How to use Luggage Straps

Using Luggage Straps

Have you ever faced the hassle of coming your bag open in a crowdy airport?

If not, just imagine the scene. How embarrassing and troubling it can be? Well, we all know that it should be avoided at any cost. What we don’t know is that the straps of our luggage are meant to save us from this kind of embarrassing situation.

Luggage straps are necessary because they help you to carry more than one luggage in a convenient way and secondly, they help you to keep your luggage safe and secure in case of emergency. Read on to know how to use the luggage straps?

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Basic luggage strap instructions you should know

Securing your luggage:

The most important usage of strap is to save your luggage from suddenly popping up while traveling.

Hard sided luggage is closed by locking the clasps but these locks and clasps can be damaged while throwing them up.

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Wrapping a strap around the luggage that has some sort of clasp on its top, keeps your luggage closed.

The buckle should be placed on the front or back side. The strap should be cinched tight against the luggage but it should be not be much tight as it can bend your luggage.

Usage of luggage straps

The angle of the strap should be right that your bag should be opened easily.

Soft-side piece of luggage:

If you pack your soft-sided luggage is packed tightly, there are chances it may burst. In case of occasional burst, the luggage strap may save it. It can be wrapped around tightly in such a way that it will keep your bag shut.

Multiple piece of luggage can be strapped together:

This is the most wonderful utilization of luggage strap. Stand your largest piece of luggage in the upright position with handle extended outward. After this, set the next largest luggage on it.

It should be placed in a way leaning on the handle. Wrap the strap around the luggage in such a way that it passes through the bottom, middle and then the top of extended handle.

You can also buckle the middle front of the biggest luggage.

You should cliché it hard enough so that the upper piece does not move around. It should not be so tight that the lower luggage bends. It will even keep the luggage shut and you will not face any emergency.

Secure the remaining length of the strap:

It is very important to secure the remaining length of the strap. If the strap is loose, there are chances of getting the loose cloth caught in something during the transit.

Wrap the loose cloth around on the flat surface or tie it in the place. Most of the luggage straps you get in market are adjustable up to different lengths.

You can adjust it according to the required size.

I hope this article will help you to use the luggage strap accurately and also, you will be able to save yourself in the case of emergency. The bright colored luggage straps also help to identify your luggage in the crowd. 

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