Best Wenger Luggage Reviews 2018

Are you deciding on buying Wenger Luggage and Bags ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 5 of the Best Selling Luggage and bags from Wenger.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Did you notice something on all the bags of Wenger? Yes, the logo looks a quite familiar right. It is because Wenger is a child company of Swiss Gear the brand better known more making Swiss Army Knife. Swiss Gear also makes High Quality luggage. So luggage from Wenger maintains the same High Quality standards that swiss gear follows.

Wenger is also known for making feature rich backpacks at a highly affordable price tag. So, lets review 5 BestSelling Backpacks from Wenger that are worth your hard earned money.

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Wenger Synergy Backpack, Gray (GA-7305-14F00)

Wenger Synergy Backpack, Gray (GA-7305-14F00)

Wenger makes one of the best laptop backpacks. And this backpack is one of the best sellers of the brand.

The Lappy bag offers a lot of functionality you will love to get. It can easily hold your 15 - 16-inch laptop and the triple layer padded section will save your device from regular tug while traveling.

One of thing I really liked is the music player pocket. There is no need for this as today's generation have everything on their mobile, But still, it is a good add-on to have.

A dedicated Tablet Pocket is what we need today and Wenger Backpack has this.

I have previously seen that backpacks are always intended to be carried. If you put the bag down on the table, floor or anywhere they tilt. But Wenger tackled this small issue by having a stabilizing platform at the bottom of the bag so tilting is no more issue so far.

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Wenger Synergy Backpack also has lots of pocket for proper organization of your belongings. A quick pocket at front allows you to easily grab the stuff you needed frequently while traveling.

A dedicated pocket for cards, Charger, and other small things is also a great add-on in overall feature of the bag.

If you ever carried a regular backpack you may have observed that hanging those on your shoulder for a long time starts to give you pain at shoulder and back of your body. Also sweating is also something you can't avoid while hanging your regular backpack.

Thanks to air-flow channels at back sweating will be minimized. They don't go away but are reduced to a great level.

The thick pad at the back of the bag makes your journey comfortable irrespective of the time you carry it on your back.

All these features at an affordable rate are appreciated by more than 1100 people at Amazon. So don't forget to have a look at the bag. Click below to check the current offered price.

Wenger Patriot Rolling Business Set

Wenger Luggage Reviews

If you are a business person male/female and travel regularly for your business then this is one of the perfect Business cum Travel Bag you should buy as soon as possible.

Wenger Patriot is designed to hold laptops of sizes up to 17 inches.

The bag also provides a slim matching case for your laptop but the sad part is the case is for laptop up to 15.4 inches not for 17 inches (I have a 17-inch Notebook)

The ergonomic handles are quite well built and works flawlessly.

The gel grip handles give a perfect grip on the bag without causing sweats at your palm.

2 Skate, Easy Glide wheels makes the motion of the bag smooth. These are not 360-degree spinner wheels but still allows you to pass through narrow areas at the rush hours on the airport.

The triple layer padded laptop compartment saves your laptop from shocks and the compartment is also lockable reducing the chance of theft.

For storing your important documents the bag offers a dedicated compartment which can also be extended to carry more. Like most of the bag Wenger backpack, it also has a quick pocket at front for easy accessibility.

A pass-thru strap on the bag offers to stack several bags for easy maneuvering.

Another Big compartment has decent room for keeping clothes for an overnight stay.

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Overall I can say that the bag is a must for any business person whether you are a man or women it will surely compliment your personality. So grab it now.

SwissGear Blue Ibex 17" Computer Backpack from Wenger

SwissGear Blue Ibex 17 inch Computer Backpack

The backpack is the types of luggage that come in use anytime and by anyone. It does not matter whether you are a high school student, college guy or a family man/women backpacks are always there to count on while going for a short or long trip.

And how great it would be if the backpack offers much functionality and required room as compared to regular luggage.

This is why we are reviewing Ibex Laptop Backpack by Wenger.

The backpack offers lots of room and functionality that regular bags fail to deliver.

The Triple Padded Omni Protect will take care of your laptop from regular bumps in your traveling session. The protection pad is thick and absorbs shocks quite well.

It also has a 10-inch floating pocket for tablets and iPads. A dedicated compartment for any day to day product is very helpful and is something we want that every bag manufacture should consider while designing their product.

The SwissGear Ibex I used for this review

The SwissGear Ibex I used for this review

Generally, backpacks tilt when kept in flat surfaces like table or ground but Swiss Gear Ibex does not. A case base stabilizing platform is added at the bottom so the bag can stay at an upright position.

The Bag is loaded with lots of pockets and rooms with other organizational compartments. It has a side mesh pocket for water bottles, or for an umbrella.

Other than Comp-U-Flex compartment for your laptop, the bag also has 3 other big compartments for keeping your belongings while traveling.

A side quick pocket can hold your small objects like headphones, iPods, keys or anything else for quick access.

The shoulder straps are also heavily padded and are shock absorbent as well and do not hurt your shoulders irrespective of the time you are carrying it.

IT Luggage The Only Luggage You Need

A small net mesh pocket is made on the shoulder straps of the bag to hold your glasses or headphones or anything else.

Air Flow channels allow passing of airs easily without causing much sweat at your back. The back of the bag is also padded for a comfortable experience.

While checking the bag for this review I do not find anything to complain about. As the first thing for any reviewer is to find some flaw or drawback to complain about so the reader (future buyer) stay alert of the issue before buying the stuff.

But I don't find anything to complain about. But if the bag comes with some inbuilt locking mechanism then it will be much-appreciated add-on over all the functionality it offers.

Even the pricing of the bag is honest and will last longer then you have expected.

Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Backpack

Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Computer Backpack - Fits Most 15 Inch Laptops and Tablets

Swiss Gear is the parent organization of Wenger Luggage and both make High-Quality Backpacks and are the leader in the marketplace when it comes to Backpack.

And Wenger SA 1537 is no exception.

This laptop bag is also on 4th rank in the bestseller backpack list.

The padded laptop sleeve fits most of the 15-inch laptops and keeps them secure from regular shocks while traveling.

You may have seen many backpacks provides a net mesh pocket at side by storing water bottles. But the Wenger water bottle pocket is a bit different than regular.

The pocket is elasticized and can fit a water bottle of different sizes.

Airflow channels at the back of the bag make your journey more comfortable. The back of the bag is also heavily padded so you don't feel uncomfortable even when the bag is fully loaded.

The Straps are also padded and reduce the stress on your shoulder. A small pocket at straps is also available for keeping your sunglasses or headphones other regular stuff.

Wenger Laptop Bag I put my hands on

Wenger Laptop Bag I put my hands on

The curvature shaped handles with firm grip provide better grip and reduce the level of sweat on your palms.

One thing that most of the Wenger Backpacks has in common is the dust proof exterior. The bag does not get dirty easily and even if it got, you just need to wipe the bag with a wet cloth and it will be back again looking like a brand new bag.

The bag also has several pockets and the main compartment is very deep and can hold a ton of stuff. It also has a hidden compartment in the lower lumbar pad for keeping precious items more secure.

Loads of pocket gives you the option of the proper organization. The backpack offers 2 big compartments other than laptop compartment and many separate organized sections help to keep everything in proper place.

A detachable key fob at the front organizer pocket is what I personally like the most. 

The only thing missing in Wenger SA1537 Black Laptop Backpack is stabilizing the base. The above 2 backpacks have a stabilizing base. Due to the absence of the base, the bag keeps tilting when fully loaded.

But this small drawback does not cover all of plus point the bag has. And the price point of is also very attractive. So get the bag and feel the difference.

PEGASUS from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack

PEGASUS from SwissGear by Wenger Computer Backpack

Our Final Review in this series is Pegasus by Wenger.

Unlike the backpack reviewed above this model can hold laptop sizes upto 17 inches.

It also has 3 sided padded compartment for keeping your laptop safe.

Thanks to stabilizing base the bag remains in upright position when kept in the flat surface like table or ground.

As we know Swiss Gear (Wenger) makes functionality rich product like Swiss Army Knife and this great backpack.

The bag offers lots of separate compartments for storing business cards, notebook, keys, chargers, cords and much more.

The Quick Pocket at the front is available for storing stuff you need frequently and is quickly accessible. 

It also has an elasticized side pocket for storing the bottle of different sizes.

To keep you sweat free and cool it has Airflow design on the back which most of the other company never thought of.

Pegasus I ordered from Amazon

Pegasus I ordered from Amazon

Even the shoulder straps are heavily padded so you don't feel much pressure on your shoulders.

The ergonomic grip handle is quite strong and came useful when required.

A pass-through strap at the back of the bag allows stacking the bag over any other trolley.

The bag does not offer anything out of the league as compared to any other backpack from SwissGear or Wenger.

This feature-loaded backpack has received 90% positive reviews on Amazon and the buyers are totally loving it.

And at the price tag at which the bag is available is, will surely make this backpack one of your best travel companions.

My Experience with the Wenger Brand

Testing the Wenger Backpacks I went to my friends shop in DC and put my hands on all of the bag reviewed above. From my experience, I can say that the overall Quality of the bag is of Top Notch after all they follow the standard guidelines of Swiss Gear.

Backpacks are generally not that much spacious but these bags give a tough fight and knocked out almost all of the regular bags you have ever seen.

Most of the bag offers not one but 2-3 roomy compartments which are enough to hold clothes for a couple of days.

Aside from roomy compartment, all the laptop bag from Wenger provides a quite safe compartment for your laptop. The triple padded compartments guarantee that your laptop stays safe irrespective of the type of journey you are on.

One thing that needs to be specially mentioned is the several organized compartment for keeping things separate from the roomy compartments. Pockets for keeping sunglasses, pens, notebooks and yes for your keys too.

From my experience, I can say that you won't find any backpacks far near Wenger and Swiss Gear. Even the price at these feature-rich bags are available is also very genuine. SO grab your next travel companion with closed eyes and still, you won't regret your purchase.

That's all from my end, Now it's your turn. Do you find our Wenger reviews helpful? Did we miss anything or any bag worth mentioning? Do you guys have any of your personal experience with the brand?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Best Swiss Gear Backpacks and Luggage Review

Are you deciding on buying Swiss Gear Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 8 of the Best Selling Luggage from Swissgear.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Swiss Gear is also one of the top manufacturers of luggage all around the world giving Samsonite and Delsey a tough competition in this crowded luggage jungle.

The price at which Swiss Gear offers their luggage is also very genuine. They do not make too graphical luggage but it does not mean that they offer dull looking bags.

The designs and colors Swiss Gear use in their bags are vibrant and you will surely get lots of compliment while traveling with them.

And most of the backpack they manufacture are now loaded with Smart Scan feature which reduces your time to the minimum in the security check.

So without wasting the next second let's begin the review of 8 Bestselling bags from Swiss Gear.

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack


SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 BackPack is one of the best selling backpacks in the entire world. This roomy backpack allows to pack more and still offer lots of more space. 

Constructed of 1200 D polyester makes the bag durable and strong. And can also face worse weather conditions.

The Best Part that it offers is Scan Smart Technology. With No more Carrying your Laptop in your hands anymore on TSA X-Ray machines reducing your time in Airport Security.

As the name suggests the bag is specifically designed for carrying laptops. You can get the plenty of option to choose the size of the bag according to your laptop dimensions. But the Max size available is 17 inches. The laptop compartment is separated from the main roomy compartment.

The zippers are quite big which makes the grip more perfect and tight.

The thing that almost all of the backpacks lacks is totally opened compartment. This is the part I fell in love with SwissGear Travel Gear. The bag almost open's in half (50-50) as a book. This, of course, speeds up the security check but also provides a better organization option.

The back of the bag is heavily padded with a deep airflow channel with straps allows the flow of air. Means the place of contact of the bag and your shoulder does not sweat more. The multiple air-flow ventilation technologies allow a more comfortable journey despite the load of the bag.

Another small detail that caught my attention is the tablet holding pocket. It is a small move but anything that helps in the proper organization is always beneficial and appreciated by travelers and users.

Swissgear Travel Gear 1900 still has a lot to offer. Let's have a quick walkthrough.

  • A Front Carabiner.
  • Side Accessory Pocket. For Water Bottles or Anything Extra.
  • Quick Zip Pocket at Top for Easy Accessibility. 
  • Front Accessory Zip Pockets that holds pens, notebooks, keys and other useful stuff.
  • The Big Front Multi-Compartment Pockets has a lot of organization features - Zip Mesh Accessory Pockets, A pocket for holding you phones with headphone ports, An Elastic File Holder,

Backpacks are preferred by adventurer this is why the bag has lots of tightening option so the stuff inside the bag won't mess into each other and stuff remain intact.

All in all, I can say that SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is a world champion in backpack class. With more than 90% positive reviews on Amazon from 7100+ customers makes it the winner among any backpack available in Amazon.

SwissGear Travel Gear 6283 Spinner

This straightforward but elegant looking soft-side luggage from Swiss Gear is available in all standard sizes ranging from 17 inch Carry On - 28 Inches.

The bag adapts its size according to your ample packing needs thanks to the expandability option it provides to you. The benefit of having a soft side is it also adjust according to your packaging capacity as the top are flexible as compared to hard side bags and can be stored Underseat or overhead cabins as required.

I generally give my soft-side bags to my wife because of the obvious reasons, she needs more room.

One thing to note that the same model is available in two different variants. One has 4 * 360-degree spinner wheels and another one has 2 skate wheels. The one I put my hands on for this review was the version having 4 spinner wheels.

The Telescopic Handles are quite long and locks in 2 stages according to you need. Simple handles on top, side and bottom are installed for easy lifting and carrying.

The bag is crafted with strong and water repellent polyester and does not rip off easily. A detachable wet cloth pocket is a great add-on on overall features.

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The bag opens on one side with a tie down strap at top of it holding your belongings tightly and securely. The other side has a big zip mesh pocket providing more space to keep your stuff separately from the main compartment.

A rectangular zip pocket is also available in inside the bag.

With 2 additional front pocket, SwissGear Travel Gear 6283 makes sure you don't leave anything behind on your trip.

This trolley is perfect for anyone looking for a convenient soft side bag at affordable cost with great 10 years extended warranty.

Swiss Gear ScanSmart Laptop Backpack - Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops and Tablets

In our list of Swiss Gear backpack reviews, this is the 2nd backpack that receives a lot of loves all around the globe.

This is a cool looking Scan Smart Bag from swiss gear that offers relatively all the features of the above-reviewed backpack.

The Scan Smart functionality of the backpack makes swiss gear one of a kind luggage brand that offers this functionality.

This is one of the USP of the brand that is taking the brand to the next level.

The versatile bag is loaded with tons of feature in a highly affordable price tag. The inner compartment is huge with adjustable laptop strap to hold laptops of different sizes. In the laptop compartment, I easily packed my 15-inch laptop with the cable.

My Son's Backpack

My Son's Backpack

With lots of pockets, your organization experience will be going to be a breeze.

One thing that I personally liked is the keys holder in the middle pocket. These are the minor details that SwissGear take care of and these small things make a big difference.

The water bottle holder is deep and of great quality, so it can hold bottles of variant sizes without falling. The bag is built with 1200 D ballistic weave fabric. The polyester is very strong and water resistant also. The bag is designed to face challenging weather conditions without hurting your belongings.

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A lot of extra padding is available in the back of the bag. So it does not matter how heavy your bag is and how much distance you will travel with the bag your experience will always going to be comfortable with maximum back support. The multi-panel airflow design reduces the chance of sweats in your shoulders and back.

You also get an option to choose from 4 colors the bags are available in. The colors are kind of dark and do not allow dust to easily settle on the bag making it look fresh always.

Organizing a SwissGear bag is a very pleasant experience because of the number of different pockets available in the bag. The backpack has a floating tablet holder, Interior pockets with an organizer compartment for small things like notepad, pens, etc. A front big pocket, An elastic tab on shoulders also to hold your glasses and is easily accessible.

From my experience, I can say it is a beautiful tough bag with lots of space with proper organization and is available at a highly affordable price. So get it and love it.

SwissGear Maggiore 28" Suitcase, Grey

A classic looking luggage  never gets old this is why this SwissGear Maggiore is one of the favorite choices among many avid travelers. It is available in 2 different colors to choose from.

You pretty well know how the travelling staff treats your luggage . This is where a soft side bag performs better than a hard side bag, in absorbing shocks better.

The bag is quite big and can hold a ton of stuff. Despite the big size, the bag is still lightweight and you won't face any complication even when your bag is full to the top.

If you are like my wife than your packing will never going to end even before the last minute of the journey.

Thanks to the expandability option the bag offers that allows packing more stuff even in the last minute.

The 4 * spinner wheels follow your direction very smoothly regardless of the surface in which it is rolling on. I never felt any difference in any surface I checked the bag on.

Retractable Push button handles are also very smooth and do not require much pressure in opening or closing the handle. The handles are very strong and thick and do not wobble even if your bag is completely loaded.

There are additional 3 normal handles are made on top, bottom, and side of the bag for easy carrying of the bag as required.

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As said above the bag is really big and offers a lot of space, to sum up, your goods. The bag has one big and deep compartment with X-Straps at top of it for tightly holding your stuff.

It also has a separable mesh pocket for clothes you waiting to be get dried. One big net mesh pocket on the other side of the bag for keeping items separate from the main compartment.

The 2 Big Front Pocket can also hold a lot of stuff and can be easily accessible on the move. 

SwissGear Maggiore is a great dependable bag and is also available in other sizes as well (Currently at the time of writing only 1 size is available on official site and on Amazon too. However the other size is available in ebags but the price range may vary.)

Overall the bag is durable, does not catches dust easily and offers a huge space and all this comes at an affordable price tag. So grab it Now.

Swissgear Granada Rolling Case Nylon for Upto 17-Inch Notebooks

This smart business class looking rolling bag Swiss Gear is a perfect example of craftsmanship. The Bag is going to groom your personality whether you are taking it on your business trip or to your work.

However, the bag is designed to store minimal clothes possible and the objective of the bag is just for a short business trip not for a family vacation. 

If you are a business person and till now you are carrying a backpack for your laptops or any other bag then this rolling bag is going to be the perfect upgrade for you.

The bag is also a great item to gift someone.

You can easily fit your laptop in the bag if your laptop is under 17 inches.

The padded mat will take care of your notebook and can handle jerks while moving the bag quite comfortably.

Since the bag is small you can easily fit it under seat or overhead cabin.

my swissgear laptop rolling bag

I am personally using the bag from last 2 year and there is not a single sign of wear-tear on the bag. It just looks like I bought it yesterday.

The 2 skate wheels make the movement of the notebook bag flawless and are also silent. It feels like you are gliding the bag not rolling it even in the rugged surface.

The front quick pocket is designed for easy accessibility of your items like pens, tickets, phones etc.

The back pocket is also spacious but not enough to hold clothes for more than a couple of days.

The business pocket is a great add-on overall feature of the bag. The business pocket offers to store cards, iPod, Headphones, ID, Keys and much more.

The telescopic handle is also of great quality and extends and retracts with just a push of a button and does not stick in between. An extra normal handle is also present for carrying the bag according to your ease.

More than 86% positive reviews on Amazon reflects how much love people are giving to SwissGear Granda Rolling Laptop Bag. My opinion the price tag of the bag is worth it.

SwissGear Baden 29" Expandable Spinner Suitcase

Seeing a white traveling bag is as rare as seeing an albino alligator . But the color looks quite unique and classy after all white is the color of purity, virginity, peace, goodness, cleanliness, and innocence.

White is also a symbol of perfection and so does SwissGear Baden.

The bag is lightweight (9 Lbs) and can easily handle weight up to 50 Lbs.

Swiss Gear Baden does not offer anything out of the league but the existing features are nothing less. The size is quite large but it won't add any overcharge fee from the airline.

As I said earlier this unisex luggage looks very attractive and is a head turner people will surely ask you about your bag on your first journey. (Stay Tuned for knowing why I said the first journey).

Manufactured with High-Quality blended fabric the bag won't get a sign of wear and tear even after several years of regular use.

The Self Healing Zippers works effortlessly and has been tested more than a thousand's of time before delivering it to the outlets or Online Stores. A self-healing zipper means whenever the zipper lost the track or get over one another or any other problem (other than totally broken) then moving the zipper in backward direction automatically solves any problem with zippers and they will start to work again without any issue.

The 2 front pockets are not too large but good enough to hold down a lot of stuff.

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On the backside of the bag, you get a tag holder for identification of your bag.

The telescopic handles are made up of strong material and are quite thick in nature. The handles work smoothly with just a push of a button. Extra nylon handles are available at top and side of the bag for easy lifting. A small hand placement style handle is also at the bottom.

The Open Spoke designed 2 * 4 Spinner wheels makes the movement of the bag silent and smooth.

The fully lined inside is great. The bag has one big roomy compartment with adjustable straps at the top for the known reason. You can call it dresser on the wheels cause the amount of space it offers.

The other compartment has a big net mesh pocket and behind the pocket, you also get a zippered section to store a bit more things. The zippered section is also as big as the size of the bag. 

One more zippered pocket is also available in the bigger compartment. For storing some of your wet clothes the bag also has a detachable wet pocket in it.

As I said above people will compliment your choice of luggage on your first trip because of the color. The only drawback I can see is the white color (Silver). But the bag's fabric is designed in such a way that it does not catches dust easily.

The bag just needs a
 little maintenance after several trips and it will glaze like a brand new bag again.

With 5-year limited warranty and affordable price, this awesome looking bag is surely worth your hard earned money.

SwissGear Sion 21 inches, Pewter

SwissGear Luggage is strong, dependable and a great way to showcase your elegant taste while traveling.

And SwissGear Sion is one of the perfect luggage to reflect exactly that.

SwissGear Sion is available in the USA in two different colors termed as pewter and teal. However, a couple of other colors are also available outside the USA or maybe they were out of stock while writing this review.

The Bag is quite strong and one-sided opening provides a lot of space for a perfect packing experience.

If you are like my wife than buying a ton of stuff before traveling and a lot more while traveling is your habit you can't control on.

Thanks to the expandability feature the bag provides you. You can now add more stuff while traveling.

This beautiful bag is actually a bad boy when comes to regular use because the bag is constructed with polyester fabric and can face worst weather situations. The polyester fabric also increases the overall life of the bag so it does not get ripped off easily.

This is a perfect bag for whomever more is less. The sleek and stylish design would be loved by anyone and the strong telescopic handles work quite well as desired.

Despite the big size, the handle won't wobble even when the bag is filled up to the top. 3 extra handles are also present at the top, side, and bottom of the bag for easy carrying or parking.

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The interior of the bag will amaze you like the exterior. One side opening compartment allows to organize your stuff more easily and is also quite deep. A small net pocket is attached to the inner part of the bag. With the detachable pocket for wet clothes, you don't have to worry about your dried clothes.

The other opening compartment of the bag has a big net mesh pocket with zippers for keeping things separate.

4 * Spinner wheels allow easy maneuverability and with corner guards over them the wheels won't get broken easily and lasts longer.

Swiss Gear Sion is available in all other standard sizes like 21, 25, 28 inches. 

Overall the price tag of the bag is really genuine and I can say Swiss Gear can easily fit a label of
 above $200 on the bag and still there sales won't get affected since the bag really delivers quality. So check the bag price and the perfect partner for your next journey.

​SWISS Ruigor Motion 07 Duffel Bag With Water Repellent Materials

When it comes to  Duffel Bags Olympia Luggage is the market leader in manufacturing them. They are the number one seller of Duffel Bags on Amazon Marketplace.

But Swiss Gear is not far behind them. This stylish looking duffel bag offers a lot of features and space that other companies fail to deliver.

This smart duffel bag is available in total three models Motion 01 , Motion 07 , Motion 12. I have got my hands on Motion 07 so we are reviewing it here.

The air flow material used in making this bag is also water repellent and can face challenging weather without any issue.

my swissgear duffel bag-min

The Bag I Used For This Review

The main compartment of the bag is very roomy and can hold a ton of stuff in it. As we know Swiss Gear bags are famous for multi compartments that offer greater organization and the duffel bags meets your expectation in this pretty well.

Aside from the main roomy compartment, the bag has one accessory pocket, a front pocket with lots of divided space for keeping things separately and a shoe pocket (much-needed pocket).

With so many compartments there is very little probability that you need to leave something behind.

A metal buckle with the sturdy handle on top and side makes lifting the bag quite comfortable.

The only thing missing in this particular model is the shoulder strap.

2-way zippers work flawlessly.

With 32 liters of total capacity and such a genuine price, this bag is sure you want to get or gift someone. So, Grab it now.

​My Experience with the Swiss Gear Brand

After reviewing all of the bags above I can say Swiss Gear does not makes only beautiful bag but they are highly durable too.

Whether you choose a duffel, backpack or suitcase all of them are tested thousands of time before delivering it to outlets or when making available for the public.

The material Swiss Gear use for making either Soft-Side or Hard-Side bag are of extremely well qualified and does not breaks or rip off easily. 

Most of the Bags have a 5-year global warranty which reflects the confidence of the brand in their products.

The brand is continuously growing a couple of folds each year as they are having a great marketing skill and customer satisfaction experience from last 3 decades.

All I can say in summary that I personally don't felt anything missing from Luggage. The only thing I can complain about is missing of In-Built TSA locks which is a must nowadays in every bag.

Swiss Gear takes customer satisfaction as the top priority and you won't regret your purchase from them.

Finally, I can say the bags are fantastic, durable and quite roomy. The price tag of all the bags they offer is really genuine and really worth your hard earned money.

This is all from my end, Now it's your turn. Do you find our SwissGear review helpful? Did we miss anything or any bag worth mentioning? Do you guys have any of your personal experience with the brand?
Let us know in the comments below.

Till then Happy traveling and Happy Shopping.

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Best Gabbiano Luggage Review 2018

Are you deciding on buying Gabbiano Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 13 of the Best Selling Luggage from Gabbiano.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

I love to travel. My tour destinations range from unexplored and unseen local locations to famous international travel attractions.

My experience of countless journeys left with one realisation that a travel bag is one thing you should never compromise upon.

I used to spend a lot of money on travelling by luxurious airlines and railroads and staying in the best hotels and resorts but I gave a little importance to how I pack my stuff for travelling.

When I was unable to recognise my belongings in countless similar looking trolley bags I decided to buy some good and unique trolley bags that are sturdy and resistant to mishandling.

Looking for more stylish bags and durable luggage ? Then, check our Homepage for more stylish luggage sets 

One day while online browsing I stumbled upon some great looking spinner trolley bags with a brand name Gabbiano.

I could not help but explore the world of Gabbiano luggage since I was really stunned with the elegance, organisational design and comfortable looks of these bags. Of course, I ended up buying one from my friend's store.

I must say that all the Gabbiano luggage I explored were made from reliable and strong materials like poly carbonate, ABS or 1680D nylon.

All are totally trustworthy against accidental breakages, zipper rips or failure of wheel system. Gabbiano makes sure that they use best materials to make world class luggage for the travel freaks like me with style and grace. But in any case somethings breaks then they are
 excellent at warranty too to cover you.

I would love to share my views about the bags and trolleys that I found extremely hard to resist.

So, here I am, writing the Gabbiano luggage reviews just for you so that you can also overcome your luggage woes after buying an outstanding Gabbiano trolley bag for you.

Gabbiano Genova Collection Hardside 20 inch Upright Spinner

Gabbiano Luggage Review - Genova Collection Hardside 20 inch Upright Spinner

I found this upright spinner a perfect amalgamation of sturdiness and smartness that's why i bought the complete set. Its robust structure gives a tough challenge to even the rowdiest luggage attendants at airports or hotels.

It is made from most reliable poly carbonate compound that is well known for its strength. The poly carbonate film on the exteriors gives the needed cover against dust and stains.

It is economical on your pocket as well as light on your shoulder and arm muscles. It is light and easy to pick carry on that makes journeys delightful and business trips fruitful.

You would never feel so relaxed with any other luggage.

This elegant Gabbiano bag gets the super strength from its dependable steel alloy telescope design that also allows expansion as per your increasing count of accessories to be carried along.

Gabbiano is known for its organisation based designs and Gabbiano Genova Collection Hard side 20 inch Upright Spinner is not an exception. It is a wonderful organiser having a built-in shoe pocket along with a spacious accessories bag.

The zippers used inside for securing pockets and outside for closing the filled bag reiterates a deep sense of reliability.

The ultimate mark of security is the built-in TSA lock which saves you from a lot of harassment at airport TSA points. And locks are also prime concern these days.

You may find this jumbo 8 wheels luggage bag an attention seeker but they are a great support when you are in the rush hour.

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This spinner moves 360 degrees and can be easily pulled on any kind of terrain. The trolley and carry on handles are made from slip resistant material. And the price at which it is offered is also quite affordable.

Gabbiano Genova 3 piece Luggage set

Gabbiano Genova 3 piece Luggage set

Gabbiano Genova as said above convince you that a luggage piece can be a means to display your sense of fashion and style. (I own this set.)

But this time it is a smart set of 3 luggage pieces that will be enough to carry the needs of your entire family for a trip of any duration.

All the spinner bags are lightweight but strong. The surface looks strong and rugged which doesn’t show any signs of travel and overuse.

It can be easily wiped with damp cloth to have the clean look back. A strapped section for clothes and meshed pocket with zipper for essentials makes it a good bag.

It has good quality zippers to keep your belongings safe. By opening its zipper you can expand this bag to increase the capacity to pack more and more things. You can buy more gifts to surprise you, kids when you are back from a trip.

The bag is provided with soft and comfortable to hold handle which gives a strong grip. You will be able to carry the bag conveniently. The hard sided trolley bag is an excellent choice to secure your things on a voyage. One push button trolley handle is easily adjustable and retracted back with no hassles at all.

The only difference in above reviewed Single Gabbiano Genova and this is that it is 3 piece set giving you a handsome discount on this set. The cost will vary a lot if you buy 3 single pieces separately instead of getting them in this set.

The Best part of this set it deliver you 3 different sizes of Gabbiano Genove Luggage which completes your luggage need for any journey.

And 4.5 star rating by Amazon buyers is an indication of the excellent quality of this handy luggage set is best option to opt for within your

Gabbiano Viva Collection 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Spinner Set

Gabbiano Viva Collection 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Spinner Set

A family that travels together must have the luggage that identifies their strong family bonding and their style statement.

Gabbiano Viva Collection 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Spinner Set is just ideal for such well-connected family of three. This spinner set is also for you if you travel frequently for varying durations with different packing needs.

Gabbiano Viva offers three luggage pieces of 20, 26 and 30 inch spinners made with care and perfection.

The spinners are made from strong ABS material making them the perfect hard-side luggage and an answer to the rough treatment expected from the uncaring luggage handling staff.

The tough and hard exteriors are resistant to all kind of marks and scratches caused while travelling.

You will experience the flawless movement of these spinner bags since they are fitted with double spinner wheels for smooth motion.

The strong trolley handles and the well fitting grip is an additional feature of this comfortable to carry a piece of luggage.

Gabbiano Viva strong wheels
All three spinner bags have multiple interior compartments for proper arrangement of your travel necessities be it your books, clothes or personal grooming stuff.

The zippered compartments keep the things in their place.

Available in four contemporary colors, this travelling luggage kit definitely needs a rightful place with you while you are visiting new and unseen destinations for leisure or business. The Genuine price tag makes the deal more attractive.

Gabbiano Industrial Chic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Gabbiano chic design2

Gabbiano Industrial Chic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set will give you an impression of a sparkling luggage set that will add gleam to your local or global travel plans.

The Chic Collection from Gabbiano offers exclusive designs that fits for trendy ladies who walks with trends.

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The surface of the spinner carry-on bag is not prone to any scratches or marks due to an accidental fall.

This set has a glossy but strong surface made from 100% polycarbonate. You do not need to take care of this celebrity like spinner bags to maintain its looks as the outer surface is scratch proof and strong.

This is a hard-side spinner bag that retains its structure and shape while providing a safe space to your precious travel necessities.

Its zippered pockets made from strong lining fabric and mesh will let you pack easily and travel in comfort. All the zippers are of very good quality. The security is doubtless due to TSA approved combination lock.

This spinner bag is a perfect shopping companion while travelling to new places since it can be expanded by opening the smooth and strong all-around zippers.

It has rightly given the middle name ‘chic’ since this bag is a fashion statement. It speaks loudly about how trendy you are. And like this all the chic collection are quite stylish designs like these given below.

Gabbiano Industrial Chic other stylish designs

The trolley system and wheel system are very dependable. Trolley handles are made from slip resistant soft rubberised material for maximum comfort while pulling it along.

It has a functional design and is super lightweight to carry so that it follows all your movements faithfully. All Gabbiano hard side luggage reviews give a thumbs-up to this awesome spinner luggage.

So, Get home this glossy and sparkly chic looking spinner bag for equally joyous trips without spending too much.

Gabbiano Provence 20 inch Expandable Carry-On Hardside Spinner Luggage

Gabbiano Provence 20 inch Expandable Carry-On Hardside Spinner Luggage​

If you are fond of simple but elegant luggage that may not look like a star but have all the features of a reliable bag in terms of design and space then Gabbiano Provence 20" Expandable Carry-On Hardside Spinner Luggage is what you will fall in love with.

Gabbiano provence luggage is the most sought after luggage.

It is made from strong and dependable ABS material and is finished with a Poly carbonate Film and a texture giving it a professional and no-nonsense appearance.

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It looks classic bag with well planned zippered compartments to organise your stuff. The mesh pockets in the bag allow ventilation among your fully packed clothes while keeping them organised and wrinkle free.

The lightweight material of construction is the reason for a comfortable journey.

It is easy to carry on since its handles are made from the soft rubberised stuff. It does not slip or give a sweaty hold.

It has a well thought bottom handle making it easy to pick from the carousal when you are waiting for luggage in a huge crowd.

It is a safe hard side luggage thanks to the good quality zippers and the built-in 3-digit TSA combination lock.

The zippers are neither too soft nor too hard to move. Zipper handles are made from metal and are easy to hold and use. Its smooth and strong spinner wheels allow for omni-direction motion and convenient maneuverability.

As far Gabbiano luggage dimensions are concerned this one is spacious and good for all kind of trips. Get this unique looking luggage to identify it among the crowd and you also get identified with a great spinner bag at your command.

Gabbiano Provence 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Gabbiano Provence 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set​

This is a collection set of above reviewed luggage and would be a beneficial option to choose for. The reasons are endless are but the one which need to mentioned are you get a huge discount if you settle on with this option.

The other plus point is you get a complete collection of all sizes of luggage.

Whether you are going for a week or a month this never going to be a matter for you anymore.

This three pieces expandable hardside spinner luggage is made from strong polycarbonate material and finished with a polycarbonate film for extra safety. This makes the luggage retain its looks and elegance for years.

Its golden grooved body gives it straight out of sci-fi movie look. It dazzles the onlookers and makes you feel proud of your choice of luggage. You have to deck up to get countless compliments. 

Gabbiano Provence spinner bags give you great organizational space to keep your clothes, gadgets, accessories, and documents at the right place so that you don’t have to waste your time in searching the things.

The smallest bag is perfect for short trips and the larger ones can be carried for long vacations. If travelling with family the three spinner bags are enough.

The wheel system, trolley, handles and zippers all are of good quality and very carefully attached to give you overall sturdy bags. The bags have TSA approved locking system with combination mechanism. Handles have rubberized covering so that it does not slip or sweat your hands while holding it.

Amazon buyers have given a five star rating to this astonishing bag which moves smoothly and easily on all kind of surfaces. Keep the benefit in mind when choosing a set instead a single piece.

Gabbiano Luggage Safari Collection 3 Piece Spinner Set

Gabbiano Luggage Safari Collection 3 Piece Spinner Set​

If you are a Bear Grylls fan or adventurer admirer then Bear Grylls fan or adventure admirer close your eyes and click buy now and get this luggage. This design and strength is matchless with any other luggage prioritizing the design at this moment.

The design will scream in itself that how much adventure lover you are and if you really are then this is going to be your first and last option.

Stylish and glamorous could be the adjectives to describe this beautiful spinner set from Gabbiano. Its brilliant exterior contemporary design is perfect for all those who have an eye for beautiful things in life and nature.

It’s not only gorgeous but it is also strong and reliable to give you company on multiple excursions specially on on Jungle safari and adventurous journeys.

Its strong body is defined by the trustworthy ABS material. All the spinner bags are finished with a fine PC film to protect the bags from any abrasions, marks or dirt.

The trolleys handle can be locked at a different level for the best holding position while maneuvering the spinner bags.

It is secured with reliable zippers and a build-in TSA combination lock.

You will have a complete faith in the safety of your belongings kept within the spinner bags. It has a robust wheel system with its double wheels.

You can control the bag with ease because of its ability to rotate in all directions and a total freedom of mobility

All the bags are expandable to open up the bag and stuff in more things for a longer trip or shopping en route.

These spinner bags have a great organisational space with shoe pockets and two zippered compartments for storing different things at different places.

Do you find our Gabbiano Luggage review useful ? Let us know your feedback in the comments below. Your Feedbacks really keeps us going.

The best part of this trolley set is that it is covered under 5 Years limited warranty against any manufacturing defects. You must get this 3 piece spinner set for best holidays ever.

​Gabbiano Avila 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set​

Gabbiano Avila 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set​

This is a smart spinner luggage that is just a perfect travel gear for the young and stylish people.

It is beautiful and rugged with embossed designer surface making it a unique looking spinner bag among your travel companions.

It is made from ABS material and is very strong to bear the atrocities of any kind of rough and tough travelling conditions. Trolley handle is strong and stiff that can be easily retracted to adjust to the height of the owner.

Its storage space is as good as the amazing looks. It has built-in shoe pockets, zippered compartment with straps and a zippered pouch to organize your things and documents.

An organized travel bag is the best you must have while travelling. This expandable bag can be extended to get additional space for more stuff.

Its innovative double spinner wheels are a perfect feature to move the trolley bag in any way and direction possible.

It has an additional handle at the bottom which is unique in design as well as slip resistant. It makes it easy to pick it up from any side.

The trolley handles are soft to hold and comfortable to carry.

The inner lining is dirt resistant to keep your things clean and organised.

The corners of the bag are secured with extra cover to protect the bag from any scratches while moving on difficult roads or accidental slips.

This is an attractive hard-side spinner bag to express your passion for style and comfort.

​Gabbiano Toscana Collection 25 inch Softside Spinner​

Gabbiano Toscana Collection 25 inch Softside Spinner​

For each one of you who love to travel with all the personal luxuries at home will wish to own this super spacious multi-pocket soft-side very light weighted spinner bag.

This bag is a winner when it is compared on the basis of the count of compartments and ultra light weight.

​It has two big external pockets secured with sturdy zippers. The whole bag is divided into a large strapped compartment and two zippered pockets towards the inner side of the bag lid.

​Two shoe pockets are perfect for storing your footwear or spoiled clothes.

It is made of durable and strong 1680D Nylon and its inner surface is lined with soft and smooth lining.

The exterior of the trolley bag looks classy and elegant. The TSA approved combination lock removes all your worries about the safety of your stuff on the trip.

Forget those bulky looking heavyweight luggage pieces because you have a great option in form of Gabbiano Toscana Collection 25 inch Softside Spinner is super duper ultra light weight.

Its basic weight is very less but the durable construction allows you fill it or stuff with a lot of clothes and accessories for long trips. You don’t have to fret over the excess weight charges.

This Gabbiano bag displays all the features of a comfortable luggage with soft rubberized carry handle and 360 degrees rotation freedom with its super smooth wheel system.

This is an ideal purchase for the frequent travelers who long for long duration travel trips.

Gabbiano Luggage Cordoba Collection 4-Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Set

Gabbiano Luggage Cordoba Collection 4-Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Set​

I am of the view that buying the things that come in sets or packs is a great idea for a group of like minded people like a family.

I also prefer to buy one thing in various sizes to be used on different occasions and I don’t have to fuss on choosing among different looking objects.

Gabbiano Luggage Cordoba Collection 4-Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Set is the perfect example of my preference in luggage shopping.

The Hard-side luggage is made with super strong ABS plastic material and is the reason for its sturdiness.

It is a perfect luggage piece for the ones who travel for adventure. It can bear all the atrocities obvious in a challenging trip.

I just love its straight-out-of-a-sci-fi movie looks. It appears as though it is a luggage piece from future for the smart people of today.

Its polyester lining and the lightweight structure endorses my view of this great bag.

Its trolley handle is strong and retractable for comfortable handling.

The wheels are smooth and no restriction or resistance during its movement. The zippers are reliable with easy to hold and operate zipper handles.

I definitely find it incomplete in absence of a TSA approved or combination lock. The protective covers on the corners ensure that its looks are retained even after years of usage.

The handles are soft to hold but are very sturdy to balance out the weight of your packed stuff.

One compartment is secured with a zippered flap and the other one have straps with clasps to keep the clothes in place.

Your journeys will remain incomplete without this 4-piece chic trolley set from Gabbiano.

Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set (Dark Grey)

Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set (Dark Grey)

Gabbiano offers a stylish and smart looking bag with stunning metallic looks in the Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set.

Its remarkable feature is its durability and the professional appearance that will stun you and the people travel along with you.

It is very lightweight since it is made of 100% poly carbonate known for its durable and light construction.

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Its superb design is completed with the highly supportive soft rubberized carry handle defining the comfort of carrying it anywhere you wish.

This bag comes with 8 super smooth wheels that make manoeuvrability a fun filled activity even for the grownups.

The rough and tough handles make mobility easy so that you don’t feel your shoulder and arm muscles stressed.

I simply love the expandable structure and the extra packing space possible with the easy moving zippers. You can make space into already well organised spinner bags of 3 different sizes.

It’s built-in TSA combination lock is the final call to the security of your precious things in the bag.

The organisational space offered by two internal mesh pockets will make travelling a hassle free experience as far as packing is concerned.

The set of three luggage bags with spinner wheels offering 360 degrees rotation is a must have for the casual or business travels going for short or long trips.

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Hardside 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Hardside 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set​

The classic looking elegantly designed spinner bag is a dream come true for the travelers who travel with lots and lots of stuff. This is also one of the toughest luggage model offered by Gabbiano. These are super strong and can handle any kind shocks or pressure, without giving a single wrinkle on your packed fabric. 

It is made from 100% Polycarbonate material making it strong and sturdy for any kind of terrain or transportation.

It can very easily handle any type of physical disturbance that is the reason why Gabbiano had named this luggage collection "Armor".

The polycarbonate body keeps it lightweight to carry and great luggage to pack more and more things for long trips.

If you are traveling to a distant destination then this set is a perfect pick since the smaller one can be used as a cabin bag for packing urgent stuff and a bigger one for clothes and other things that you may need only at the place of your stay.

As far as carrying it is concerned it is rated as a comfortable bag since the soft rubberized handles, the adjustable trolley handle and the 8 wheel spinner makes the mobility so easy and effortless.

This one is also an expandable trolley bag with smoothly moving zippers. This is a great feature in addition to two mesh pockets and a spacious big compartment with zippered flap for better organization of stuff.

The built-in TSA combination lock is an aspect which makes travelling a stress free leisure.

Overall this bag looks great for every kind of owner. Whether you are a professional who travels for your business or an adventurer who travel to enjoy the spontaneity of life, you will find a dependent partner in this spinner bag.

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Expandable 360 Set - 3 Piece

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Expandable 360 Set - 3 Piece

This is the expanded version of the above reviewed Luggage The Armor Collection from Gabbiano and the best part is if you choose to buy the luggage set you will definitely get a huge discount from Amazon and from the headache of choosing the luggage for your next trip too.

Because with the collection of all the armor set the length of your journey would not be a matter of concern anymore.

In the category of ultra smart spinner bag, this spinner set wins all the accolades due to its sturdy construction and simple but professional looks. It is made from 100% polycarbonate. To give it a long life, its corners are reinforced so that the bag stays safe from scratches and cuts on the bag corners.

A look at the bag will give you an assurance that you are keeping your things in safe hands. It looks secure and is actually very safe due to its strong and long lasting zippers and a reliable TSA locking system.

The trolley skeleton is made from a dependable aluminium rod that does not bend or break. It has a strong but soft handle to hold it easily.

The special feature of this bag is ultra smooth wheels that move silently and smoothly without slightest effort. It is another smart expandable spinner bag that is the best support when you decide to carry more clothes or do more shopping on your holiday destination.

It looks classy but strong in structure and built. It can be taken to any kind of place you are travelling.

It has been rated with 4+ stars by 3+ Amazon buyers and loved by 100+ buyers across Los Angeles and New York Outlets that show their trust in this Gabbiano Armor Set Expandable spinner trolley set.

My Experience with Gabbiano Luggage

Final thought on Gabbiano Luggage

I personally own a Gabbiano Genova set that is why I reviewed it at the very first. The look, sturdy structure and spacious inside had made me fall with love with this beautiful luggage set. There is no reason not to like this Bag. And i had put my hands on all the luggage reviewed above because one of my close friend own a luggage shop at Washington near to my workplace.

I think buying the right luggage at the right price and with right looks can be a tiresome chore but, it has to be done with patience and an open mind.

Careers that demand traveling all the time is exciting, and everyone loves a little change in the monotonous schedule of work life. Office tours are bliss if you travel with well organized luggage.

Well, it’s all about getting the best of both worlds. But for a terrible luggage organizer like me, whether it’s a casual trip or a single day outing, all become way too stressful when it comes to ‘packing!’ All ladies reading this will surely agree that they cannot just walk out with a cell phone and a few pairs of clothing even if it is a one-day trip.

Moreover, I do not have the patience to make me an ideal packer. Every time I have to travel, the only thing that bothers me is packing for the entire trip wisely! I must tell you that a simple suggestion by a colleague took away all my self-created packing panic.

Now I pack my luggage with ultimate confidence, comfort, and convenience. This happened when I brought home my Gabbiano luggage set. It is a perfect choice for you if you travel often and brood over the packing part.

Here are some of the core features and pluses of ‘Gabbiano3 Piece Hard side Expandable Spinner Set’ gave me a different outlook to my travel plans.

A Set Of Three In Different Sizes And Style

Well, the best part about this set is that it comes in a combination of three trendy cases. The spinner-cases in a set are available in 20, 26 and 30-inch sizes.

I really admire this idea because I often go traveling with my family apart from office tours. This works great, especially if you have kids in the family. One case is large and spacious and the second one is of moderate size.

There is this small case which is absolutely fit for packing the little needs of your little one. You can pack the toys, books and other playthings of a kid with ease. No wonder, this set works just fine for the entire family.

Gabbiano bags due to their amazing style and look sets your apart from your fellow travellers.

Lightweight classy looking spinners - super-comfy to carry

Another aspect that I could not resist to share is that Gabbiano3 Piece Sets are available in impressively trendy yet lightweight.

All parents know how the teenagers are picky about their luggage when it comes to traveling. I can guarantee that combo of light-weight construction, solid spinner wheels and great looking Gabbiano bags will make your life a lot easier.

There are several other trends will suit your fashion statement just the way it is!

Zippered compartments make organizing super easy

Lastly, there are also multiple zippered compartments that show that these bags are designed with care and consideration. The pockets are tough and stretchable to keep your things in place. Ladies can appreciate the comfort when they don't have even a minute to spend thinking which pocket holds the touch-up brush before heading out of the airport!

Gabbiano offers outstanding rebates, but that depends on which set you are purchasing. There are also free shipping facilities available, and you can hunt down for more Gabbiano sets at their website.

You have to know about your needs and frequency of travelling and take a careful look at your budget before investing in a trolley bag.

You may get tempted with some good looking bags available at low prices which compromise on the quality of the material used for construction, zippers, inner lining or the handles.

Here you have to be very cautious with such offers. Look into the details of the bags you are short listing. Take your time, compare the options available and test the locks and zippers for ease, comfort, and mobility.

If you don’t have the patience to visit countless offline stores, you can do the luggage shopping at some online store like I did.

Amazon is a great place for such purchases. You are actually doing an informed and intelligent shopping this way since you don’t have to rely on the things told by a smart salesperson.

All I can say from my personal experience with Gabbiano is that Gabbiano is one of the best brands in global and stylish luggage and the options available are immensely impressive. You get the best bargain by buying the luggage set for economical shopping.

That's all from our end, Now its your turn. Do you find this unbiased review about Gabbiano bags useful ? Do you have any experience with this brand or did we missed something than please let us know your experience or suggestions in the comment below.

So, enjoy Gabbiano luggage shopping and keep on adding lovely travel memoirs !!!

This post was most recently updated on November 15th, 2018


Best Luggage Review Under $100

Nobody wants to spend their hard earned money on luggage that costs a lot and get broken under a couple of trips.

There are many affordable luggage available in the market that offers the same strength and functionality as a high-end luggage but does not hurt your pocket like other big brands.

As one of my friends own a big luggage shop at Washington and me and my wife loves to travel we regularly visit our friend's outlet to see new bags and he is kind enough to give us bags in market price and some for free too (friends with benefit).

This helps us provide an original unbiased review of different types of luggage with a detailed information on various parts and features.

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Day to day the technologies are going advanced have made durable, long lasting, stable Luggage increasingly affordable so that the saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.

In this review, I”ll investigate baggage pieces right now recorded on Amazon under $100.

All the luggage we review is tested on different factors like weight, strong handles, spacious inside, spinner wheels, quality zippers, and long-lasting material. And is available under $100. So, let's check out.

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Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage 24 inch

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage - 24-Inch, Black

AmazonBasics 24-inch hard side baggage makes an extraordinary choice for you to handle gear when searching for a scantier, lighter decision baggage.

It is good for 8 to 10 days trips, offering enough pressing space to hold a few changes of garments, a toiletry pack, and 2 sets of shoes which can without much of a stretch be kept in this year.

The 24-inch spinner baggage gives a strong zipper to dependable discontinuance, and furthermore, its expandable plan makes up to (15%) all the more pressing space for an additional room when you require it (and less when you don’t).

Amazon Basics hard side is giving Three Year Limited Warranty for Luggage all inclusive and this announcement is 100% valid.

Hard Shell with Scratch-Resistant Finish:

The AmazonBasics baggage includes a defensive hard shell for quality and genuine feelings of serenity with regards to knowing put away things won’t be pounded in transit.

The hard shell’s sturdy, solid, scratch-safe complete offers included quality, keeps the gear looking like new even after long harsh utilize and tumble travel conditions.

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Completely Lined Interior with Divider and 3 Zippered Pockets:

Completely lined, the gear shields put away things from scratches and catches, while its convenient divider helps continue everything flawlessly isolated.

Inside coordinator, made with 150D polyester for uncommon quality, incorporates three separate zippered takes that function admirably for safely putting away little things, as imperative papers, embellishments, abettors, or telephone lines and chargers.

Extending Handle and Securely Mounted Short Handle:

For included comfort, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner baggage comes outfitted with an easy to understand extending handle that locks into put.

Broaden its handle when rolling the gear, and afterward, fall it down in one smooth move for smaller capacity when not being used or while setting in the storage compartment or wardrobe.

The safely mounted (and altogether tried) short handle offers rough quality for stable lifting, not at all like the opposition, where the short handle is joined less safely.

Four Double Spinner Wheels:

Move the baggage around easily on account of its four twofold spinner wheels.

Dissimilar to other moving baggage that rolls just advances and in reverse—or other spinner gear that has a solitary versus twofold wheels, the AmazonBasics spinner baggage gives unrivaled quality and skims easily toward any path.

Features Highlight:

  • 24-inch hard side spinner registration gear—perfect for 3-to 5-day visits
  • Protective hardcover with the scratch-safe complete; made of additional thick ABS (thicker than the opposition) for upgraded quality and ingenuity.
  • Fully fixed inside with a divider. 150D-polyester inside coordinator with 3 zippered pockets for helpfully putting away smaller items.
  • Expandable up to 15% extra pressing capacity; strong, steady, solid zippers; extending handle for happy with moving; safely mounted short handle.
  • 4 twofold spinner wheels guarantee smooth, free-moving mobility(freely development) toward any path.
  • 4.4 stars from 605+ Trusted Amazon Buyer's show the trust on Amazon Basic Luggage.

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch and 28 Inch two Piece Expandable Spinner Set Plus

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set Plus, Orange, One Size

Rockland Luggage is the child company of Fox Luggage.

This 2 piece set is made of ABS.

ABS is to a great degree lightweight as we probably are aware, solid intense, solid, and secures the substance of your gear.

Its 8 multi-directional spinner wheels pivot 360 degrees for a simple mobility.

This awesome luggage enables you to pack progressively while keeping away from the abundance weight additional charges forced by the greater part of the aircraft.

The benefit of having a luggage set is that you can pack whichever the bag you like according to your vacation schedule.

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28″ upright: 28″ H x 17″ W x 12″ D

20″ upright: 20″ H X 13″ W x 10″ D

Feature Highlights:

Full lining interior which holds your belongings tightly.

2 inch Expandable allows you to pack even more and more stuff.

High quality Strong 360 degree rotation spinner wheels will make you dragging this beautiful luggage a breeze even on the stairs.

The Telescopic handle comes and goes inside with a just a push.

Lots of internal pockets to separate important stuff from rest of other belongings.

Strong and sturdy zippers will work smoothly and is tested more than 1000 times in factories before supplying it to the market.

Weight of 20 inch bag: 6 pounds

Weight of 28 inch bag: 10 pounds

All this great feature and 2 luggage set comes in very affordable cost of under $100. With more than 1735+ reviews over amazon marks the reputation of
 Rockland luggage.

Samsonite Aspire xLite Expandable 20 inch Luggage

Samsonite Aspire xLite Expandable 25 inch Spinner, Blue Dream

Go with certainty. Go with Aspire xlite. A strong combination of lightweight development and its dependable, strength.

Rough polyester and steel wire development make a one of a kind mix of quality, adaptability, and limit. 

Four multi-directional spinner wheels for simple development. Moves upright so that there ought to be no weight on your arm or shoulder.

Fully highlighted inside incorporates wetpak and work pockets for expanded body.
Padded best and side convey handles give comfort while lifting a completely pressed case.

Samsonite Luggage are the most renowned luggage in the market. And Samsonite Winfield 2 is one of the best selling Bags on Amazon.

Lots of vibrant and joyful colors provides you a lot of different options to choose from according to your style and preferences.

Weighs only 9.5 pounds

Fully highlighted inside incorporates wetpak and work pockets for expanded body and to keep things separately.

With more than 230+ customer positive reviews makes this bag a best choice under $100.

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Goplus 3 Pcs Luggage Set Hardside Travel Rolling Suitcase

Goplus 3 Pcs Luggage Set Hardside Travel Rolling Suitcase ABS Globalway

Is it accurate to say that you are prepared to move with more prominent certainty? This superb, hard-sided 3-piece gear set is ideal for your journeys.

Regardless of the multi-directional wheels, or the ergonomically planned extending handles will add much accommodation to your voyage.

The roomy primary compartment and zippered takes keep your movement fundamentals, your little resources efficient.

The firm coded bolt ensures the security of your baggage.

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Take the gear set, take your pleasure along the trek!

Top notch Simple, mold in vogue planned.

Lightweight yet strong ABS and PC hard shell.

Tough multi-directional wheels, turning 360 degrees.

Primary compartment with high putting away limit.

Ergonomically planned push-catch handle extending.

In spite of the fact that, This baggage is giving security ensured the firm coded bolt.
Fit for voyaging, moving house.

It is Resistant to earth as we as a whole like that out gear dependably be perfect and clean, likewise, it is anything but difficult to tidy up with leftovers, clothes.

Material: ABS+PC
The material of Lining: 
210D Polyester
The material of handle: 

General Dimension:

1×20″ trolley case( 16″*10″*23″ L*W*H )

1×24″ trolley case(18″*11″*27″ L*W*H)

1×28″ trolley case(21″*12″*31″ L*W*H )

In Amazon, the rating of this item is great,

Trusted Customer Review: 4.4 out of 5 stars 403 client surveys.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20 inch Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 20 inch Spinner Carry-On Luggage - Exclusive

This solid Kenneth Cole Reaction spinner is your best mate on your movements. Accessible in a strong shade, this Out of Bounds ABS bear on is both snappy and practical.

Its originality outside will flex under strain to keep your sack free of unattractive marks.

You can utilize the piece of clothing restrictions and zippered pockets to shield your outfits and fundamentals from getting hurled about.

With 4 multi-directional wheels, this upright spinner baggage sack is anything but difficult to move around.

Solid ABS Plastic hard shell exterior with refined lined tear-safe inside will protect the corners too.

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Completely lined inside fundamental compartment includes your piece of clothing restriction lashes to hold your garments and substance set up and a vast zipper extra pocket.

Shaped corner monitor fortifications for retaining and avoiding stun for most extreme effect protection.

Item Dimensions: 8.5 x 21.8 x 14.5 inches

Product Weight: 6.88 pounds

Division: unisex-grown-up

Maker: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Trusted Amazon Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,126 client audits

Aerolite Carry On MAX Travel Trolley Luggage

Aerolite 22x14x9 American, United & Delta Airlines Ultra Light Carry On Luggage

The Aerolite mark is a word offering a portion of the best lightest bags available. We’ve guaranteed that a large number of explorers overall appreciate a greater amount of their voyaging background and evacuated the worry of stuff weight resolutions.

It is accessible in alternate diverse hues and distinctive sizes, you’ll have the capacity to locate the ideal travel buddy, and the best part is that Aerolite packs accompany a 10-year guarantee of value for genuine feelings of serenity.

Measurements: 22x14x9″ (All Parts)/18.5×13.75×8.95 Inch (Body) Capacity 38L/Weight: 4.62lbs

10 Year Guarantee – Buy With Resolution

Solid Hard-wearing 600 Denier Polyester Ripstop Material.

Having inward retractable Trolley System for Convenience, Handle Height: 1M.

Up to half lighter than standard Upright Suitcases and incorporates blend lock inside.

The Suitcase can swivel and turn on account of the 4 wheel configuration, guaranteeing it can be either pushed or pulled.

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Its marked elastic side defenders likewise help ward off your gear from getting exhausted.

Inside the pack, you will locate a marked 3 digit lock which can be utilized to associate the two zips together.

It’s produced using an extremely powerful, hard-wearing Jacquard material which will guarantee your gear will oppose the rigors of voyaging.

It gives fortified corners which, not at all like some lightweight baggage alternatives, protect the security of your substance.

A durable, sturdy retractable hold handle is actioned by means of a push catch which helps simple transporting.

The pack highlights two forward-looking takes which are affixed by a double zip include, guaranteeing you’ll have simple access to critical things, for example, your travel permit or stimulation instruments, gadgets.

A best and side pull handle implies you can convey it like a holdall when it requires as well.

The case measures 38″ when the handle is completely lengthened.

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 20 Inch Luggage

Samsonite Omni PC Hardside Spinner 20, Caribbean Blue

Familiarizing a line worked with taking the harshest travel parts Omni PC combines scratch-safe surfaces with the lightest 100% polycarbonate advancement, ensuring your stuff looks as phenomenal on the 100th trip as it does on the first.

This lightweight line offers heavyweight security riding on basic 360 spinner wheels. Make an effort not to pull your case; let Omni PC roll serenely alongside you on your excursion.

TSA locks guarantee your assets arrive securely to your goal. To a great degree lightweight and outwardly impactful, this accumulation takes 100% polycarbonate configuration to the following level.

The small-scale precious stone surface is to a great degree scratch-safe, keeping cases lovely after an excursion.

Re-designed lightweight spinner wheels for easy portability. Retractable handle.

Purchaser favored extension on all sides.

Full-zip inside, divider, and cross-lashes for an expanded pressing association. Side-mounted TSA bolt guarantees security while voyaging.

Body Dimensions: 19.0″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″

Samsonite’s not simply in the matter of making baggage, we’re in the matter of building certainty.

A certainty that when you venture off the check, your gear wheel wouldn’t fly off.

A certainty that in the event that you put your PC taken care of in one piece, that is the way it will turn out.

Samsonite has set an industry priority by idealizing and improving gear, easygoing sacks, knapsacks, travel embellishments, and now gadgets bearers and PC packs.

More than one hundred years of dependability, sturdiness, style and creative usefulness have made Samsonite’s notorious items, and brand, the worldwide pioneer they are today.

On the off chance that you will take off the opening, do it with genuine feelings of serenity. Since life has a method for coming at you quick. Be prepared for anyplace.

​Traveler's Choice Freedom 3-Piece Lightweight Luggage Sets (20″/25″/29″)

Traveler’s Choice Freedom 3-Piece Lightweight Luggage Set (20inch , 25 inch , 29 inch)

It is intended to give Travelers’ solace, fulfillment, usefulness, dependability, and true serenity.

The Traveler’s Choice Freedom 3-Piece Lightweight Hard-Shell Spinning Rolling Luggage Set joins a 29-inch, 25-inch, and 21-inch spinner. made with lightweight and persevering Polycarbonate ABS hard shell materials for most outrageous impact protection.

The polycarbonate enables its shell to retain effect by flexing when under substantial weight while the ABS materials give the shell more prominent unbending nature so it won’t forever twist when under strain.

It gives various stage self-locking retractable aluminum adjustable handle game plan.

The 29-inch and 25-inch hard shell spinners highlight cutting edge 360-degree spinner wheels, permitting easy mobility every which way.

And its hardcover, Pack the greater part of your principle basics in the roomy primary compartment with full inside coating.

It has best and side convey handles for simple lifting, an inside zippered article of clothing compartment, and inside lashes that pack and secure the heap for simple pressing, Plus, a separable brisk clasp offers include a-sack adaptability.

Greater Stability:

Its Comes with a various stage self-locking retractable aluminum adjustable handle framework.

The 29-inch and 25-in hard shell spinners highlight best in class 360-degree spinner wheels, taking into consideration easy simple mobility every which way.

The 12-inch hard side moving carries on highlights two recessed in-line skate wheels with aluminum metal balls for smooth and calm coming in any sort of floor.

More Lightweight and Durable:

These sets are made of to a great degree lightweight and dependable Polycarbonate ABS hard shell materials i.e it can be run a long time of years with you, had for most extreme effect perpetual quality.

The polycarbonate enables its shell to assimilate effect by flexing when under substantial weight.

The ABS material gives the shell more noteworthy unbending nature with the goal that it won’t for all time twist when under strain.

Giving more Convenience:

Roomy principle compartment with full inside coating.

Best and side convey handles on each sack for simple lifting. Incorporates inside a zippered piece of clothing compartments and inside lashes to pack and secure the heap for simple pressing.

The separable brisk clasp offers include a-sack flexibility.

Outside Dimensions and Weight:

For 29 inches – 29 in. H x 21 in. W x 11 in. D – 9.95 lbs.

For 25 inches -25 in. H x 17.5 in. W x 9.5 in. D – 8.30 lbs.

For 21 inches -21 in. H x 15 in. W x 8.5 in. D – 6.25 lbs.

Its Interior Dimensions:

For – 28 in: H x 20.75 in. W x 10.75 in. D.

For-24 in: H x 17.25 in. W x 9.25 in. D.

For-20 in: H x 14.75 in. W x 8.25 in. D.

​Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage, Love, One Size

Rockland Luggage 20 Inch Polycarbonate Carry On Luggage, Love, One Size-

You”ll certainly be infatuated with its pattern.

20-inch polycarbonate go ahead.

ABS Ploycarbonate are one of the lightest material used to make bags.

360 degree spinner wheels.

Tough, solid ergonomic chrome extending handle as the handles sparkle.

The catch of this carry on the handle must be pushed in the distance for it to have the capacity to haul out or pushed in.

​Feature Highlights:

This portable bag is made of polycarbonate/abs.

A portion of the real advantages of this material – it is to a great degree lightweight, it is long-lasting(durable), and ensures the substance of your baggage.

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Its eight multi-directional spinner wheels turn around 360 degrees for fast and simple mobility.

By the majority of the Airlines, the overabundance weight additional charges are the significant case while voyaging yet in this gear, you can pack increasingly while staying away from the weight extra charges.

What’s more, its multi-directional spinner wheels(360 degrees) for brisk and simple mobility, Modern inner chrome extending handle with a push catch handle. Its inside work, zip pocket and flexible pocket and giving the 3-year guarantee and it’s excessively wonderful for any baggage.

Dimension : 20″x13″x10″ weighs 6.5 lbs

I love this luggage so much that I had ordered 2 pieces in different patterns as to make it easier each us to locate our own bag.

Although I was looking for a unique colored suitcase to make identifying my checked bag easier to recognize, and this luggage did this facility, but I’ll say that its handle is not too good and also the shell is a bit fragile, but don’t worry it’ll not a big issue.

This suitcase is great for the price, its perfect size for a business trip or a week-long vacation.

U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)

U.S Traveler Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-on Luggage Set (15-Inch and 21-Inch)

In the event that you wanna run anyplace with full well-being, uninhibitedly then The Traveler’s Choice U.S. Voyager Rio Two Piece Expandable Carry-On Luggage.

This gear set is worked with lavish unrivaled 1200D unbending polyester structure. It gives an inside select retractable self-locking/push-catch handle framework and inline skate wheels containing corner defenders.

Counting all kind of room that you have to pack your movement fundamentals with different front pockets and an extensive zippered work cover take.

Need greater limit? This expandable gives 25% all the more pressing space. In addition, it includes full inside covering including double customizable secure ties to secure your belonging.

Its strong metal hardware(its shell) secures your things, with respect to the expert cameramen that they convey camera gear, instruments and so on and the EVA cushioned front side provide extra toughness to the bag.

In addition, the best and side convey handles make lifting gear simple.

Item depiction:

Made of Polyester , Made in the US

Interior fancy retractable self-locking handle custom with push-catch, inline skate wheels with corner defenders and best and side convey handles.

Features Large zippered worktop pocket, numerous front pockets, and an expandable component that gives you 25 percent all the more pressing limit.

Solid metal equipment solid covering and its EVA cushioned front board for additional perseverance; Dual movable secure ties and full inside coating.


21-inch Upright: 21 in. H x 13.5 in. W x 8.5 in. D (Expands to 10.5 in. D); 6.6 lbs.; Travel Tote: 14 in. W x 10 in. H x 6 in. D; 1.3 lbs.

Samsonite Wheeled Underseater Large luggage

Samsonite Large Wheeled Underseater

Incredible travel pieces to make any excursion a breeze.

These movement sacks are loaded with a wide range of pressing compartments for all your movements needs.

Incredible go under seater to make any outing a breeze.

These movement sacks are loaded with a wide range of pressing compartments for all your movements needs.

900d poly/nylon Internal pressing compartments. Inside wetpak pockets. Shading coordinated parts. Fits consummate under any carrier situate.

900D poly/nylon

Including inner pressing compartments

The wetpak-zippered compartment which empowers you to freely pack clammy or dirtied things.


London Fog Luggage Chelsea 17 Inch, Olive Plaid, One Size

London Fog Luggage Chelsea 17 Inch Computer Bag, Olive Plaid, One Size

London Fog Luggage are known for their classical look.

Intended to fit into most overhead areas, this moving business case removes the issue from movement with three completely supplied compartments that meet the majority of your pressing fundamentals as your needs, fly through terminals and dependably have your business close by no sweat and comfort of this must-have.

Check London Fog Luggage Review for more info about Best Seller London Fog bags

No compelling reason to look any further, you’ve discovered the ideal sack for a significant number of your business or individual travel needs.

It is intended to fit most carrier overhead compartments.

Hidden aluminum locking push catch handle framework.

In-line skate metal roller wheels includes a calm smooth ride.

Fully fixed inside with zippered capacity compartments.

Three compartments for all your pressing needs.

The Perfect Hybrid Bag For Your Travels:

The 17″ Wheeled Carry On Computer Bag can be utilized as a business case, an overnighter, a movement tote or a half-breed of every one of the 3.

You’ll make certain to get the most extreme use out of this pack whether it’s for business travel, an end of the week escape or your day by day go to and from the workplace or arrangements.

It likewise fits under most carrier seats, so you can without much of a stretch access, control all that you require while flying.

Numerous Compartments To Keep You Organized:

Front zippered coordinator stash has space for your extras and travel archives; including a spot for scratch pads, pens/pencils, telephone, ID card and visa in addition to an inside full-length zippered take for additional.

– Including 2 front zippered stashes make it simple for a minute ago things, for example, a book, ticket and so forth.

– Main zippered stash with cushioned removable PC sleeve (fits up to a 15″ PC or tablet). More space for papers if expelled.

– Back zippered pressing zone with secure lashes for garments and shoe pockets. On the off chance that you don’t have to pack garments, you can fit more records and reports in this area.

Fitting under most carrier seats influences this the ideal to sack to continue.

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 28 Inch Luggage

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out Of Bounds 28 Inch 4-Wheel Upright Luggage, Magenta, One Size

It’s a vast bag with a lot of room for an expanded trek.

Abs 28-inch 4-wheel upright. 4-wheel spinners take into account full 360-degree portability. Lightweight development.

Strong abs outside with formed corner fortification for most extreme effect protection and completely lined inside.

Inside fundamental compartment highlights article of clothing limitations and a zipper take.

The cover includes a vast u-molded zipper take. Advantageous and adaptable best and side handles take into account simple lifting.

Side bezels empower upright to stay on its side. Four-wheel improvement empowers uprights to come toward anyway. Retractable locking handle structure.

Travelpro Maxlite3 Lightweight 22 inch Carry-on

Travelpro Maxlite3 Lightweight 22 inch Expandable Rollaboard Carry-on (One SIze, Grey)

This MaxLite3 22 inch Luggage from Travel Pro is quiet lightweight go ahead, offering you to pack more without surpassing stuff weight limits. 

A Honeycomb Framing System and EVA froth development give outstanding toughness while keeping it super light.

The inherent Protective slip monitors, corner defenders, and crash-watch wheel lodgings secure against potential harm and movement.

Telescoping aluminum handle with two stops at 38 inches and 42.5 inch guarantees an agreeable move for clients of various tallness. Constrained Lifetime guarantee.

Aircraft review aluminum handle secures 2 positions (38 inches and 42.5 inches) to guarantee an agreeable move for the clients of various statures.

Honeycomb outline framework gives lightweight strength.

Full-length inside top pocket, side extra pocket and customization hold down lashes offer canny pressing adaptability.

Full-length front pocket with the inherent ticket take for a minute ago things.

Measurements 22x14x9 inches, Weight: 6.3 lbs, lifetime guarantee.

The Abs 28-inch four-wheel upright four-wheel spinners take into consideration with full 360 degrees portability.

Lightweight construction Durable Abs outside with formed corner support for most extreme effect protection and completely lined inside Interior primary compartment highlights article of clothing restrictions and a zipper pocket.

Lid highlights a vast U-molded zipper stash advantageous and adaptable best and side handles takes into consideration simple lifting side bezels enable upright to remain on its side 4 wheel development enables uprights to come toward any path retractable locking handle system^Size 295-inch H x 205-inch W x 1175-inch D Weight 96 lbs.

28″ ABS 4-Wheel Upright Luggage. 4-Wheel Spinners Allows Full 360 Degree Mobility.

Lightweight Construction. Solid ABS Exterior With Molded Corner Reinforcement For Maximum Impact Resistance And Fully Lined Interior. Inside Main Compartment Features Garment Restraints And A Zipper Pocket.

Top features a Large U-Shaped Zipper Pocket. Advantageous and flexible Top with Side Handles features easy lifting. Four Wheel are designed to move flawlessly.

Olympia 29 inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel

Olympia 29 inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel, Green, One Size

This super strong, spacious duffel bag is manufactured by Olympia USA.

It would be the colossal decision under $100.

It is developed Of Supreme “Protecflon” Polyester With 1200 D.

Counting U-shape top opening framework for simple access to the extensive fundamental compartment.

Self-repairing exceed expectations zippers and eight helpful pockets for greatest pressing flexibility.

Dimensions : 14x15x29

8 Convenient pockets for most extreme pressing.

Olympia’s mark 8 pockets give most extreme pressing limit and proficient association.

Push-catch retractable handle.

The retractable handle locking Push-catch gives you a simple move and its hey zipper take gives secured set out when should be checked in.

Metal roller in-line skate wheels.

Strengthened recessed metal roller in-line skate wheels for most extreme travel mileage.

How We Selected The Best Luggage Under $100

  • Luggage should be under budget of $100
  • Must have spinner wheels that rotates 360 degree
  • Inside Straps to tighten your belongings
  • Strong and durable handles
  • Secure Locks
  • Looks Luxurious
  • Hard materials
  • Good warranty
  • Light-weight
  • Moisture Proof 
  • Water Resistant

I hope you have loved our detailed unbiased review.

Did I missed anything ? Do you know any other luggage that fits under our mentioned criteria ?

Do you have some bad experience with luggage I reviewed above? Let us know in the comments below.

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Best IT Luggage Reviews (2018)

Are you deciding on buying IT Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 6 of the Best Selling Luggage from IT.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

One of the most important things you should never forget if you are going to travel is to find a trustworthy luggage. Market is full of hype and false promises.

It is important that you get the most durable one since you don’t have any idea how those airlines will handle your luggage. Getting the right luggage will not only help you carry the stuff you need but it will protect them as well especially for those who love to carry fragile items.

 IT luggage you will never go wrong. So for better understanding and of course to help you choose the very best IT luggage, we’ve gathered this amazing review that will help you choose the best model and to stay informed.

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IT Luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 28.9 inch

It luggage World's Lightest Los Angeles 28.9 Inch Upright, Purple

If you are searching for an IT luggage that could withstand those wear and tear issues, then why not check this one out.

It has made from the most durable materials available for luggage today.

IT luggage has been around for years providing amazing luggage that could last a long time.

Travelers in fact prefer this amazing brand when it comes to luggage and bags.

It provides them the protection they need for their stuff and it even help them save up more cash from buying or replacing their luggage since it is made from high quality materials. With this luggage, rest assured that it will last a long period of time.

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 28.9″, Purple 2 Tone has been one of the most preferred luggage bags in the market today because of its high quality made materials that would last for a long time.

People who love to travel especially those who require two or more luggage prefer this product.

It does not only help them carry their stuff well but it also provides them the protection they need for their luggage particularly if they have to carry some fragile items on their luggage.

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Tough fibreglass structure:

This is the ultimate material why more and more people especially those who love to travel prefer the IT luggage.

It is the best luggage material ever that could withstand those annoying toss and turn of luggage in the airline and such.

No matter how much your luggage encounters such incidents, it will surely survive and you will only be able to have this kind of made material from IT luggage.

High tensil fabric:

When it says high tensil fabric this only means one thing and that is durable, lightweight material that could resists abrasion and prolongs use.

With this, there’s no need for you to replace or even buy a new one each time you will travel.

With IT luggage, rest assured that you can count on it when it comes to durability that will last for many years.

Better Handles:

It also has easy grip handle offers superior comfort for that easy handling.

This applies if you have a heavy luggage. You don’t need any of those extra bags just so to get the comfort of carrying your luggage. With this kind of handle, you will certainly be able to carry it with ease and comfort no matter how stuffed it could be.

‘No pipes’:

This simply means that you can be able to carry more stuff than you could imagine with this amazing IT luggage.

It will provide you more space for those extra stuff you wish to carry along with you. There’s no need to get an extra luggage.

It has a measurement of Extended Dim’s – 29.3 x 17.7 x 10.2″ — int. Dim’s 27 x 17.3 x 10.2″ — (4.85lbs) 29.3×17.7×10.2 very much spacious and convenient at the same time.

Wheels are amazing

Unlike other luggage wheels, this one will surely run smoothly and could also provide the support your luggage needs especially for those heavy ones.

It will not break easily or even have those cracks and such that could be troublesome in the future.

Easy to spot

With its nice and eye catching color, you will surely be able to spot it in the waiting area without any issues at all. There’s no need for you to attach any ribbon that would act as mark on your luggage.

But just like all products, IT luggage has its own downside. But it is very much minimal you can actually not even notice it at all. The only downside of this luggage is the zipper pull. If you wish to have a stronger or thicker one, then you can easily replace it.

Our View On IT Luggage Los Angeles

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 28.9″, Purple 2 Tone will not only provide you the space you desire from a luggage but it will surely last for a long time.

So if you wish to get the best and in case you will be travelling this holiday then better opt for this product today. You will surely get the value of your money.

IT luggage Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Fuchsia Red Top Half + Magnet Bottom Half

IT luggage Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Fuchsia Red Top Half + Magnet Bottom Half

Are you in need of 3-piece luggage set? Are you going to travel for some time and be needing a lot of stuff?

Then why not opt for this amazing IT luggage Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Fuchsia Red Top Half + Magnet Bottom Half today.

It has the best features you will surely love.

People who love to travel from one country to another surely need one more set of luggage for their stuff especially of course if they love to buy souvenirs and all. With this amazing IT luggage, everything is possible.

So better check out its cool features today.

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People who are into shopping for a new luggage often mislead of buying the wrong one especially if it’s going to be their first time. They will certainly have no idea what feature they should look for in order for them to get the true value of their money. So what in particular feature you should look for in a luggage?

The first thing is the wheels. With IT luggage Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Fuchsia Red Top Half + Magnet Bottom Half, it has 4 wheels for 360-degree maneuverability which are very much useful and convenient at the same time especially for those sudden toss and turns of your luggage.

You never know when you might need to hurry up, right? So with this kind of feature, you will get the support you need for your luggage.


More Space , Better Handles:

It has Telescoping push-button handle system.

This innovative system will not only provide you complete ease and comfort in handling your luggage but it is very much applicable for those who have hand and finger issues such as arthritis.

There’s no need for you to put an extra effort on your hand in pushing or pulling your luggage since the push-button handle system is easy to operate and very much convenient. Two thumbs up!

It has 2 exterior front pockets for travel documents even for those on the go items which you need to get anytime you need them.

With this kind of feature, there’s no need to have an extra hand carry bag or even a pouch which could only make your travel stressful.

These extra pockets are very much useful and you can place anything you want on it, be it a document or even those extra shirt or hand towel.

You will be able to get them anywhere, anytime you need them without opening the actual luggage itself. This will certainly provide you more space and save up more time at the same time.

Better Interior and Lightweight:

It also has Fully lined interior features a large mesh zip pocket and two tie-down straps. 

Making your things intact and protected is very important especially if you will travel for a long time.

With these features, your stuff will be secured and no matter how many times your luggage will be toss and turn around in the airline, your things will be protected.

This is very much important if you have fragile stuff inside your luggage.

It has Cushioned easy-grab top and side handles for easy lifting so you will feel comfy handling your luggage even if you decided to bring your whole wardrobe! Again, this amazing feature is very much applicable for those who have pains and aches on their fingers.

It will no longer be an issue carrying their luggage especially if they will travel alone. It will provide them complete and comfortable travel at all times. No more achy fingers and palms.

Luggage set includes: 21″ carry on (4.40 lbs) which is very much ideal for your toiletries and other stuff which you will need anytime. 

This small luggage is very much lightweight you can actually hand carry it. The next luggage size is 26.2″ medium checked (5.25 lbs.) which will be the best luggage for your clothes and shoes which you just might need while staying in a hotel.

There’s no need for you to open the large luggage since you can use this medium sized luggage for those on hand stuff.

The last and largest sized luggage has a measurement of 30.1″ large checked (5.95 lbs.) which is very much ideal for your large stuff. This means that you can place and carry the things you will need on your entire vacation.

Our View On IT Luggage Intrepid 31.7″

The IT luggage Duotone 4 Wheel 3 Piece Set, Fuchsia Red Top Half + Magnet Bottom Half will not only provide you the space you need for your items but it will also support and secured them all while you travel around the world.

With its amazing features, you will surely get the best benefit you wish to obtain from a certain luggage. And The Price at which is offered is surely a steal.

IT luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven

IT luggage World's Lightest 27.6 inch 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven

There is nothing more annoying than to find out that your luggage broke or damaged upon your arrival on the country you are visiting.

As we all know, we can never assume whether our luggage will be safe or not especially if we will travel from one country to another.

People who handle our luggage and bags may not be that careful at all. The result, one damage or worst, broken luggage.

If this usually happens to you then now is the perfect time to consider getting yourself this amazing IT luggage. With IT luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven, you will certainly get the benefits you wish for from a luggage.

No wonder more and more travelers love this brand when it comes to luggage. Let’s find out more about this amazing product today.

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IT luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven is in fact known for its 8 wheels for 360-degree maneuverability. It is one of the best features you could get from this amazing luggage.

You will not find this kind of feature from other luggage in the market today. Just imagine you can turn and pull your luggage without any of those extra efforts of complicated twists and turns that just could even break or misalign the handle.

IT luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner will be your best bet when it comes to luggage today.



It has Exterior Dimensions (Including wheels and handles): 27.6 x 16.1 x 9″ and weighs 4.51lbs

If you wish to get the most from your luggage, then don’t look for further more. It is one of the most spacious and lightweight luggage in the market today.

If you are going to carry more stuff in case you change your mind to stay for a few more days on your destination, then just go for it! With IT luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, you will have more space than you could ever imagine. Plus the fact that it will stay very much lightweight. Now that’s a great deal, right?

Handles and Wheels:

It has multi-stage push button locking handle.

This incredible handle is also made from a single piece of light-weight aluminum so there’s no need to worry about those creases and such when packing your stuff.

You will surely get that flat-bed results you will surely love especially if you wish to bring along your suit and tie or even a cocktail dress or two.

8 wheels for 360-degree maneuverability.

One of the issue which travelers often encounter is having a broken wheel or even a broken handle or worst both. But since this amazing IT luggage has its powerful and very convenient 8 wheels for 360-degree maneuverability, you can actually forget about these issues.

You can easily pull and push your luggage anywhere you want to with ease and comfort.

Durable Body:

It is constructed from high density polyester fabric. Unlike other luggage that are only made from low grade quality, this one will certainly provide you the best benefits.

It is waterproof and could withstand those wear and tear issues. In case you will travel during the rainy season then this IT luggage will be your best friend. It will protect your stuff inside and out for good.

It has durable fiberglass frame with a sturdy locking handle system. Another issues which travelers often encounter is that broken handle.

But with this IT luggage, you will surely get the most durable handle ever. It could withstand those sudden pull and push and even if your luggage will be thrown, it will certainly stay intact.

Lightweight and Convenient:

There’s no need to worry about carrying a heavy luggage anymore even if you have a hand carry bag with you.

This is very much preferred as well for those who have hand issues like arthritis. Since it is lightweight, there’s no need to worry about having an aching hand and fingers anymore.

Our View On IT Luggage

IT luggage World’s Lightest 27.6″ 8 Wheel Lightweight Spinner, Raven speaks durability and style which you will both love. With its amazing features, you will certainly be able to carry and pack your stuff without any issues at all.

You can rely on its materials as well which will make your travel hassle free. There’s no need to bring an extra bag for your clothes and shoes since this luggage has enough space for that extra days on your vacation. Two thumbs up for this amazing IT luggage. You will surely love it!

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece, 2 Tone

Do you wish to replace your old luggage? Are tired of replacing its handles and wheels?

If so then now is the perfect time to check out the Review for IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece.

With this IT luggage, there’s no need to worry about those handles and such.

It has the most durable handles and wheels you could ever imagine. There’s no need to worry about those sudden toss and turns which are in fact very much normal in the airlines. This It luggage will surely provide you the value of your cash in no time at all.

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece, is known when it comes to its materials. It is made from tough fiberglass structure that could withstand wear and tear issue.

This is the sole material you should look for if you wish to get a durable luggage in the market today. Luckily, you will find it in IT luggage. This material will provide you the benefit you need from your luggage.

A durable luggage means that you can save up more cash from getting a new one each time you will travel.


Smart Design:

It has 2 exterior pockets for easy access to on-the-go items! In case you need a pocket wherein you can place those extra stuff which you just might need anytime then this IT luggage will provide you not just one pocket but two!

You will surely find this very convenient especially if you don’t have time to open your hand carry bag to put the items inside it.

With its extra pocket on hand, you will find it very much convenient.

It has Flat packing interior.

If you are fed up of getting your clothes creased at all times especially if you are going to carry your suit or cocktail dress, then this IT luggage will surely provide you the benefit you desire.

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Since it has flat packing interior, there’s no need to search for that wash and press shop once the plane landed. You will get your clothes flat and creased free at all times.

Handles and Light weight:

It has easy grip handle offers superior comfort. Just like what we mentioned above, IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece, will provide you the comfort of handling it.

If you have issues with your hand or fingers such as arthritis, then you will certainly fall in love with this amazing IT luggage.

You don’t have to get those strollers and such since handling this luggage will be easy and comfortable.

Unlike other luggage, this IT luggage has exceptionally lightweight frame is deceptively strong. It does not mean that even if it’s lightweight, it will not last a long time.

This IT luggage is made to last for a long period of time. You don’t have to worry about carrying it around since it is lightweight no matter how much you wish to put inside it.

If you wish to carry three or more pairs of shoes plus your clothes, then you are very much free to do so. There will be enough space inside it and it will still be very much lightweight.

Even if this IT luggage has its own bad point, it does not imply that it will not provide you the benefits you desire from a certain luggage.

In fact, its bad point is very much minor you can replace it before you make use of it. The only downside of this amazing luggage is the zipper pull. You can actually replace it with a thicker one so it could hold your stuff together.

Our View On IT Luggage Los Angeles

IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece,  will provide you the best benefit you desire from a certain luggage.

It is in fact one of the most preferred and loved luggage in the market today especially those who love to travel abroad.

With its incredible features, there’s no need to buy for another hand carry bag or luggage.

It will provide you the best.

You will also be able to make use of it for a long time, no matter how often you will travel in the future. This IT luggage World’s Lightest Los Angeles 3 Piece, will be your best travel partner ever!

IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner, Dark Gull Grey

IT luggage Intrepid 31.7 inch 8 Wheel Spinner, Dark Gull Grey

There are tons of brands and even every kinds of luggage in the market today. Choosing the best one can be that tricky especially if this is going to be your first time.

Good thing this a durable bag and also could provide amazing space for your stuff.

This IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner, Dark Gull Grey is known when it comes to these kinds of features. So if you wish to get the value of your money then better find out more about this amazing luggage today. You will surely love every bit of it!

One of the best features of IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner, Dark Gull Grey is its Combination TSA lock (Check-In sizes ONLY) and Wide Body Design for larger packing capacity and unique look! With these kinds of features, you will no longer need to worry about having your stuff missing or such.

It has this amazing lock that will protect all your things inside this IT luggage no matter how long you will travel. It also has the best spacious design of luggage you will ever find in the market today.

With this kind of property then there’s no need to carry an extra luggage with you. One IT luggage such as this amazing IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner, Dark Gull Grey, will be enough


More Space , Better Handles:

It has Semi expander system for that extra space without compromising stability. Unlike other luggage today that are very easy to get damaged or could break easily, with this IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner, you will never get this kind of issue.

Since it has this kind of feature, you will surely be able to carry the stuff you need. There’s no need to leave anything behind especially if you will be staying on a particular place for months or so.

Very convenient as well for those extra slippers and small items.

It has Comfort grip, one-touch, telescopic handle allows for precision handling.

It is important that you get the kind of luggage that will provide you total comfort when it comes to handling.

This applies especially if your luggage is heavy.

Carrying a heavy luggage could cause some issues not just on your hands and fingers but this could also damage your luggage.

But with the feature of this luggage, there’s no need to worry about it. Complete comfort is what you will get from this amazing IT luggage.

Extra Features:

It also has 2 elasticized slip pockets.

There is nothing more fun and exciting than to bring along two pairs of shoes, right? With this luggage, you can have your rubber shoes and your heels with you! There’s no need for those shoe bags and such.

You can easily slip those two shoes easily on its 2 elasticized slip pockets with ease.

It has Easy-grab top and side handles which is very much convenient for lifting your luggage around.

You can now easily carry and even push and pull your luggage anywhere you wish to. There’s no need to worry about getting it damaged at all.

This is very much convenient if you are travelling alone.

It has a measurement of Exterior Dimensions (including wheels and handles): 31.7 x 20.7 x 11.4″ + 2.8″ Exp. (8.18 lbs.) – Interior Dimensions: 29 x 20.3 x 11.4″ + 2.8″ Exp

Unlike other luggage and bags today, this IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner is very easy to spot on the airline.

You no longer need to be stressed out searching for your luggage since it has an easy to spot features and color.

The only downside of this luggage is that its handles do take a bit of space away from the interior of the bag

But nonetheless, it is very much minor since it’s just the exterior and will not affect the interior features of the luggage itself.

Our View On IT Luggage Intrepid 31.7″

The IT luggage Intrepid 31.7″ 8 Wheel Spinner is not only affordable but with its amazing features, you will surely get the value of your money.

With this kind of luggage, there’s no need to settle for anything else when you can actually have the very best.

So the next time you plan to travel and bring more stuff than the usual you bring in most of your trips then this IT luggage will be your best bet ever. Two thumbs up for its incredible features and all!

IT luggage Megalite Fascia 31.5″ Expandable Checked Spinner Luggage

IT Luggage Megalite Fascia 31.5 inch Expandable Checked Spinner Luggage

Getting the best luggage should not be that hard. But since there are tons of them today in the market, choosing the best one should be done with extra care.

It is a must that you consider its features and offered benefits so you will be able to get the value of your money.

If you are planning to travel this holiday, then better opt for the kind of luggage that could withstand those never ending turn and toss as well as the wear and tear issues.

So better check out this amazing IT luggage today so you could get more ideas how great it is.

If you will take time to check out this product, then you will certainly love its offered features. One of the greatest features it has to offer is its 8 wheels for superior maneuverability. In fact, not all luggage has this kind of feature.

This is why more and more consumers preferred this IT luggage. It is very much easy to handle and convenient. There’s no need to worry about pulling and pushing it around and exerting extra effort at the same time.


Stronger Body:

It is made from high grade polyester. You no longer need to worry about getting your luggage getting wet since it has a waterproof feature.

It can also withstand heat especially if you are going to travel in tropical countries where summer is always up and about.

Contemporary body shape provides additional packing capacity & unique look.

One of the most important features you should consider when choosing the right luggage is its compartment. It should be able to provide you the space you need without any of those additional bags and luggage.

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You will be able to carry the stuff you need, be it an extra pair of shoes or a dress or two, this IT luggage will be your best luggage ever.

The wheels are carefully positioned on the base corners to keep the case perfectly balanced.

This is important especially if you are going to carry a heavy luggage.

Having a good balance on your luggage will help avoid those wheel cracks and even breakage.

With the IT luggage Megalite Fascia 31.5″ Expandable Checked Spinner Luggage – eBags, you will get this amazing wheel balance you are searching for a certain luggage.

Designed to last Long:

All fabrics and materials were from the most durable and lightweight materials, tested and proven to last for a long time. 

This is very much important so you will be able to get the value of your money.

If you will not consider these kinds of features, then expect to buy a new one in no time.

This will certainly be out of your budget not to mention when it suddenly gets broken or damage while you are travelling.

Now that could be a nightmare. But with IT luggage Megalite Fascia 31.5″ Expandable Checked Spinner Luggage – eBags, this will never happen.

FASCIA is a premium quality lightweight spinner case that is very much packed with amazing and high quality features you will certainly love.

It is actually under the best-selling Megalite Collection, which is the Upper-Lite sub family that shares the same strong design when it comes to luggage. It was made to last a lifetime.

Our View On IT Luggage Megalite Fascia

n choosing the right luggage, you don’t have to spend thousands of cash just to get the best one. With this you can actually get the same benefits from this amazing luggage.

You will not only love its features but it will also provide your stuff the protection it needs. It will keep them intact no matter how hard or how many times your luggage would be toss around.

So the next time you need a good and long lasting luggage for your next trip, better opt for this one and you will get the best result ever. The IT luggage Megalite Fascia 31.5″ Expandable Checked Spinner Luggage –
eBags, you will never go wrong about it.

My Experience with the IT Luggage Brand

With these amazing kinds of IT luggage, you will be able to choose the best one that will not only match up your needs but also your budget.

Its incredible features are in fact very much unique that you will not find them on other luggage brands in the market today. Each IT luggage will provide you one of a kind feature which you will find very useful and convenient according to your needs.

So the next time you plan to travel and wish to replace your old luggage with a new one, better opt for this brand and you will certainly get the true value of your money. One luggage brand that is worth buying.

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