Best Ricardo Luggage Reviews (2019)

Are you deciding on buying Ricardo Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 13 of the Best Selling Luggage from Ricardo.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Are you in hurry? And Don't have time to read the whole detailed reviews than here are 3 best-shortlisted luggage from Ricardo.

Best In Budget

Sausalito 2.0

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Sausalito Superlight
  • Micro Ballistic Fabric
  • Very Lightweight
  • Spinner Wheels

Best Of Best

Mar Vista 20 inch

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 20-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard
  • Double Spinner Wheels
  • Strong Handles
  • Attractive Look
  • Arrow Circle Right

Best In HighEnd

Mar Vista 28 inch

  • Terylene Material
  • Multi Stage Handle
  • Extra Padded

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a symbol of luxury since 1978 in America and around the globe. It is the first preference of people for whom living and traveling in style is a natural condition to be in. You will find our Best Ricardo luggage reviews and buying guide a perfect information buddy if you are planning on getting any Ricardo luggage or choosing any other good luggage.

Being a style-conscious person, I too am bewitched with the astonishing Ricardo Beverly Hills bags and suitcases that are contemporary icons of functionality, style, and durability. Do you know the meaning of the name Ricardo? It is a Portuguese term meaning "Powerful/Great Leader" and the Ricardo luggage brand is making absolute sense of its name.

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All the Ricardo luggage pieces are lightweight and made with dependable materials like Terylene Polyester and Dreamfall polypropylene. Ricardo lays great stress on the comfort of its valued customers. That’s why they make travel bags that are fun to carry. And it is the only reason we are reviewing Ricardo Bags to choose your companion that matches your needs and style preferences in any situation.

Carrying a Ricardo luggage is sure to draw attention and get you loads of compliments. Thanks to the superb designs, extremely fine craftsmanship and compelling exteriors.

Getting a perfect Ricardo may be a daunting task since all the options are so remarkable that you will not be able to make up your mind for one. To make your work easy, here is a pertinent list of the best Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage. There are only a few luggage brands available that can give Ricardo a tough competition and they are
 Gabbiano luggage and bags and of course Rockland which is also a renowned brand in this tough competitive market.

We have evaluated these just for you on their sturdiness, organizational capability, ease of mobility and Ricardo luggage ratings. Take a look and get the best travel gear for endless enjoyable trips.

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Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 20-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 20-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard

This is a spacious and strong spinner trolley bag that will stun you with its vibrant appearance and clever organisation capability. It is made from Terylene Polyester, a well known material to make luggage with durability and flexibility. It is lined with soft and cleanable fabric to keep the interiors clean.

The material of construction is long-lasting as well as lightweight. It’s almost no-weight structure makes it easy to pull through the crowded lobbies.

You would be able to pack more things for a long vacation without worrying about the allowed weight limit on flights. It so handy that even a 10 year old can also pull it easily!

The size is perfect for a compact bag that fits in the flight overhead cabin. Why wait to pick your luggage on carousal when you can walk out of flight and head towards your destination? This is most convenient luggage to travel with for business or personal trips.

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The 360 degree motion allowed due to high quality wheels is the best feature. You can walk miles with a Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista in tow. Maneuverability is just so convenient that your shoulders and arms stay relaxed.

This gorgeous trolley bag is expandable if you have plans to carry more that you usually do. Never doubt your bag’s capacity if you want to buy some cool toys for your kids. Buy many gifts and surprise them!

Zippers, easy grip carry-on handles, adjustable and retractable trolley handle lockable at different levels wins the trust of users.

The only drawback is the absence of locking system. On a whole, you will never be disappointed with the functionality of this outstanding suitcase with a 10 years
 whopping warranty. And the price is also quite genuine.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Montecito Micro Light 16 Inch Boarding Bag

Ricardo Luggage Review Montecito Micro Light 16 Inch Boarding Bag

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Montecito Micro Light is truly a smart boarding bag with broad straps and handles to carry.

It looks comfortable and is actually very comfortable.

You can carry it on the shoulder by the wide and long strap. 

Ricardo ensures the superior quality of its products by conducting rigorous tests which closely resemble the actual travel conditions.

I personally appreciate its spacious cubicle main compartment. It is so easy to pack the things and take them out due to the long zippers closing the bag. An external front pocket is provided so that you can store the travel essentials at just a hand’s distance away.

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If you are carrying more than one luggage for a longer voyage, this bag is the best option since you can strap it to your bigger bag with its Velcro strap. No need to count your luggage. Everything remains under control for easier transport.

It is made from strong and water resistant polyester fabric. It is scratch, tear and dust proof. It is a perfect partner for an adventurous trip.

The 10 Year Limited Warranty is the insurance on this bag if you are bogged down by any manufacturing defect. It gets a brilliant 4.2 star rating on Amazon due to value of money and functionality it offers.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Sausalito Superlight 2.0 20-Inch

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Sausalito Superlight

Ricardo Beverly Hills makes the highly stylish and smart luggage to match the taste of people who live the life king size.

This luggage case has the most mesmerizing appeal that will let you have loads of compliments.

This bag expands to make an additional packing space.

It really annoys me whenever I take my suits with myself and after opening the bag I see them having a deep line of fold on them.

Thanks, Ricardo Sausalito has very innovative on-hangers compartment that gives you hanger loop and adjustable tie-down strap so that your clothes travel without any wrinkles.

It is a lightweight carry-on bag to be carried along anywhere you want to.

The materials used in its construction are very light whether it is exoskeleton structure or the strong and sturdy exterior Micro ballistic nylon fabric.

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It easily glides on any surface with its spinner wheels that allow all-directional rotation and be flexible in moving through the crowded aisles.

The multistage trolley handle can be pushed with just a push of a button and make it reach the level of your comfort while travelling. The handle grip is so comfortable that your hand will never feel slippery or feel sweaty even after walking for long distance.

This strong based stable trolley spinner comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Price is also match under your budget, This proves its worthiness and so Amazon buyers have rated this excellent piece of luggage with 4.3 stars.

Ricardo Annadel 25 inch Softside Wheeled Luggage Spinner Carry On

Ricardo Annadel 25 inch Softside Expandable Wheeled Luggage Spinner

This one is a Ricardo softside wheeled spinner carry on but it has all the features of a travel luggage that can perform excellently on all the tests expected in a tough journey.

Its looks are very stylish with a flexible but strong material of construction. It undergoes countless quality checks to prove its worth to the travelers like you.

This easy to carry in flight spinner trolley bag is supported by 360° dual wheels that give you the complete freedom to move in all directions.

The wheels make the bag stay upright stably. You can sit and relax with the luggage standing obediently by your side and moving with your gentle push.

Its trolley handle is multi-stage that can be retracted back with a push of a button. You can open and adjust the correct height of trolley to fit your posture while walking. The handle grip is non-slippery and smooth to hold.

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With a sweep of its around-the-bag zipper, you can open it and fit in more accessories and clothes for your journey in the expanded bag.

The zipper handles are also comfortable to hold and pull. This is an amazing carryon for everyone and is economical on the pocket.

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Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Crystal City 24 Inch

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Crystal City 24 Inch Expandable Spinner Upright Suitcase

A typical stunning product from Ricardo, the Beverly Hills Luggage Crystal City spinner bag will astonish you with its impressive features and storage capacity.

It is super light due to hybrid construction with double spinner wheel system that gives you complete rotational movement for an easy walk with the spinner suitcase.

It does not tire you since you can effortlessly move it in all directions.

It is expandable by opening a zipper along the middle section of its sides.

You will immediately get about 20% more packing capacity.

It has a smart book like opening that gives you the convenience of packing its spacious compartment with the best organization.

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An exterior zippered pocket on the top cover can be utilized to store the quick access things like a tablet, chargers, small towels, or tickets.

The suiter case is made with strong polycarbonate material along the corners and the flexible fabric like material to maximize the packing space.

The suitcase provides hanger clips to pack your business suits and other hang-able clothes along with the hanger without damaging the carefully ironing and creases.

Its trolley handles and additional side handles are also very strong as well as easy to grip. Due to the design and affordability this spinner upright trolley gets 4.0 stars on Amazon.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 20 inch Carry-On Spinner Upright

Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 2​0 inch Carry-On Spinner Upright

The sixth bag in my list of Ricardo elite luggage reviews is, Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 20 inch Carry-On Spinner Upright wins my vote due to its tough but lightweight Dreamfel polypropylene structure and awesome looks.

It is definitely an elite looking luggage that keeps your essentials well organised.

The polyester exteriors and the lightweight frame don’t add to the overall weight of the bag and you can fill it as much as you wish.

It never bogs you down even if you pack it up to the brim. I am particularly impressed with its strong structure which remains intact even after countless adventurous journeys.

Its manufacturing process is approved under FDA and OEKO-TEX standards indicating that it is a gift to the world without harming the environment in the process.

Its strong textured framework and the smooth inner lining are resistant to any kind of damage.

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The wheel assembly is impeccably strong with 360 degrees rotation for effortless and noiseless mobility. In addition to a robust frame, its trolley handle is sturdy fully supporting your belongings.

The carry-on handles are reinforced with fabric and padding to make it comfortable to carry-on.

The bag has different compartments for different items. The main compartment has straps with easy to latch clasp.

A small detachable see-through zippered pocket is perfect to store and locate small accessories. A zippered mesh pocket is versatile since it can be used to store documents or used clothes.

One other feature that draws my attention toward this stylish and strong luggage is the overweight weight indicator. The indicator will alert you as soon as you crosses the alarming limit of 50 pounds, saving your extra bucks and time too.

This bag has all good features expected in an excellent luggage with only one downside. Non availability of a TSA approved locking system is a thing you will notice as well.

It is an excellent bargain and is appreciated with 4.8 star rating on Amazon.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Rodeo Drive 21-Inch 4-Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Rodeo Drive 21-Inch 4-Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard

If you like the hard shell travel baggage then you will definitely like Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Rodeo Drive.

This sophisticated spinner trolley bag gets the rough and tough Polycarbonate body.

Its glossy surface and contemporary design is a symbol of opulence.

The exterior surface is covered with the fine brushed finish and Nano-Tex film so that the bag resists all the possibilities of scratches, abrasions or cuts when handled by taxi drivers, baggage assistants, and bell boys.

Its well designed structure with protective polypropylene corners allows it to overcome any mishandling or accidental fall.

The interiors match perfectly well with the elite-looking exteriors. The soft lining looks great. It is beautiful luggage that retains the looks and mobility for many years to come.

The only flaw is that a dried drop of water or a speck of dirt will be visible on its shiny surface.

Its wheel assembly is made with widely appreciated dual Hinomoto technology. Spinner wheels are flawless in mobility and quiet as you pull it besides you. It can be easily handled with one hand.

No pressure will be felt on your shoulder while steering it.

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The durability of this bag is an exceptional feature. It is further enhanced by the good quality zippers and the strong hard shell structure.

Your valuables will stay safe in this spinner trolley as it is reinforced with a dependable TSA approved combination lock.

The trolley spinner handle opening with a simple push button gives the freedom to adjust the handle to match the height of the traveler.

This luggage is suitable to be carried by anyone in your family. Your teenager kids will find this bag trendy. It will also make a perfect companion for your spouse!

Its wheel assembly is made with widely appreciated dual Hinomoto technology.

Spinner wheels are flawless in mobility and quiet as you pull it besides you.

It can be easily handled with one hand. No pressure will be felt on your shoulder while steering it.

The price at which it is available is quite genuine for a longer investment. 

​Ricardo Bradbury Review 25 inch Upright Hardside Luggage Spinner

Ricardo Bradbury Review 25 inch Upright Hardside Luggage Spinner

This bright spinner trolley bag lives up to the expectations of a travel who knows what is the best in a luggage is.

It is a lively suitcase that will brighten up your travel experience by giving you the comfort of packing everything from clothes to your favorite books.

The carefully designed multiple sections for items of various sizes make it versatile for family, personal or business trips.

It has a huge compartment with straps and dependable clasps that prevents clothes to gather on one side. The upper side of the bag has two zippered pockets one of which is mesh see through. Two pouch pockets give enough space small items.

The retractable handle is strong in structure and does not require regular fix like other cheap baggages.

It can be locked at different positions so that you can open it at a height that gives you a comfortable posture while walking with a Ricardo Bradbury 25 inch Upright Hardside Luggage.

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Some users complain about the rolling up of the thin protective film after months of usage. Still, the bag looks nice and attractive.

Handles make or break trust on a bag.

The trolley handle is ergonomically designed to have a slip free control of the grip and the bag on a whole.

Other handles are also very sturdy and strong to carry the luggage. Zippers are smooth and tough.

This is one of the best expandable bags that Ricardo offers. Expand it easily by releasing the zipper to make room for additional items. Its omni-directional wheel system has a smooth gliding motion to keep the bag balanced while moving fluently.

If you read Ricardo hardside luggage reviews you will be amazed at the level of satisfaction exhibited by users of this exceptionally nice suitcase. It is a perfect choice for any traveller.

​Ricardo Beverly Hills San Clemente 26 inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright

Ricardo Beverly Hills San Clemente 26 inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright

Your search for a rugged, functional and stylish luggage ends at Ricardo Beverly Hills San Clemente.

If you are concerned about safety as much as the looks of your travel companion then this spinner trolley is the best bet for all your local and global trips.

The sturdy luggage body is made of Poly carbonate Alloy giving it a nice to touch diamond-textured surface.

This is a guarantee against all kind of rough handling on and off road.

No need to worry how your luggage is handled by cab drivers or hotel assistance staff. Relax! Your luggage will sustain its awesome exteriors.

The ease of mobility is an important factor in trolley suitcases. This one has an easy to pull handle that can be locked at different heights to give you a grip to take full control on its mobility.

Other handles are also quite strong to support the weight of your precious belongings in the bag.

I just love the wheel assembly of Ricardo Beverly Hills San Clemente because in addition to the smoothest motion it can be locked while you are waiting for your turn to get the boarding pass.

Yes! You can carry it in flight and securely place it in the baggage cabin overhead.

No need to waste time in collecting the bags after landing.

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TSA approved lock ensures the safety of your valuables in addition to the smooth running zippers.

Security checks will not waste your time at the airport. It is an expandable bag with lots of big and small compartments to enjoy an organized trip.

It offers a zippered panel with a suiter loop. The additional padded bar is a great help in preventing your clothes from ruining. Its versatility and scratch proof exterior adds some extra points in the +ve side of the bag.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mulholland Drive 20 inch 4W Expand Wheelaboard

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mulholland Drive 20 inch 4W Expand Wheelaboard

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mulholland is made with super tough Micro Ballistic Nylon that gives a long life to this beautiful spinner trolley.

The suitcase is light to carry and move around. Its structure is flexible to pack all your things nicely.

The wheel assembly is well designed and manufactured. It is supple in movement.

It doesn’t drag or lag behind. It moves at the same pace as you do.

It is a beautiful combination of tough and strong poly carbonate alloy corners and edges enclosing flexible front and back panels to create a flexible bag with a sturdy structure.

If you hate to pack even though you love to travel, this expandable spinner wheel-board will let you do this chore with delight.

Its dedicated clothes compartment and other zippered pockets will make packing a joyful chore.

The most appreciated feature is that you will get your clothes just the way you pack them- wrinkle free and sorted.

It is spacious to pack enough clothes for one person going for 5-7 days trip. The zippers don’t stuck or feel heavy and are sturdy.

The TSA accepted reliable combination lock is a good feature for safe and secure travelling as well as quick checking while travelling from one place to another.

Its trolley handle completes its strong and dependable structure.

The non slip grip of the trolley and other handles never fail, whether the bag is partially or completely full.

My favorite feature is an add-a-bag strap to allow an additional bag piggyback on this robust suitcase.

It will leave you relaxed since all your stuff will sit together in a corner under your surveillance.

Some people find this bag a bit bulkier in appearance.

If the safety of your belongings is an important issue then this bag is the best buy as it rates quite high in Ricardo hard-side luggage reviews with 4.6 stars from Amazon buyers.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 16-inch 2 Wheeled Tote

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 16-inch 2 Wheeled Tote

For short business trips or a weekend outings, you need a compact and lightweight wheeled bag.

If you already own trolley bags and suitcases then this is a perfect addition to your collection of luggage since it is specifically meant to be carried for short duration journeys.

It is made from strong printed Terylene Polyester that not only bears all the hardships of a speedy journey but looks amazingly nice. 

It can top up on any other trolley bag for a compact journey.

I am pretty impressed with its pockets and compartments that allow the best organisation of my things.

The biggest compartment is specious to pack up to three pairs of clothes. This compartment also has a special padded sleeve to carry your laptop up to 15.5 inch.

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The spacious front pocket is divided into a number of separate sections for storing passport, boarding pass, Smartphone, a few stationery items or any other thing you need to access quickly.

To give it the needed mobility two in-line skate wheels are attached which are more than sufficient to give you stress free movement.

The trolley handle is retractable and can be adjusted according to the height and comfort of the owner. Handle grip gives slip free hold over this tote bag.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 16-inch 2 Wheeled Tote comes with a warranty of 10 years but it lacks a locking system which is its only drawback. It gets a liberal rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon for its rate and affordability.

Ricardo Eureka Deluxe Superlight 26 inch Luggage Spinner

Ricardo Eureka Deluxe Superlight 26 inch Luggage Spinner

Superlight! Yes, it is the lightest spinner luggage in the list of Ricardo lightweight luggage reviews.

It weighs just around 11 lbs. With this bag in your travel paraphernalia, you can carry all the clothes and accessories you need to bring along.

I find it outstanding in looks as well. It is economical but appears very elegant.

It is a perfect luggage piece for women as well as men. Its 8 wheels enhance the balance of the bag providing it the stability needed while walking or keeping it upright.

Its organisation design is another attractive feature that will force you to buy this suitcase. 

It has a big compartment lined with straps to keep the clothes in place. It has two external pockets, with padded lining, ideal for putting your laptop or tablet. Its quick access pocket can also be used to keep documents or things that you may need on the way.

Zippers, wheels, handles, trolley handle, and zip handles all are of good quality.

They enhance the reliability of Ricardo Eureka Deluxe Super light trolley bag.

It can be expanded to pack more clothes. The warranty of up to 10 years is an extremely generous statement forcing you to trust its quality for many years of travelling.

The perfect balance of multiple storage sections balances the bag after you pack it. The inner lining is strong but some buyers have reported about a very strong odor from its interiors. Overall it is a good bargain for any avid traveler.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review Imperial 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright

Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review Imperial 24-Inch 4 Wheel Expandable Upright

A perfect spinner bag is lightweight, smart, tough from exteriors and spacious inside. All these features can be found in Ricardo Beverly Hills Imperial.

So it is the perfect bag for those who are in search of a bag with a gorgeous vintage look.

The material of construction is 100% polyester Jacquard.

It is tough in strength with a pretty self pattern that gives a regal look to the sturdy Ricardo Beverly Hills Imperial bag.

The strength of the bag also comes from the strong and smooth wheels. The wheels roll easily on any kind of floor or road.

You will enjoy pain free vacations since you don’t have to be a body builder to carry this lightweight bag. Just a gentle pull and this cool bag will be totally at your command!

It provides big and roomy elastic pockets in addition to the main compartment for all your clothes.

The elastic pockets are perfect to pack shoes or soiled clothes.

The detachable zippered organizer stores small items like brushes or other personal utilities.

The zippered mesh pocket inside the top cover is ideal for other accessories like ties, hankies, and socks.

The trolley handle can be adjusted with the help of multistage locking for your comfort.

Its grip is ergonomically designed to hold and have a complete control over its movement.

This beautiful bag with an external zippered pocket is worth your money.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Del Mar 21-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard

Ricardo Beverly Hills Del Mar 21-inch 4 Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard

The last Ricardo bag in my review list is still the best in case analysis like Ricardo luggage vs Samsonite and others is done.

Ricardo Beverly Hills Del Mar is available in 3 different colors, [BLACK , SAPPHIRE , FUSCHSIA PINK] all of which look amazingly enchanting and attractive and makes you stand out of crowd.

It is made from Terylene which is known for strength and dependability.

The bag is robust but has a smooth outer surface that looks quite elegant and attractive.

Its exteriors and style of stitching give it a clean finish. The inner lining is also of very good quality.

The expandable bag offers huge storage space for the frequent travellers.

The main compartment, the biggest one, has strong straps with clasp closures to prevent wrinkling or ruining of your belongings by keeping them in place. 

A detachable zippered pouch can store several small items.

A big zippered external pocket is lightly padded to secure your electronics and other gadgets.

It is also the right place to keep your tickets and other travels document for easy access.

It is a lightweight and easy to pull wheelaboard by Ricordo.

Zippers, wheels and handle grips perfectly match the superior quality of construction material and trolley handle.

This is a bag with capacity more than expected and some buyers have complained that due to the size the airport authorities do not consider it a carry-on. 

If you don’t have any issues about checking in your luggage then buy this extremely functional spinner trolley.

My Experience with the Ricardo Luggage Brand

After reading the Ricardo luggage and bags reviews and evaluating their feature we are sure that you must have found your dream luggage in one of the reviewed luggage above.

If not then am sure you will in these brands London Fog or Delsey. These are also one of the top brands in this competitive luggage market.

We observed that if you take your luggage purchasing decision after going through the experience and feedback shared by online shoppers, you will end up with the best possible option.

We suggest that you must visit online shopping site like Amazon and do the same instead of other ways of shopping.

Travelling is like a whiff of fresh air for the tired soul stuck in trials and turbulences of everyday life.

And when the seas and mountains beacon, who has the time to think about the right luggage bag, right? Well, certainly not me! So, there I was, happily planning my first solo trip with a bulky hand-me-down suitcase I had got from my mother.

I had not been much of a traveler before that and the plans were all made at the last moment. So, the necessity of getting the right luggage bag for my trips is something that never crossed my mind.

All the plans were made and I started with the final job of packing my things in my “reluctantly inherited” bag. It all simply went downhill from there. First things first, the bag itself was so heavy that after packing it felt like I will have to call up at least two people to move it even by inches!

Then, there were bits of fibers coming out from the interior lining of the bag and sticking on all my dresses like dust.

I finally decided to leave this good-for-nothing bag behind and look for something that would suit my style and needs.

Reading the raving online reviews brought me to Ricardo luggage and I have not looked back since then.

The bag has been my best pal for all of my trips after that.

If you too are a frequent traveler like I am, I suggest that you get this bag before you plan your next outing. Here are a few reasons why I absolutely can’t do without my Ricardo Mar Vista luggage.

The Pretty Design

I’ll be honest that the pretty exterior is the first thing that caught my eye.

The purple color and prints all over make my bag quite a style statement.

Just because you are looking for something out and out functional does not mean you compromise on the style quotient!

Lightweight Structure

The bag is really lightweight compared to the sturdy built that it has. You can see that the material used in making the bag is really of good quality. The bag itself will not add to the weight of the luggage that you will be carrying.

Smooth Spinner Wheels

This bag is supported by 360°spinner wheels which move effortlessly in all directions. No more sweating and dragging a luggage bag that just refuses to budge to your command. A gentle push is enough to get the luggage moving along with you.

The Ample Packing Space

Any traveler’s worry is taking a luggage that just refuses to fit in all of the things that she needs to carry along or back from the trip. My 25-inch luggage is spacious enough to fit in all the things without which I can’t leave my home. A pocket on top keeps the things of emergency just a hand away.

I have been using my
 Ricardo Mar Vista luggage for three years now and I have no complaints against it. It still works excellently as it did when I first bought it home. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the Ricardo Luggage now! I have got myself the 25 inch model and that fits my traveling needs perfectly. You can choose any product from the extensive Ricardo range.

That's all from my end, Now its your turn. Do you find this unbiased review about Ricardo Beverly Hills bags useful ? Do you have any experience with this brand or did we missed something than please let us know your experience or suggestions in the comment below.

Have a rewarding shopping and endlessly happy trips!

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