Is Delsey luggage worth your money?

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Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you cannot travel alone. You always need a practical, spacious and lightweight travel companion that can accompany you on every journey and that is your luggage. You may need a carry-on luggage, rolling suitcases, laptop bags, accessories or backpacks.

With so many varieties of the market today, choosing right luggage for you is not an easy task. Identifying the best out of them largely depends upon your requirement, personal taste and style. Another considerable point that can affect your choice is price of the luggage. One could spend thousands of dollars on a luggage but not everyone’s budget allows doing it. And this is where Delsey Luggage comes into play.

Why Delsey?

In my opinion, Delsey is one of the best travel companions. You can rely on it for its style, ease and durability all of them available at an affordable price. I have enlisted a few points that will make my point clear.

Delsey Luggage Chatelet 28 Inch Spinner Trolley Review
  • Delsey is probably the only brand that is refining its designs since last seven decades. The brand owns a classic design that makes all its products (luggage, suitcases, totes etc) stand out in crowd. With all the refining and up gradation in the features, Delsey has maintained its unique classy and chick designs.
  • Came from Persian roots, the Delsey is known for its innovation, style, reliability and popularity among travellers.
  • Each Delsey product is backed up with a warranty of 2,5 or 10 years – or lifetime warranty against the manufacturing or workmanship from the date of purchase. Moreover, in case you face any issue regarding this you contact Delsey customer care. The brand has a really good reputation for dealing with customers.You can check the warranty period from the warranty card you get along with it at the time of purchase. The brand has many repair centres around the world.
  • The extra large and spacious Delsey suitcase will simply make you fall in love with them. They open like a clam and are divided into two compartments. Though the interiors of the suitcase are simple, it enables you to pack on both sides. This makes there size according to air policies and also allows you to pack more stuff.
  • One compartment consists of straps while the other one is zippered up with a mesh from outside. It helps you to pack your luggage in an organized manner and lets you access your specific manners easily. You can put your slippers, scarf, jewelry etc in the zippered section to keep it safer. 
  • There is a small rectangular zippered pocket on the bottom of upper clam that can be used to store belts or any other fine stuff.All these pockets keep your belongings organized and tidy.
  • Well, another surprise for you. Most of the Delsey luggage can be expanded by 2 or 3 inches. It helps you to pack a bit of extra stuff or allows you shopping on your trip. It specifically helps in the case of fluffy winter wears. This way you can fit the suitcase with almost everything you need on your trip.
  • With its four spinner wheels, Delsey luggage is easy to move around. Wheels are just leg of a luggage and they needs to be strong and durable. You do not have to drag it behind you but you can simply keep it upright and hold from the handle to pull it. Being lightweight it can be glided effortlessly. Just remember, you need to slide it on two wheels if the path is rickety but even then no much force is applied and required. The carry-on luggage is also lightweight and east to carry.
  • Well, it is the era of style. No more looking for your luggage in the crowd. The impressive colors of the Delsey luggage enable you to notice it from a considerable distance. The hard shelled exteriors of the luggage are given impressive and sheen colors. When it comes to design and colour My personal favourite is Delsey chatlet.
  • Next is a very important point that is its durability. Made from hard core materials, Delsey luggage are made from 100% lightweight and durable materials. Resilient to scratching, the Delsey luggage is theft proof and water-proof as well.
delsey chatlet luggage 28 inch spinner trolley strong lock and zipper


After going through all these points, I can confirm Yes, Delsey luggage is worth of every penny you spend on it.

It fits your budget; it is glamorous, easy to stroll, theft proof, durable and what not.

On the whole, it is best suited for your travel needs.

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