8 Best Thing About Gabbiano Luggage

Me and My wife loves to travel. We love all kinds of travel destinations whether it is adventurous mountains or Cozy  Yachet Package Tour. And for different travel destinations we prefer to use different types or different brands of bags. But the one brand we stick mostly is Gabbiano Bags. 

Gabbiano Bags are beautifully designed and strong and sturdy. All the bag manufactured by gabbiano are tested several times before supplying it to the market. Whether it is zippers , bodies, handles or wheels all are designed and manufactured by keeping quality and durability in mind.

Body and Design of Gabbiano Bags

Gabbiano Industrial Chic other stylish designs

An avid traveller always looks for bag that can face rough handling and looks beautiful. To full-fill this Gabbiano design hard-shell luggage that are mostly scratch proof and the beautiful design they present is one of a kind and makes you feel special in crowd.

Gabbiano also specially design luggage for ladies who loves to walk in style. Like this one. This wonderful piece of bag and all of its variants are a head turner. The glossy set is made up of Polycarbonate material and the lustres look leaves an everlasting impact impression whoever sees the luggage.

Gabbiano also makes on of the toughest luggage in the industry named as "The Armor" and is the dream of any lover who looking for strong luggage when travelling.

Gabbiano also offers lots of design , pattern and colors so you can pick your bag that suits your style. Like there Viva Collection and Safari Collection are just fabulous.

Is Gabbiano Luggage Spacious from Inside ?

gabbiano the armor collection inside view

One thing that matters for any one looking for any brand of luggage is the inside. Many brands offers stylish outside and various compartment here and there but due to this they lack one feature that any one buy luggage for is and that is "Inside".

Any compartment outside is less space inside. But this is not the case with Gabbiano. Gabbiano Bags are known for organised design. Most of the Bags the company manufactures are quite spacious. and you can pack lots of stuff inside it. Each bag has 2 big separable compartments with separate shoe pockets and huge separate accessories bag inside to put your gadgets or documents.

How are the Wheels of Gabbiano Bags ?

Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set wheels

Wheels are one of those parts which faces the most rough phases. Whether it is internal area of airport or uneven roads they have to go through all of these. Guess which part of bags gets broken at first? No doubt it is wheels. Thank god wheels of gabbiano luggage are strong and durable and ready to face any rough treatments. 

The 8 jumbo wheels are very smooth and designed to last long. You don't face any problem while driving your suitcase whether it is even or uneven planes. The 360 degree rotating wheels help you cross the rush hours of airport easily. The flawless movement make you feel like you are gliding your bag not rolling it.

Is Gabbiano Luggage Handles Durable ?

Gabbiano Industrial Chic shiny blue top view

In One word the answer is "YES". The steel alloy telescopic handle comes and goes inside with just a push of a button without getting stucked in between.  Handles should always be strong because all the weight of your full luggage is carried by the handle itself, and cheap luggage handles gets broken easily leading you to a embarrassment situation. I myself faced this situation when i was in journey with my friend and that was the moment i realised why quality luggage must be your first priority when buying a luggage.

Zippers, Size, Lock and Weight

Gabbiano Genova TSA lock

Almost all the collections from Gabbiano Collection comes in all three standard sizes of 20 inch, 26 inch and 30 inch. You can choose your size according to your need. But if you opt for buying all the three set at a single time and you also going to get a huge discount on MRP. You can check here which collection are available on discount.

If you want my opinion then i will always prefer bag with TSA locks rather then external one. TSA Combination locks are secure and and save you from embarrassment when TSA staff checks for your bag.

Gabbiano Luggage are also very lightweight. Polycarbonate material from which the bags are made up of are quite sturdy and are lightweight in nature. This also saves your extra bucks that airline regulatory charge for additional weight of your baggage.

Zippers are tested 10,000 times by automated machines before delivering the bags to the otlets. No doubt zippers are flawless and open closes smoothly.

Is Gabbiano Luggage Worth It ?

Did you just asked this ? Have you not read any sections mentioned above? 

Its absolutely a big "Yes". Gabbiano luggage is worth of your hard earned money. The designs, looks , sturdiness, functionality weight and every other thing is a perfectly blended to form a masterpiece. There is absolutely no reason not to love the beautiful collections from Gabbiano. Gabbiano offers everything a traveller wants as his travel companion and at a very genuine price point. So don't waste your precious time on researching about the bag (leave this work to us). Go and get a Gabbiano set and you will never be disappointed with your decision.

Now its your turn, Did we missed something ? Do you have some good/bad experiences with Gabbiano ? Let us know in the comments below.

Till then keep travelling. Happy Journey : )

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