, and an elastic pocket also. The bag also has the full polyester lining.

The capacity of this Hardshell bag is 39 liters and weighs on 6 lbs. It is perfect size carry on and easily fits inside the overhead compartments of most airlines.

It is suitable for a couple of days trip and the price at which it is currently available makes the deal more lucrative.

​Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag

Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag, Charcoal, One Size

Till now I have only used Duffel Bags from Timberland they make great duffel bags and at quite an affordable rate also. But if you looking for stylish duffel bag then you are reading the right review.

Duffel bags are different from regular luggage in many aspects.

But the space duffel bags offer are unmatched and they are easy to pack also.

This stylish Soft side Duffel bag from Rockland is made up of High Duty 600 D Polyester and are water resistant also up to some extent.

The top zippered opening offers easy accessibility leading to a big roomy compartment.

It also has 4 side pockets for more and organized packing. It becomes totally flat and can be stored in a very compact area when not loaded with stuff.

The rolling duffel bag offers a retractable strong handle which goes inside the bag and looks totally hideaway. With adjustable shoulder straps, it gets easier on your shoulder too providing multiple carry options.

With a full lining interior, the bag also offers the option for expandability.

The great part is it is available in 25 different colors. So it does not matter for whom you are purchasing the bag you will find suiting style for both genders.

With so many features and style, the price at which it is available currently makes it the must-have bag for any traveler.

Rockland Luggage Impact Spinner 4 Piece Luggage Set

Rockland Luggage Impact Spinner 4 Piece Luggage Set, Black, One Size

This is a complete set of 4 Upright luggage bag. The set is available in 7 other vibrant colors to choose from.

Four bags are of size 18 , 22 , 26 , 30 inches giving total freedom to go on any duration of the journey without worrying about which size of bag you need after all you have all.

It is an elegant gift for a family that travels together.

This elegantly designed soft side bag is made up of 1608D Nylon which is a heavy denier polyester and does not rip of easily.

The interior of the bag will amaze you by providing a huge compartment for organizing your belongings perfectly. On the other side, you will get a big mesh pocket, a zippered pocket, and an elastic pocket too. The interior is also fully lined.

The strong Aluminum made Telescopic handles are thick and durable. The handles do not wobble even if your bag is completely full. An extra handle is also available at side.

The multi-directional spinner wheels took you out effortlessly even on the busiest hours of the airport.

With 3 years of warranty and this much offering, I think the bag is pretty much worth it.

My Experience with the Rockland Luggage Brand

As I have tested most of the bags myself and using few of them still. 

I can say that Rockland Luggage is better than an average luggage. They are not excellent but they are not bad either. But the designs and most specifically the price at which all the Rockland bags are available are quite unmatched. Rockland is child company of foxluggage.

There are only a few luggage brands that have gained so much love and reviews from clients all over the world and Rockland is one of them.

Rockland does not offer something out of the league except the price point and modern graphics. All of the bags they make are having an elegant style and almost all of them are very lightweight.

The inner organization is very pleasing too. Few of the bags are having multi-directional spinner wheels and some have inline skate wheels.

Hardshell bags are made up of ABS polymers and soft side bags are made up of 600 D or 1200 D fabric.

I hope you had chosen the right Rockland luggage as your next travel companion. If you find our Rockland Luggage Review useful or did we missed any bag you are looking for?

DO you guys have any personal experience with the brand? Then let us know in the comments below your comments really keeps us motivated to make more useful reviews.

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