Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote/Bag Review

Delsey Quilted Rolling UnderSeat Tote- EXCLUSIVE (Teal)

The Ultimate Review Of Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote

We all had lots of bags for different occasions like a carry on for regular travel, a business bag, and the lists go on. But do you have any underseat bag?

If not here we come to your rescue. Welcome to the only underseater you need welcome to the review of Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote.

Why I am in Favor of Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote

Delsey We all the luggage experts know that Delsey is one of the toughest competitors of Samsonite luggage in creating world-class luggage. Lots of models from Delsey has been so popular in the market that they have given other big brands a nose to nose competition and made Delsey the brand which it is now.

Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Bag has conquered the underseat luggage category and still ruling it. So without waiting let’s began the detailed review of the bag.

Here is a video demonstrating the features of Delsey Underseat Luggage

Features of Delsey Underseat Tote/Bag

The Design:

The lusters looking diamond Quilted pattern of the bag gives it the unique and stylish look and reflects the personality of the owner. The bag is designed to fit easily on the overhead compartment of most of the airlines and under the seat of any type of transport you head on, like flights, cars, buses, etc.

It is also available in a total of 5 charming colors to choose from, whereas the exclusive teal color costs $50 more.

The Material:

The Underseat Tote is Crafted with 1800 D polyester fabric and is designed to last long. The sturdy polyester does not get scratched easily and lasts longer than you have initially thought of. It also makes the bag resistant to water and dust up to a great level.

Handles :

One of the important reason to opt the bag is when you want to give a bit of relaxing to your shoulders. The retractable handles come out and go in smoothly without getting in stuck in between. When not in use the retractable handles goes inside the top handle dedicated pocket and disappears like it was never there in the first place.

The top handle offers a great portability option to move the bag while carrying it on hand when required. It also has a strap at the back to stack it over another luggage handle for easy maneuverability.

Space :

When you look at the bag first time one thought will definitely come to your mind “The bag won’t be able to hold lots of stuff”. But blindly trust me on this that the bag offers a more than enough room and will still look sleek and sexy.

The front opening of the bag has ample space and is perfect for holding a lot of clothes for a couple of days. The attached mesh pocket in the front compartment is perfect for carrying your toiletries kit or other stuff. The compartment also has 2 side pocket for keeping books, Kindle or anything you want to keep separately.

The opening lid also has 2 zippered compartment which runs down to the height of the bag. The pocket at the front of the bag offers a dedicated iPad compartment, two other small pockets for cards, iPhones etc.

The 2 zippered side pockets is perfect for keeping creams, water bottles, thermos flask or anything you like.

Wheels, Weight and the price of Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote:

The two skate wheels with corner guards glide smoothly and silently irrespective of the surface in which it rolls.

Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote weighs only 6 pounds which is impressive and makes your journey even more comfortable and helps in avoiding extra fees on flights.

At this time of writing the price of Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat Tote is under $59.99, only the exclusive Teal colored Tote is $50 more than the rest of the models.

As a luggage reviewer, my first job is to look at the drawback of any luggage so I can inform my readers before purchasing the bag. But, the case with Delsey Rolling Underseat is a bit different. The only drawback the bag has is a missing TSA lock

Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat bag alternative and Summary

We tested The Delsey Underseater for 2 weeks and results were:













For anyone looking for the alternate option can also go with AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage. Price, size, weight and rest of the thing are completely the same.

AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage, Black Quilted

AmazonBasics Underseat Luggage, Black Quilted

Overall Delsey Quilted Rolling Underseat bag is a perfect bag if you are looking for sleek and stylish luggage which is easy to carry and move seamlessly wherever you go. Looks, space, wheels everything is perfect for a business trip or short trip if you solely carry the tote.

The price is also genuine, and the current discount makes the deal sweeter. So, grab the stylish Delsey Rolling Underseat Tote today.

Till then happy journey.

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