BestSelling Olympia Luggage Reviews 2019

Are you deciding on buying Olympia Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 17 of the Best Selling Luggage from Olympia.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Do you know what is the difference between a journey and a great journey? It's the hassle-free journey experience that makes your journey memorable.

And No doubt Luggage is one of the prime factors that remark on your travel experience. That is where Olympia Luggage comes into play.

Olympia is a world-class luggage manufacturer with experience of three decades in the field. Olympia makes all type of travel accessories and luggage is one of the best and top-selling products they manufacture.

And duffel bags from Olympia is known as the best in the class.

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Olympia Bags are affordable and a great way to express your style while traveling. These Bags Looks fabulous and are durable in nature. All of the parts are manufactured while maintaining the quality and is designed in such a way that it would last longer.

The Best Part for the majority of us is that the price point is very honest on. Despite the affordability of the price, there is no compromise in the quality at all. So without a doubt whether you are a seasoned traveler or a nomad, Olympia always have something for you in their list.

So let's look at the top selling bags and duffel bags from Olympia Luggage.

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Olympia Apache Ii 21 inch Carry-on Spinner

Olympia Apache Ii 21 inch Carry-on Spinner, Black+Red

This High-Quality Spinner Trolley from Olympia is great luggage to grab for your next adventure.

This has been a perfect luggage when looking for functionality and affordability. So let's see detailed Olympia Apache Luggage Reviews.

The Best Thing First, Olympia has a patented technology, that few of there bags provide a special hidden compartment.

The hidden compartment lies between the expanded section of the bag.

This allows you to get access to your important stuff on the move with more ease without opening your bag.

You can easily fit your laptop or other gadgets here.

olympia luggage apache li hidden compartment

The multi-stage locking Aluminium handle is strong and reliable. Thanks to the 4 spinner wheels, the movement of the bag is flawless and easy maneuverability with your loads on is really smooth.

Don't forget that 100% ABS Plastic made Hard Shell body is strong and can face rough handling easily and is designed to last longer. But despite the hard and strong body, it is still quite lightweight and even your kids can easily move it.

Something I am bad at when I am in hurry is the organization of the stuff. And the volume of your bag is directly dependent on how you pack your stuff in it.

Olympia Apache Ii 21 inch Carry-on Spinner, Black+Green

My Apache Li

Thanks to internal divided compartments with zippers, mesh pockets, shoe pockets and straps puts everything in proper place allowing to pack more and more stuff means happy wife : )

Olympia Apache Li dimension gets easily fits as carry-on on almost all of the flights. And other dimensions of the size 25 inch and 29 inches are also available.

This beautiful trolley has been admired by more than 1770 customer and reviewed by 250+ trusted customers over Amazon.

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case,Red,One Size

Featuring a big spacious inside with a soft outer side you can pack ton loads of stuff in Olympia Tuscana 30 inch Spinner Trolley (31 inches including the wheels).

This simple but classy looking Trolley is been an attention seeker and due to the soft outer surface can be adjusted according to your need while traveling with it.

The spinner trolley is perfect when you need maximum packing not as a carry-on but as a check-in.

The benefit of soft-side is it allows packing a bit more stuff as compared to hard shell bags.

Soft-Side bags also absorbs rough handling as well as compared to hard cases.

The separate front compartment is also huge.

Spacious Inside is latched with a big zippered mesh pocket. And a separate zippered pouch attached with the top of the inside compartment.

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Made up with double tone Polyester.

As I said above when it comes to packing loads of stuff this bag is a giant when you increase the expandability of the bag you can add 25 percent more stuff in it. Yes, it's true.

The handle comes and goes back with just a single push of the button. Side handle allows you to carry your bag in whichever way you are comfortable dragging or holding.

This unisex model only weighs around 15.2 pounds which is quite lightweight in comparison with the jumbo size and space it offers.

With 10 years limited warranty, this is the bag that lets your things done in an easy manner. This is the maximum size any airline can allow above it there will be a big No-No. Max you can pack according to weight is 50+ lbs (50lbs are the max restriction for flights).

Olympia Tuscany 30 inch is a perfect example of jumbo size bag without hurting your pockets.

Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On

Olympia Luggage Skyhawk 22 Inch Expandable Airline Carry-On

Olympia Skyhawk is spacious and is maximum size allowed for a carry-on luggage that gets fit easily for most carrier airframes.

This well-constructed bag is what every avid traveler is looking for. The single spacious compartment is quite huge and can carry lots of your stuff. 

Even if it is not enough for you then you can also expand it, allowing 20% more space.

Smooth Zippers will never let you down while opening or closing your bag as many time you want without getting stuck in between.

Telescopic handles are thick, strong and sturdy it goes up and down easily without getting stuck.

While reviewing this suitcase at my friend's shop one issue caught my attention is when I tried to move it. When it was empty it was moving quite well when tilted or in a standing position.

But when I stuffed the bag I find that it's not so smooth while pushing it. There was no issue while pulling it whether the bag is full or empty​.

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This is really not a big issue cause this can be a minor manufacturing defect happened only in my chosen bag.

Will update this section of review soon as soon as new lot arrive at my friend's luggage shop. Apart from that the spinner wheels are quite good and smooth and work perfectly in every type of surface I tested.

Two front zippered section is a blessing. Most of the luggage has a single front compartment but having two of them is really a big advantage.

They have ample rooms and you can put those things in it which you need while on a journey. The size is perfect for your electronic devices like iPad, Laptop and books too. 

Olympia Skyhawk is a workhorse luggage that has plenty of room and compartments with well-built handle, zippers, and wheels. And the best part is it is a carry-on bag.

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Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote

Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote,Blue

This can't be categorized as a regular luggage but there are many reasons to review it. 

The reasons are it carries your belongings from place to place. Is one of the Top Selling Bags under Olympia Luggage, People love this Tote a lot and lastly My wife loves this too a lot. And there is absolutely no reason you don't like this.

This 20 inch Modern Stylish Tote is a life saver. It is light as a feather (4 Pounds). Carries a lot of stuff in it. Available in lots of design and is absolutely a must have Tote despite how many Bags or Tote You have. You will fall in love with it as soon as it arrives.

t can carry serious weight like around 30 lbs which are huge. But when loaded with heavyweight it generally keeps falling into the forward position so you need to support it when loaded with heavy chunks.

A large Top Opening allows you to put your stuff easily into it without making a mesh.

All Designs of Olympia Shopping Tote

The wheels are like skate wheels very smooth (feels like gliding) and is designed for greater mileage.

The retractable handles are the real stars. They are smooth and moves easily with just a push of a button. Another Best Part is Handles get hidden inside the zip pocket leaving no traces of it.

An additional mesh pocket at the side is also available to keep putting on necessary items like bottles, magazines etc.

Made up of supreme polyester the body is strong and water-resistant as well.

The best part is the Honest Price at which it is available. There is absolutely no reason not to love Olympia Luggage Rolling Printed Shopper Tote.

Olympia Luggage Blossom 25 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Upright Bag

Olympia Luggage Blossom 25 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Upright Bag

Don't you find it confusing that all bag on luggage carousel looks all alike? Thanks to the visionary of many brands like Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage, Mia Toro and many other luggage brands the scenario is changed a bit.

And this new Olympia Blossom is the latest installment in these
stylish looking luggage sets

This hard shell eye-popping design is absolutely fantastic and makes you stand out from the crowd. With 25 inches inside space, you can pack your stuff for more than a week.

This hard shell eye-popping design is absolutely fantastic and makes you stand out from the crowd. With 25 inches inside space, you can pack your stuff for more than a week.

The hard shell is durable and does not catch dust easily. After a couple of trips it just needs a wipe with a wet cloth and boom it's brand new again and ready for another journey.

The telescopic retractable handles are lustrous and are also very strong and natural. The looks and strength are the prime focus of Olympia Blossom.

When you open the bag you will be surprised for sure. The bag is very spacious with lots of pockets for proper organization of your belongings.

On one compartment you have open space with straps at the above. The other compartment is a big zippered compartment with a mesh pocket a the above of it. It also has an imprinted full interior lining and has dual shoe pockets too.

Another big Plus Point that only Olympia offers is the front hidden compartment. The Hidden compartment is absolutely a great feature that no other brand offers.

The 4 * dual fully spinner wheels work smoothly as desired irrespective of the surface.

I always hate when I have to carry an extra lock to secure my things and opening it manually for checking always makes me feel kinda embarrassing.

So I prefer bags or trolleys that have inbuilt TSA locks and Olympia Blossom had you covered.

Olympia Luggage Majestic 3 Pack Expandable Set

Olympia Luggage Majestic 3 Pack Expandable Set, Orange

This is a good looking set from Olympia but I won't go in detail with this one. The reason is I didn't get hands on the complete set. I got my hands on one of the carry-on, not on all of them.

The best part of any set is then it could cost you a lot less when purchased individually.

Expandability option is also worth counting.

The bag also has a front zipper compartment which is also quite good in size.

A zippered pocket is also present in the backside of the trolley. These compartments are really helpful to store and organize things separately.

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The retractable push-button handles are strong and quite strong.

Now, coming to some bad points about this luggage.

The push-pull retractable handles are strong on all the luggage whether you get them in a set or individually. But, the other handle at the top which is used to lift the bag is not durable. 

This is happening with the new lot of the bags. 

There is some problem with handles in almost all of the majestic series bags. No other model is affected on majestic. They are not so durable as a luggage is supposed to be.

I would suggest if you are going to buy the majestic trolley set only buy the latest lot. The lot from 2018.

"Keep in mind no other bags from Olympia faces this issue."

Olympia Evansville 3Pc Luggage Set

Olympia Evansville 3Pc Luggage Set

There are lots of benefits if you score a luggage at a set. First, you don't need to buy another bag according to your travelling schedule.

If you are going for more than 10 days of journey grab the biggest one. For a week then 25 inches and for a couple of days then the carry-on.

A set is perfect when going on with your family.

Luggage displays your taste and lifestyle. These are no more just a simple bag. These reflect your personality while you move.

Olympia Evansville is a lightweight bag but is strong and durable. The body is made up of
 1200D polyester which is more thicker than its predecessor.

The Bag looks absolutely gorgeous and even the interior of the bag is matched according to the color of set you purchase. Even the handles are of matching color.

If you are like my wife then you will keep adding the stuff till the last minute. For this type of packers, expandability option is a feature you don't wanna miss. And Olympia Evansville complete set allows you to increase the luggage space by 25%.

The front pocket can also hold your stuff which you want on the move.

The 4 * spinner wheels perform smooths maneuverability independent of the surface and are also quite strong.

The Benefit of purchasing a set is that it lowers your cost a lot than buying them individually.

Olympia is so confident about their product is that they are providing 10-year warranty from the date of purchase.

​Olympia Let's Travel 2 Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

Olympia Let's Travel 2 Piece Carry-On Luggage Set

This best selling Olympia luggage Let's Travel 2pc set is a steal right now.

The reason is it is available at a huge discount right now. SO surely check out the price today.

Lets's Travel 2 Pc set is available in 4 eye-catching colors. Black, Red, Blue and Patterned Black and white.

All of the colors and design is quite attractive.

If you are looking for elegant relaxed experience in your journey then this bag can be named as your best travel companion.

This well built luggage is made up of rugged polyester which is durable and can handle rough uses.

The Inline Skate Wheels with bearings make the movement of the bag quite smooth. This smooth movement will make you relaxed even in the rush hours.

The one side internal compartment is quite huge and can hold lots of your belongings. This perfect size bag comes with an additional small tote bag. 

The smaller bag has a strap on the back which gets fit inside the handle of the big bag, stacked over the big one. This allows easy movement with 2 bags handled by the same hand.

Luggage is also quite lightweight and has mesh pocket, shoe pocket, zippered compartment, and wet cloths pouch. 

The expandability option adds one more plus point in this durable and strong budget luggage.

Best Selling Duffel Bags from Olympia

​Olympia Luggage 22 inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

Olympia Luggage 22 inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag

One thing to note that tall guys like me (6'4) don't find it rolling luggage comfortable due to the height of the bag.

This is where Olympia Rolling Duffel bag comes into rescue.

It can easily be carried by a tall guy and easily rolled by any small height person too.

This rolling duffel bag is really awesome because it can be transformed into a rolling luggage and a duffel bag too.

This 2 in one feature has made Olympia rolling duffel luggage their best selling luggage of all time.

With more than 6000 luggage sold only from Amazon and you can guess the number that how many have purchased it from other bags site like
ebags and other and also from the Olympia Outlet.

The reason for the high sell is loads of feature and an honest price at which it is available.

The only drawback I can conclude is that you can't use it in your business trip because the bag look is not suitable for business trips.

The bag is available in 20 colors. This wide variety will give the option to pick your bag according to your taste.

This 22-inch bag and 29 inches too are a big monster. They can hold a ton of your stuff leaving nothing to miss in your journey.

With 8 pockets of varying sizes, organization will never be the pain anymore.

Made with the combination of Protecflon and 1200 D polyester Olympia Rolling luggage is a bag that runs throughout for several years without any sign of wear or tear.

The U shaped Opening provide packing your stuff easily and in an organized way.

The Small drawback I came when I used the bag is when the bag is filled up completely it needs support to stay stand otherwise it will keep on tilting. 

Another point is when you fill it completely you may not be allowed to carry on the bag with you.

But the price at which Olympia Rolling Duffel Bag is available is too genuine and no other brand is providing any bag at this price with this much functionality and strength.

Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter (Paisly)

Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter New Design

No one can keeps their eyes away from this beautiful stylish bag. Olympia Deluxe Fashion Rolling Overnighter does the perfect judgement for its name.

This bag is truly capable of lasting a stylish impression when you carry it with you.

The push button hides away completely and renders that it was never there and looks like a Tote.

It also has top opening leading to the spacious compartment this stylish bag offers.

The heavily padded laptop compartment is also a great point to count on, what most of the bag of this size doesn't offer.

The back strap is useful to stack this bag over the handle of another bigger bag.

For an easy organization, the front compartment comes very useful. It has several compartments with zippered protection to secure your belongings.

This strong lightweight bag comes with smooth rolling wheels to move in style. The wheels are strong and are very durable.

This stylish carry on gets easily fits on the overhead cabin and under the seats too.

Olympia Fashion Rolling Overnighter Luggage has been purchased by 2500+ peoples only from Amazon alone. And is reviewed positively by more than 800+ people.

So, without waiting just grab this beautiful fashionable bag for your next adventure or day to day life.

Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage

Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage

This is a bit different than the rest of the bags we reviewed here because it is for children.

I think we should teach children from childhood that how to pack their stuff.

When I was a kid my parents gave me a separate smaller bag to pack my clothes and other stuff I want to take with me.

They pack the rest of my stuff in their bags without letting me knowing it.

The reason they did it to make me learn 2 things.

First, to understand and handle my responsibilities myself and take care of that on my own.

Secondly, to learn how to pack my stuff and how to organize them. And I think every parent should do this.

Now coming to the bag, The bag is not so big that your children face any problem while rolling it. But the bag is still large enough to hold down lots of stuff. It has one big compartment and the other side is just flat padded material.

The handles are retractable and strong and do not wobble at all. Your kids won't feel uncomfortable while rolling it.

The padded front pocket is also a big one, enough to carry your children's extra stuff.

This beautiful cute trolley is available in 3 different designs and all of them looks super cute.

So, get your hands on this beauty that is praised by lots parents around the globe.

My Experience with the Olympia Luggage

I got my hands on all of the Olympia luggage before creating this review. In conclusion, I can say that luggage is something that we are very dependent off.

They need to gain our trust level before we buy them because in any unknown place they are the only thing that we rely on. And Olympia bags perfectly fits in your requirement criteria. 

They are beautiful, fashionable, strong, durable and worth your hard earned money.

There are a few things that only Olympia offers and are patented. The feature is the hidden compartment at the middle of the bag. This is really a smart move that separates Olympia from the rest of the other brand.

Most of the Hard cases are made up of Strong ABS Plastic material and Softshell are crafted by a combination of strong polymers like 1200D polyester and other industrial strength materials. 

Olympia provides expandability options in almost all of the bags which increases the capacity of the luggage by 20%-30%.

Their Duffel Bags are kind of an industry leader. The next duffel bag you see must be from Olympia I can guarantee.

No doubt Honest Pricing and Strong material and better customer service are what a good luggage brand is made up of and Olympia fulfills all of these criteria.

So now you know which luggage brand is going to be your next travel companion.

Till then,,, Happy Journey...

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