15 Best Large Luggage Bags Reviews

We have reviewed almost all brands of luggage and every other variants like soft sides , under budget and every thing in between. The Only thing currently missing is Review of only the "Large Luggage Bags". In this article all the bags are of last size they are available in each from world famous luggage brands.

I think everybody needs a Big Luggage in their house you don't know when it comes useful.

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage - 28-Inch, Black

Large Luggage Bags - AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage - 28-Inch, Black

This big bad boy from AmazonBasics is one of the most sold large bag in the market.

The 29 inch luggage is also expandable providing 15% more space when required. If you going for a long trip or vaccation with family then this AmazonBasics 29 inch luggage is going to be your best travel companion as the price of the bag is also quite affordable.

The body is crafted with ABS material which is known for its lightweight and strong properties. Amazon claims that the the they are using the extra thick ABS material which no other luggage manufacture use.

The body is also scratch resistant and very durable.

The handles of the bag is also of Top-Notch Quality. As they are designed to carry a

lot of weight and I mean a "lot of weight". The Telescopic handles are quite thick and does not wobble even when the bag is completely filled. The handles can be stretched and locked in two different heights according to the person using it.

The short carry handles are also very strong and can be used to lift the bag whenever required. A carry handle is also present at the side of the bag.

Review of 15 best large luggage

The Amazon basic bag i used for this review

2 * 4 Spinner wheels moves flawlessly in every direction. It does not matter whether you are pulling or pushing the trolley movement is silent and smooth. The spinner wheels also allows the bag to move even in the upright position.

The interior of the bag is huge and roomy. As the bag is specifically designed to hold a ton of stuff. The bag opens in book shape providing 2 big compartments for proper organisation. 

The interior is completely lined and moisture proof also. Interior is made of 150D polyester providing more strength.

One compartment of the bag is completely opened with adjustable tie down straps at the top for holding your cloths tightly and protect from getting wrinkles.

The other compartment is zippered secured providing an option to keep things separately. The compartment also has 2 zippered mesh pocket for keeping small things or toiletry stuff.

All of the luggage from AmazonBasics are thoroughly tested before making them available for general audience. Each and every part is tested in the manufacturing unit so that the luggage maintain the quality it is known for.

If you are looking for a large hard side luggage under $100 then this is a perfect bag and you won't regret your purchase ever.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero, Large Checked Luggage, Hard Case Spinner Suitcase

Best Large Bags Reviews

I can bet you have seen or may have purchased a luggage from Delsey. Because Delsey is one of the best luggage brand in the this competitive luggage market.

Delsey makes High Quality Luggage and almost all of the luggage they manufacture maintain the same standard. Here is a list of 17 Best Luggage from Delsey check them before buying any of the bag.

Now coming to Delsey Helium Aero Review. It is one of the best selling large bag in Amazon. More than 5000 people has purchased and 710+ positive reviews reflects how much love people are giving to Delsey Aero.

This large bag is crafted with 100% polyester which makes it strong, durable and lightweight.

I personally own this bag and it has been more than 3 years now and I have never faced any issue till now. The hard shell can absorb shocks easily and keeps your belonging safe and secure.

The bag is available in 6 sparkling color so you can choose the bag according to your personality and taste.

Wheels are the first part of any luggage that gets broken. Thanks god this is not the case with Delsey Helium Aero. The wheels are super strong and can face abuse from baggage carrier guys or bellboys in hotel.

My Delsey Helium Aero after 3+ years

My Delsey Helium Aero after 3+ years

2 * 4 silent spinner wheels make the movement of the bag a breeze. Moving the bag in upright position is what I love the most. You don't feel any strain on your shoulders and hands while moving the bag.

It is a perfect bag for family who loves to travel together.

Interior of the fully lined Delsey Helium Aero is just perfect. The bag opens in 50-50 style providing 2 spacious compartment for better organisation.

One of the compartment has tie down strip and other is zippered covered. It also has a small mesh pocket for keeping things separately and securely.

Delsey Helium Aero also has TSA combination lock so you don't have to worry about your bag anymore.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28" 4 Wheel Upright, Charcoal, Large

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28 inch 4 Wheel Upright, Charcoal, Large

This under $100 luggage from Kenneth Cole reaction is just the perfect luggage if you are looking for cheap and large bag.

The Bag looks awesome and is offered in 8 different attractive colors to choose from.

The exterior ABS textured material is strong and lightweight with molded corners Kenneth Cole Reaction can absorbs impacts pretty well.

4 spinner wheels provides easy maneuverability in all direction without getting stuck. The movement is also flawless and help you move easily even in the rush hours.

Side small stands comes useful when parking the bag in side position.

The Handles of the bag are thick and strong. The telescopic handles retracts easily with just a push of a button and does not stuck in between. The handles can also be locked in 2 different height for using the bag according to the person using it.

My kenneth cole bag

My kenneth cole bag

You will also get 2 strong carry handle on top and side for lifting the bag vertically/horizontally if required.

I personally liked the interior of the a lot. As you open the bag you get top half zippered compartment to separate and keep your items in different places. The interior of the luggage is completely lined with soft padded material.

Another compartment has sewn in toiletry bag along the hinge. The compartment also has adjustable tie down strap for keeping your belongings intact.

The only thing I think is missing from the luggage is inbuilt TSA lock.

Overall the bag is simply awesome and is very large and very spacious. With 10 year limited warranty and affordable price range makes the bag must have if you looking for a large bag.

Olympia 33 Inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel (Black/Gray)

Olympia 33 Inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel (Black-Gray)

This is a bit different type of luggage as reviewed above. This is a duffel bag from Olympia.

The duffel bag is very spacious and comfortable to handle.

It is available in 13 different color to choose from.

Made from High Quality "Protecflon" polyester the brand makes sure your duffel bag last longer than you expected.

The 1200D Polyester makes the duffel bag face worst weathers without a sign of wear and tear. 

The bag opens in U-Shape from the top. Olympia 33 inch duffel bag is very spacious and can hold a ton of stuff with proper organisation.

Another best thing about this large luggage is self healing zipper.

The 8 big pockets provides a great organizing option and also allows to keep things separately without messing them in the main compartment.

No doubt the bag is also very lightweight and easy to carry.

The movement of the 2 skate wheels are flawless whether you are pushing or pulling it.

Two small stands at the bottom of the bag makes sure the bag stay in upright position and does not tilt even when it is completely filled up to the top.

All in all I can say the bag is perfect for rough usage and when space matters. The price of the bag is very genuine and you won't find any other luggage at this affordable price tag.

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case

Olympia Luggage Tuscany 30 Inch Expandable Vertical Rolling Luggage Case,Black,One Size

When it comes to storing a huge amount of load then Olympia Tuscany is all what you need.

This soft-side Large Bag is constructed with 2 Tone Polyester.

Recently when I visited to Italy for couple of weeks. I decided to take this luggage with me as it will help in writing an unbiased review of Olympia Tuscany.

And Trust me it is one of smoothest luggage I came around. I was carrying 45+ Lbs of stuff in the bag and it's wheels and handles does not make me feel that I am carrying a loads of stuff with me.

The soft side of the bag makes it pretty adjustable in under seat or in any corner.

The U grip handles are retractable and is also quite strong and does not wobble despite the weight of the luggage.

Inside of the bag is also feature rich and provides huge space and well organized sections.

The bag opens in one end and provide a huge compartment to pack your stuff. To hold them tightly it has X-Shaped straps at the top. 

The bigger compartment also offers a wet mesh pocket for the obvious reason.

The other end has a huge zippered pocket which can hold lots of stuff easily. Below the zippered pocket their is also an elastic pocket providing more and better organization options.

The front side of the bag is also has 2 large pockets to get things easily without opening the compartment.

Olympia Tuscany 30 inch is a quite large bag, but it does not stopped the manufacturer to add the expandability option. To get 25% more space you just need to unzip the expandability zipper and its ready to take more and more stuff.

My Job as a reviewer of luggage pushes me to find something I can complain about. And I does not found any good point to come up with. But, it would be much better if it comes with inbuilt TSA locks. 

Overall this is a great bag if you are looking for large bags that comes under the sweet price of $100 and also offers a decent warranty then I am sure Olympia Tuscany will fit your needs quite well.

Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside 28" Luggage, Brushed Anthracite

It is no wonder why Samsonite Winfield 2 is present in most of the review article I write on this blog. The reason can be stated in one word "The Best".

Every thing about this Samsonite Bag is outstanding. The stunning brushed looking outer hard shell of the body is muscular and will definitely lasts longer then you expectation for sure.

The brushed pattern will also prevent the bags from getting regular scratches.

When it comes to space Samsonite Winfield 2 offers a huge space. The bag opens in book fashion and provides 2 big compartment for better organization option.

One compartment has X-Strap over the top for obvious reason. The other end of the compartment is zippered covered and has two net pocket on it. The zippered covered section is also spacious and is great for keeping things separately.

Another great feature to note is the expandability option. Expandability features increases the volume of the bag by 20%.

The multi directional spinner wheels offers easy maneuverability despite the load of the bag.

As this review is of large bags this bag needs to be mentioned and sure a must buy for any regular or seasonal traveler. For detailed review you can click here and read our detailed review.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero, Large Checked Luggage, Hard Case Spinner Suitcase, Plum Purple

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