Can Luggage be Dry Cleaned ? How to clean your luggage.

I came across this question 100's of time. And I always answer, why not? Good quality luggage is worth taking a great care of.

Dragging your luggage in and out of airport and getting it in and out of car can make it pretty dirty. There can be general dirt and dust or fresh stains of oil spill or ink stains that can ruin the looks of your luggage.

Trying home remedies on the expensive luggage is not a good idea at all. You must seek professional advice and look for professional help.

When we go out for a vacation, we take beautiful and smart clothes along with us. The dirty looks of the luggage can ruin our image.

dirty luggage

It surely impacts our personality and business (in case you are travelling for business purpose). Just imagine what kind of persona you will reflect with a dirty bag in your hand. That’s why it is necessary to clean your luggage in regular intervals.

What kind of cleaning and treatment luggage needs, totally depend upon the type of luggage you are talking about? If you have Hard-Side Suitcase like this and this , you cannot dry clean it but if you are having a regular kind of luggage made from regular fabrics should be dry-cleaned.

This is how your luggage are treated in most of the airports.

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We highly recommend to regularly clean your bag after couples of trips.

Below is a detailed process to how to clean your luggage.

Don't want to read the guide here is a video explaining the process below.

Want To Clean Your Luggage Without Washing It. We Got You. Check out the below video

How to clean Your Luggage ?

These guidelines about cleaning your luggage will ensure the long life of your luggage.

Hard side luggage:

Hard side luggage is very easy to clean. It is recommended to use a gentle soap and warm water to rinse it well. The luggage needs to be waxed after cleaning. You can use any good silicone-based automobile or furniture polish to preserve the luster and add resistance to the outer cover. However, do not use any cleaner-polish combination to clean the luggage. It can ruin the looks of your luggage.

Soft side care:

Taking care of soft side luggage is a bit difficult that hard side luggage. It is recommended to clean the spot with mild soap and water. However, if the trick does not work, you can try specialized spot cleaner product on the cloth such as spray n wash. 

can luggage be dry cleaned

You can also use foam type cleaners that are used for the cleaning of car mats or automobile carpets.
Sometimes, the luggage catches some offensive odor which is not good for health and irritates us.

You can use the mixture of vinegar (1 part) and water (5 parts) to remove that nasty odor. The mixture will remove the odor but you would also have to keep it in the air to get it removed completely.

There is one more trick that will help you to remove the odor from the bag. You can keep a piece of charcoal in the bag for a day or more, in order to remove the odor.

Let the charcoal placed for more days if the odor is strong. Charcoal is known to absorb the odor and make your luggage clean.
In case of any strong stains of oil or grease, it is recommended to get your luggage drycleaned.

Leather luggage:

Leather luggage needs special efforts in order to keep it clean. Leather luggage is not a cheap thing and any permanent stain or hole in it will turn it into garbage.

A few people buff the stains on leather bag with shoe polish but it can be harmful for your leather bag. Leather bags can be cleaned in one way only and that is taking it to any professional dry cleaner.

I hope these tips and tricks will help you to keep your luggage clean in a perfect manner. If kept clean, your sturdy, tough and durable luggage will last beautiful and shiny for years.

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