Can Luggage be Dry Cleaned ? Many people has asked me this question 1000's of time. And my answer is it totally depends upon the luggage that what treatment it needs to be cleaned. Luggage are not cheap products that once it becomes dirty or a small point of leather or fabric torn out then you put the whole thing in the garbage. 

Luggage are designed to be tough and durable and can face adverse weather conditions and the gentle handling from the baggage handler. (See the video)

Whenever we go on a trip for long period then we must have to take clean and fresh clothes. We will be also fresh due to our fresh clothes. But whenever we have to carry an old suitcase that becomes dirty then our clothes will also become messy. That's why to carry that type of old suitcase which becomes squalid, first, you have to clean it.

How to clean nylon luggage ?

The material which is used to wash your suitcase depends on your suitcase.  You can lavement inside the suitcase with washing soda as well as shampoo also. Before washing the suitcase remove all the components which are placed inside the suitcase. The process of washing starts from a detachable flipper. Wash the elastic cross-straps from the detergent. If it has stuck lots of dust then scrub it damp with an old toothbrush or scrubbing brush. Many suitcases consist of many small pockets inside the bag, you have to clean all those pockets properly with detergent. Otherwise, if you forget to immaculate the pockets then the unpleasant smell will come from them.

can luggage be dry cleaned

Now, wash the large compartment of the suitcase with detergent or shampoo. Reason to leave open for many days may be compartments becomes messy and lots of stains stuck into it. So scrub it with small broom or brush for removing the dust. When the suitcase has washed completely then open it in the air for dry. Otherwise when the water left inside the suitcase then odour come from the suitcase. To prevent your bag from odour then leave the bag open in the air nearly a day.

After wash inside the suitcase wash the outer components with the scrubbing brush. When you slide your suitcase on the dusty area then dust stuck on the bottom of the suitcase as well as in wheels also. Wash the wheels from detergent and instantly dry it from the dryer, otherwise, water can harm the wheels. Many types of people grapple the bag so it becomes messy. You have to wash the handle and top of the handle also nicely with shampoo or detergent.

After wash, the external components, wash the outer surface of the suitcase. How does wash the outer surface of the suitcase is depend on the material that makes the suitcase. If the outer surface is made up of Aluminum then wash it with warm water and immediately wipe out with neat cotton cloth or towel to prevent the watermarks on the surface.

If the surface is made up of nylon material then you can scrub it with the scrubbing brush.

In this way, your luggage becomes stainless and odourless. The fresh bag keeps our stuff fresh also.

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