London Fog Luggage Brand

London Fog Luggage and Bags Brand

London Fog is an American brand making high quality coats and apparels since 1923. The former name of the brand was Londontown Clothing company and was formed by Late Israel Myers in Baltimore, Maryland. But as soon as the company started growing the brand started taking ventures in different verticals. 

Stats shown that at 1970 two third of the rain coats sold in United States were from The brand London Fog. The company started selling globally in 1990's and gain huge success world wide. After that they shaped and launched their own style classic and elegant luggage and no doubt it also gained popularity over night and the brand become a tough competitor to beat in the highly competitive luggage industry.

Most of the Luggage from London Fog are of classic designs. The design looks quite classy and represent the classic era where quality is the first priority of any brand. Luggage are manufactured in USA keeping the high standard in mind. 

Material of London Fog

Around 80% of the bags London Fog Manufactures are of soft-side. There are many benefits of soft side luggage such as you can pack more stuff cause the the surface is made up of fabric and are adjustable as opposed to rigid surface of Hard-Side Bags. Another plus point is that you can also adjust soft-side bags to under seat or overhead cabins on the planes.

London Fog Kensington 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry-On

The check patterns of the Luggage looks extremely classic. Most of the bags are designed in check patterns the duo-tone patterns are of colors, Grey and White , Brown and White (Olive). Their stylish collections like Cambridge , Kingsbury and Knightbridge is a perfect example of modern bags with classy look. 

The bags are designed by keeping frequent travellers in minds and strong and durable. The fabric that London Fog luggage is made up of is known as woven hounds tooth. The classic tessellation looks stylish and are durable made up to last long. The classic fabric looks like it is made up of combinations of wool woven into each other.


When buying any luggage the first thing that comes into mind of any tourer is What is the weight of luggage. No body wants to pay extra for the weight of the luggage while going on journey and London Fog knows that. This the reason why their bags are very light-weight. The honeycomb structure grant the customers with strength and lightweight.

The first thing that gets broken in any luggage are the wheels. Wheels are also the most rough facing part of the bags. But that not the case with London Gog. The 360 degree rotational 8 wheels are super tough and does not breaks easily. The free wheels will get you out of the crowd without much hassle.

Overall London Fog is a stylish classic designed focus luggage brand. Whose preferences are strength, style and customer satisfaction. If you are a classic design lover than London Fog is going to be the brand of your choice without a doubt. 

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Lipault Luggage

Lipault Luggage

The brand Lipault has its root from the land of the design "Paris". FOr choosing Best Selling luggage from Lipault see our guide on Lipault luggage review . Lipault bags are specifically designed for stylish ladies who loves to walk in style and for those for whom matching outfits matter. Lipault lady gives priority to style and outfits and belongings.

Lipault makes most type of carrying bags and other style accessories. The bags from Lipault are like a status symbol. Whether you choose bags , suitcase or handbags all the bags they make are colorful and joyful. They will speak for your personality itself. This parsian Brand is in the market to stay for a long time.

Lipault made its name by highly sparkling chic oriented style on market. Whatever they design is geared toward today's modern ladies. Currently there luggage are available at 8 vibrant colors and each new year they introduce 3 more colors which are trending globally the concurrent year.

The days of Old styled dull colors luggage are gone. There are many brands which take care of this but Lipault is the leader in the market for women initiative. According to their opinion a suitcase should reflect's its owner's personality and should move in style specially when they are women. These bags take zero space in your home as they are totally fold able so there is no reason you don't opt of these sexy bags.

lipault paris original plume 22 purple carry on luggage the craftmanship

Colourful stylish luggage is not only the one feature they are known for. Lipault luggage are known for there strength and durability. Most of the luggage lipault manufactures are basically soft-side (they make hard-side too). There are many bebefit of soft-side bags like you can stuff your belongings at to the top. These can easily be settled either on overhead bin or under your seat. Despite being a soft side bag it is even impossible to get a scratch. Te reason behind this is the highly grade nylon material the bag is made up of. 

Another best part is the bags are totally waterproof. Lipault brand is so much color oriented is that their zippers are even of the matching bag colors. One thing that they take more seriously is the weight of the luggage. Luggage from lipault are extremely light weight. These ultra lightweight luggage are easy to move and when priority is women then weight is a concerned topic and lipault take care of this quite seriously. 

Lipault best selling product Lipault Plume is extremely beautiful and is designed totally girl oriented. Every color that Lipault offers are extremely geared towards your personality.

So in which mood are you today. Happy Travelling. . . 

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Gabbiano Luggage

Gabbiano Luggage

Gabbiano Bags are designed to give you pleasure of your journey. With Gabbiano Bags Your Journey is going to be the best memories of your life. If you are looking for best bags from Gabbiano then check our dedicated Gabbiano Luggage Review guide for detailed analysis on all of the top selling models from Gabbiano.

With great experience comes great qualities and leadership is one of them. This is why Gabbiano is startig to lead this competetive market in in just this short amount of time.  Designing trendy luggage and adding features that make your travelling experience breeze is the first aim of any Gabbiano piece. Gabbiano luggage is one of the top selling brands of USA and Taiwan.

Gabbiano Industrial Chic other stylish designs

Gabbiano luggage are strong and reliable and every part of the luggage they make are of High Quality and are designed to last longer. Gabbiano manufacturer are so confident about their luggage quality and durability that it reflects on there logo (symbol). Their logo look like a stretched "V" but in reality it is a seagull. Seagull used to represent the good time for the sellers. Because when sailors sees seagull they get happy that they are near the lands. And that is why Seagull in their logo represents Hope and Confidence.

Gabbiano's High Quality luggage promises to keep your belonging intact and safe. Another best past of Gabbiano Bags are that these bags are quite reasonably priced. Not like other big brands that charges you double - triple the price just for their Logo on a ordinary Bag.


Weather you opt for Hard Case Shell luggage or Soft-Side Luggage Gabbiano choose lightweight material for manufacturing each of their extraordinary luggage. Don't get confused that how lightweight material lasts long. These specifically designed Lightweight material are highly durable and keeps every stuff safe in inside of your bag. It does not depends on your mode of journey. 

Gabbiano makes affordable price range luggage but this does not mean they compromise on any other part of their business. They offer Top notch customer service and ethical business model with keeping quality at the priority. These are the reasons Gabbiano is gaining popularity all over the globe.

Gabbiano luggage is quite pouplar and is recently Verona collection is Featured on ASD Show Las Vegas , TGA Shows and Armor collection on MTV gift bag style. Gabbiano is the now talk of the town. So grab your Gabbiano Luggage Now !!!!




For selecting any Hauptstadtkoffer bag check our post on Hauptstadtkoffer luggage review to pick up from the bestseller bags they offer.

Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage is one of the killing brands of Germany. The market is flooded with lots of different style and size of luggage so what does Hauptstadtkoffer luggage offers to their customers that makes them unique?

Hauptstadtkoffer is also makes High Quality Luggage same to as Top brands like Gabbiano, Lipault and other but the thing that separates them from their competitors are amalgamation of Looks and Design.

Hauptstadtkoffer luggage are pleasing to your eyes the vibrant colors speaks out for itself and make you carrying like a personality of your own.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase (20 inch, 24 inch & 28inch ) TSA

Hauptstadtkoffer is the brand formed in Berlin in the year 2005. The strory behind the formation of the brand is when friends and business partner Alexander Gobel and Sebastian Hartmann were waiting for their luggage in airport. At the conveyor they found one thing common that almost all of the suitcases passing through are having same boring dull colors Black or Grey and their variants even the look are almost identical of all the bags. This is the moment when the founders realised that the luggage industry needs luggage that reflects the owner's personality. And Hauptstadtkoffer luggage brand was born.

This is the main unique feature that most other luggage brands fails to deliver at the reasonable price. Hauptstadtkoffer luggage are not just ordinary bags they are durable, strong and made up to last longer. The colors and design they offer can't be matched with other brands.

Hauptstadtkoffer always walks with trends. Whatever style and design they offer are specifically designed by keeping today's generation in their mind. Every luggage they make are unique and completely different from there peers.

It doesn't matter whether you are going for a business, college or family trip, Hauptstadtkoffer luggage offers all type of bags from handbags to 28 inch spinner trolleys and every thing in between. And of course every piece going to be visually treat for your eyes.

Another great feature Hauptstadtkoffer take care of is the after sale service. Many big companies claim to provide that they offer great service but in real life most of them fails to deliver what they offer. But Hauptstadtkoffer knows this very well. Hauptstadtkoffer know that to stand in this competitive market they need to provide Top notch after sale service and Hauptstadtkoffer does not disappoint at this. Their after sale service is very good and takes care of complain and repair issue quite seriously. 

SO, if you are thinking to try your hands on Hauptstadtkoffer luggage than in my opinion go for it. It will definitely going to be your travel companion in the long run. 


Why Celebrities Choose Lipault Luggage?

Why Lipault is first choice of celebrities?

Celebrities never surrender their sense of fashion either it is an event, their routine outing or their travel through domestic airport terminal.

You must have observed that stars are always ready when they step off from the airplanes. As their shoes and apparels are the part of their fashion statement, the same way luggage is the most focused travel accessory.

They amazingly put together their slipping off to a hotel lobby experience and the secret behind this is their fashionable luggage.

The admiration of celebrity travel style is well documented but today we will shift our attention towards the most valuable travel asset: luggage. It is not only the women who take luggage seriously but male celebrities are equally inclined towards luggage brands.

Just as your favourite pair of jeans or boots you cannot select the luggage only by their looks. It needs to be equally functional as well.

Why Choose Lipault ?

A lot of luggage brands are popular among celebrities like Chanel, Goyard, Mia Toro, Delsey, Louis Vuitton or Tumi but Lipault Luggage is the name you can swear upon.  Lipault, France’s leading fashion luggage brand is chic and youthful. The brand is an amazing combination of fashion and function.

Launched in 2005, Lipault follows Parisian style. It is popular among the celebrities since the day it was launched. Many celebrities including Carla-Bruni Sarkozi, the Managing Director of International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde and singer Isabelle Adjani are diehard fans of this brand.

Features Of Lipault Luggage

Lipault features ultra-light, smart designs, chic and vibrant colors. It is built from nylon twill fabric and that is why it is quite durable. A look at the features and specifications of Lipault luggage will make it clear why celebrities prefer using it.

lipault luggage totally foldable

Looks: The stylish and sturdy luggage from Lipault is bliss for frequent flyers. This Parisian companion is sophisticated enough to catch the attention of everyone around. Available in many pretty colors and different shapes, the beautiful luggage from Lipault can be a perfect partner in crime. The colors of the luggage from neutral to bright simply fit the shades of your life.

  1. Weight: The unbelievably lightweight Lipault luggage is easy to carry off. Even being so lightweight, the suitcase and luggage have enough space for storing your stuff without being overfed. With this luggage there will be hardly any chance of dealing with overweight or over packed luggage. It literally has that much space.
  2. Construction: The exterior of the luggage is constructed from PVC reinforced nylon with a fully lined interior. The nylon exterior is water-proof and thus save your stuff in bad weather conditions. It would not get soaked in the rains. The interior lining adds to its durability. Moreover, the nylon exteriors are easy to clean. You can simply wipe its surface with a clean and wet cloth.
  3. Wheels and mobility: Most of the luggage and suitcase features four wheel spinner systems which make it easy to move. The multidirectional system keeps it going in any direction without any obstacle.
  4. Storage: Lipault luggage features enough storage space. The suitcase and luggage are collapsible and then can be extended to their maximum size. The interior lining features zippered pockets to store the material in an organized way. The pockets allow a quick access to your accessories like goggles or passports. Interior hold down straps holds the stuff very well to avoid any kind of chaos. And the best part is most of the luggage they manufacture are 100% fold able.
  5. Sizes: Lipault luggage is available in many different sizes from the smaller one to the biggest sizes. Mostly all the bags are loaded with some unique features.
  6. Warranty: Lipault luggage is accompanied by three-year warranty. You can literally get it repaired without paying a single penny in all these years.

All these points refer how Lipault luggage steals the show with its looks and functions. The brand simply adds to the style statement of the celebrities. It is more like a feather in their cap.

The durability and spacious room for the luggage is another superior feature it offers. It is amazingly lightweight and this is yet another benefit. One can easily carry or revolve it around. The extra pockets of the luggage always help. The pretty and attractive bright and nude shades are perfect for celebrity airport looks.