10 of the BestSelling Disney Luggage For Kids (2019)

It's hard to find anyone who does not loves Disney. So, How about showing your love in the form of luggage. This is why I handpicked 10 of the best selling Disney luggage for our readers.

The Walt Disney Company is the biggest and the oldest mass media company in the entire world and generates billions of dollars in revenue per year. Disney also has billions of fan all around the globe of all ages and gender. This is why the Disney luggage is for adults and children as well.

Disney is a cash cow and to make luggage based on their famous characters and series luggage companies have flooded the Disney headquarters with there offers to give them the copyright rights to manufacture the series of luggage based on the franchise. But at the end, American Tourister was able to secure the deal and currently manufactures luggage based on the famous series and characters like R2D2 from star wars, Micky Mouse, Frozen, Cars to only name a few.

 So, here are the Top models of Disney Luggage from American Tourister.

American Tourister Disney Softside Spinner 21 inch Luggage (Minnie Mouse Red Bow) 

There is hardly anyone who does not know about "Micky Mouse". The revolutionary character from the Walt Disney Universe is the stepping stone of the success the brand is today.

This is a perfect bag to reflect your love of Micky Mouse in this case his girlfriend "Minnie Mouse".

  • Carry On Size.
  • Soft-Side bag made of 100% durable polyester fabric and is easy to wash or clean.
  • 4 multi directional spinner wheels
  • The retractable push handles are strong. One carry handle is present on side and bottom of the bag.
  • ID Tag pocket at the back of the bag for identification in case of any misplacement.
  • Fully Lined Ample spacing.
  • Strap for holding your garments, with big mesh pocket at the opening lid.
  • 2 large pocket at front for easy access.
  • Strong and smooth zippers.
  • Available in 3 more designs

Mickey mouse multi-face

Mickey mouse pants design

Minnie mouse polka dot Design

Disney Hardside Spinner 21 inch (Micky Mouse Pants)

If you are not a fan of Soft Side Luggage then American Tourister also has lots of models on hard side luggage to choose from.

This classic looking Micky Mouse Pant Design is a perfect disney luggage for Micky Mouse fan base. These bags are not only for children, as a adult you can also have one to reflect your love to one of the World's first animated character.

  • The Hard-Side body is constructed of 100% ABS plastic and is very tough and durable.
  • 4 Inline 360 degree Spinner Wheels makes maneuverability a five finger exercise.
  • One well-built retractable handle which operates with just the push of a button.
American Tourister Disney Mickey Mouse Pants Hardside Spinner 21 inch luggage
  • The top and side grab handle are made up of strong polymer for easy mobility.
  • 4 small rubber stand at side of the bag protects it from scratch when the bag is parked.
  • Book Style Opening provides 2 spacious main compartment with lots of space. One side has strap to hold your clothes tightly. Other side has zippered pack compartment with mesh pocket at the lid.
  • Extremely Lightweight (8.75 lb)
  • Highest Rated Disney Luggage On Amazon (4.8/5)
  • Available in 4 Other Designs. "Minnie mouse red bow", "Snow White", "Minnie Lux Dots" and "Micky and Minnie Romance Design"

American Tourister Disney Finding Dory 18 inch Upright Softside Carry On Luggage

American Tourister Disney Finding Dory 18 inch Upright Softside

Finding Dory is one of my favorite Disney movie and when I brought this bag to my house for this review, my 6 year old daughter just refused to give it back to me. Luckily the bag is highly affordable and i didn't regret it bringing home.

MRP of the bag is $39.99 but at the time of this writing it is available at great discount costing only $23.52.

  • For the price at which it is offered currently is quite genuine as far as the bag's fabric is considered. It is made of a printed polyester with multi colored vinyl print at the front. 
  • Wheels are not 360 spinner wheels but are still smooth inline-skate wheels, which moves when the bag is tilted not on upright position.
  • Pull handle is also strong and durable and goes inside a zippered pocket at top when not in use. Another carry handle at top for lifting the bag when required.
  • Extremely Lightweight (2.65 lb) making it perfect for children.
  • One Large compartment with elastic straps for holding your stuff tightly with one large net mesh pocket on the opening lid.
  • Smooth and sturdy zippers.
  • You can also get a same "Finding Dory backpack" for an extra $10. Check here
  • 10 Year Warranty reflects the trust of the brand on the luggage.
  • 93% positive reviews on Amazon shows how much love this Disney bag is getting.
  • Available in 9 other different models from famous Disney series. Like "Cars", "Frozen", "Team Turtle", "R2D2" and lots more.

Disney Luggage Princess 18 inch Upright Hardside

For every dad there daughter is more then a Princess. And Disney Princess perfectly reflects that Princess are not only beautiful but are strong, courageous and fights for their dream till the end. And this Hardside Disney Princess luggage is perfect for showing how precious your little daughter is for you.

  • The Hard Side luggage is constructed of strong and long lasting ABS/PC polymer. ABS polymers are used in creating cars parts, legos etc.. and can absorb shocks easily without breaking.
  • The dual tube push button handle is well-built with easy grip handle for better griping without causing sweats on palms.
  • Another fiber handle on top for easy lifting.
  • The transparent looking mounted skate wheels looks stylish and rolls smoothly too.
  • Small stand at bottom of the bag for stable balancing in upright position.
American Tourister Disney Princess 18 inch Upright Hardside Bag
  • The Bag opens in book structure and offers 2 big compartments for keeping your stuff. One compartment has butterfly strap and other compartment is totally zippered covered for keeping things separately in an organized manner.
  • 95% positive reviews on Amazon makes it the must have bag for your little princess.
  • Available in 8 other different models from famous Disney series and characters. Like "Cars", "Frozen", "Micky mouse", "Minnie mouse", "Paw Petrol" and lots more. Check Here

Star Wars Carry On Luggage

Star wars is one of the most successful movie franchisee ever created and it is almost not possible to recreate such a successful franchisee any time soon. This is why Disney bought the star wars empire from the Lucas films for a whooping amount of $4 billion. And as I mentioned above American Tourister has the legal rights to manufacture the luggage based on Disney Franchisee and now Star Wars also comes under the brand Disney.

Let's began to review Best Selling Star Wars Luggage on Amazon.

Till then, may the force be with you.

American Tourister Star Wars (R2D2)18 Inch Upright Soft Side Luggage

American Tourister Disney 18 Inch Upright Soft Side, Star Wars Luggage

The star wars character R2D2 robot is one of the most beloved character from the star wars series.

The popularity of R2D2 can be understandable by that more then 246,000 times people search for R2D2 each month on Google.

  • Extremely Light Weight (2.65 lb) making the perfect bag for children or adult.
  • Carry On size (18 inches)
  • Strong and colorful pull handle goes inside the pocket when not in use, making it disappear like that it's never there.
  • Carry handle on top for carrying the bag whenever required.
  • The luggage has one main compartment with ample spacing. It can store clothes for a week long trip easily.
  • The main compartment has elastic butterfly straps for keeping your clothes wrinkle free.
  • The Opening lid has one big netted mesh pocket for keeping things separately.
  • The flow of the 2 inline skate wheels are smooth providing easy maneuverability even in the rush hours.
  • A front deep pocket that runs down to the height of the bag, is best option for keeping things you need frequently while travelling. 
  • Beautiful R2D2 design at front and the print does not fade easily for years.
  • Trust me you will be surprised when you see the price of this star war luggage.

Disney 18 Inch Upright Hard Side Star Wars Luggage

  • Unique semi oval shape that makes you stand out in the crowd for sure.
  • Standard Carry On size (18 inch) and will easily fits on the overhead cabin.
  • Corner guards provide safety to wheels and absorb shocks keeping you bag protected.
  • The push button mono handle is quite strong and does not wobble even when the bag is completely packed.
  • Carry handle on top for lifting the bag whenever required.
  • The transparent wheels looks awesome and does not make noise when rolling irrespective of the surface.
  • The Book style opening provides 2 big compartment for organized packing.
  • One compartment has cross straps and other is fully packed zippered compartment.
American Tourister Disney R2D2 robot Star Wars Luggage 18 inch
  • The lustrous body looks quite rich and the R2D2 design is just the cherry on the top.
  • Available in 2 designer prints models one is "R2D2" and other is "Pink Princess"
  • With 89% positive reviews on Amazon simply explains the quality of the bag.
  • The price of this Disney luggage trolley is quite low and is also genuine.

Star Wars Darth Vader 21 inch Hardside Spinner trolley

American Tourister Star Wars 21 inch Hardside Spinner, Darth Vader

The Sith Lord - Darth Vader is a tragic hero for sure for lots of Star Wars fans.

Without the Darth Vader Charterer I am sure the star wars series will not be as successful as they are now. This Lustrous body of the luggage with Darth Vader print is the great way to show that you are the die hard fan of the series.

  • The Hard-Side luggage is made up of Strong Polycarbonate material and does not catches dust easily. The bag look fresh as morning even after several tours.
  • After few trips you just Need to wipe the bag with wet cloth to make it look like brand new again.
  • 360 degree spinner wheels moves flawlessly and silently.
  • The push button retractable handle are strong and is also branded with star war theme.
  • Side carry fiber handle for lifting the bag
  • Zippers are also smooth and are star wars branded too.
  • The luggage opens from middle providing two equal sized huge compartment
  • One thing I can guarantee is that you will become center of attraction for sure.
  • One of the compartment has cross straps and other is zipper covered.
  • Weighs only 6.85 lbs.
  • 98% positive reviews on Amazon simply reflects the quality of the luggage.
  • Genuine pricing
  • Available in 10 other designs. "E7 Kylo Ren", "Iron Man", "Multi BB8" and rest. Below are my 2 personal favorite models.
American Tourister Star Wars 21 Inch Hard Side Spinner Storm Trooper

Star Wars Chewbacca Hardside Spinner 21

The Bowcaster Chewbacca is one of the most beloved character from the Star Wars Series and has made it's place in the heart of millions of fans globally.

The short tempered chewbacca does not need a face to get recognized only the fur's image is enough to identify character for the fans.

So, lets see what this Chewbacca printed luggage has to offer to us. Most of the features are same as the luggage mentioned above but lets see all of them in a glance.

  • The Chewbacca printed Star war luggage will going to stand out in the luggage carousel.
  • Muscular Hard Shell Polycarbonate body is tough and will last longer than your expect.
  • Engraved Rebel Alliance logo at the back of the luggage.
  • Perfect Carry On Size for most of the airlines, Easily fits on Overhead compartments.
American Tourister Star Wars Chewbacca Hardside Spinner 21 inch
  • Star war branded retractable push handle works flawlessly without getting stuck in between.
  • 360 Degree Spinner wheels makes travelling with the bag five finger exercise even in the rush hours.
  • The split opening 2 compartments are spacious and has enough space for 1 week trip.
  • This is one of the perfect designed bag for any Star Wars fan. The price is also quite affordable making it a great option to gift the bag to any Star Wars geek in your friends, family circle.

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