Can Luggage Allowance be combined ?

luggage allowance

To go on a long journey conceivably you would keep many stuff and many more other things in your bag. Even it is best for you but not appropriate on Airport.

Luggage Allowance varies from company to company. To get a slightest benefit in allowance it would be much better if your luggage is lightweight. That is the reason why lightweight luggage is evergreen demand of any frequent traveller.

When the first time I did travel then I took many things inside my bag that's why my bag becomes a bit heavier. I didn't know anything about luggage allowance on Airport. While checking I did pay an extra charge on my luggage. Since then I understand all the symptoms of luggage allowance.

Luggage allowance is different on apart Airport. The luggage allowance is calculated per person. In SpiceJet policy that one person can carry 15kg of baggage without pay any extra charge for all the domestic bookings.

In the case when you want to travel with your friends let's suppose you all are four-person then carry less than (20*4=80) weigh of eighty kg. Otherwise, you have to pay an extra charge for it.

Another Airport luggage allowance is 27kg per person. For any enquiry, you can call the Airline about luggage allowance and also what will be the extra charge enforce and whatever you want to ask. If you carry more things for your trip then you have to book online items before the trip. In this way, you might avoid the stress of a heavy bag.

All the Airlines of Europeans Sector allow luggage weight is 23kg per person for the single bag on economy class and 32kg in business class.

In  Airlines you can combine the luggage of your friend or family member and yourself. But it has also limited. You can't combine luggage more than 35kg. Ground staff will not check your luggage when it will become more than 35kg.

So, for any other enquiry, you have to read the instruction on your ticket properly and follow these instructions to avoid for extra pay. You can contact the Airline Service also.

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