How to Purchase Luggage ?

Do you like to travel, I know I do, we all do. Although right Luggage matters in travelling.

I recently found my brother and myself in the unenviable position of having two luggage breakdowns at the same moment first my wheel broke on my rolling carry on, and then my brother suitcase scummed to frozen zippers after too many years while travelling abroad.

So, I'm looking for a new luggage (buying a new bag) and naturally I found all the info, dug deep before making my purchase.

*I weighed, I measured, I read reviews and also I consulted one of my best professional photographer who always used to go outside states, countries with his cameras &tools and also I consulted to a haul trucker who flies with heavy tools on a weekly basis.

Here is what I learned from the experience.

Lucas Luggage Ultra Lightweight Softside 24 inch Expandable Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

Buy the right size :

By buying the perfect piece of luggage buy the right size for your need or for the kind of trip you are taking.
Some people buy the wrong size, when they often do, they buy something which is too large or too small and when you buy something which is too large even on the border. what happens? it's over stuffing, and finally, you check that it's too heavy, it's too big.
So, buying the right size luggage size is crucial. If you do your homework, it can make flying much more of a breeze each time.

Also follow these steps:

  • check
    find out the airline's baggage regulations.
  • check
    measure your carry on/check-in bag and check that it meets proper dimensions.
  • check
    weigh your carry on/ check-in bag and check that it meets the proper weight.
  • check
    Buy according to Vacation duration. 29 inch luggage for 2-3 days personal trips is useless.

Make sure its right weight :

We can all agree that a heavier bag is less fun to travel with. one of the best tricks to buying the right luggage is simple.
the less weight also, in case of carrying it already reduces the amount of stuff you can pack. and heavier means more physically taxing for you, the airport staff, the driver picking you up, and the bell boy in your hotel.
A lightweight and sturdy bag is always preferable.

Check for good materials :

When it comes to travelling you also have to choose the right materials for your luggage.
It may be soft side luggage or hard side bag.
You can choose according to your needs;
In the case of the hard side is your best bet. The exterior should be polycarbonate materials that lightweight. It acts as a hardcover(shell) for your items like camera, equipment.etc
And in the case of soft side luggage is flexibility. It can expand to take in more items that mean saving money by not buying an extra bag for the items you bought.

Go with heavy-duty zippers :

"ZIPPERS" used in many things (clothes, bags, etc.)
Size matters regarding luggage zippers, they should be made from steel in order to move seamlessly every time you open and close the bag ( It should be open and close smoothly).

A zipper which hinge while moving creates a bad experience and can remain open when applied pressure to close the zipper. So a smooth zipper is more important than you consider it.

Choose the right wheels :

delsey luggage wheels

Nowadays most of the traveling bags designs incorporate 2wheels, 4wheels, or 8 wheels.
*Choose 2 wheels if you are more comfortable pulling your bag around than pushing it in an upright position. It's only to drag the bag along a sidewalk.
*Choose 4 or 8 wheels if you'd rather keep your back upright while pushing it around, and at last, consider buying a bag with wheels mounts - and full 360-degree rotational ability, this feature means effortless to live easier.

Inspect the telescopic handle :

If you are a tall guy (male or female) pay more attention to this one your bag should have a telescopic handle which can stretch all the way up to your waist level.
Secondly, check the handle whether it is made from steel or either High Quality Aluminium and test how smoothly it goes up and down.

One more important things is make sure the handles works flawlessly and do not gets stuck in between.
Hence, follow our instructions to get a luggage that fits your needs and stay for a long run.

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