10 Best Mia Toro Luggage Reviews (2019)

Are you deciding on buying Mia Toro Luggage then check our detailed choice of 10 Best Selling Bags From Mia Toro that are worth your money.

Are you in hurry? And Don't have time to read the whole detailed reviews than here are 3 best-shortlisted luggage from Mia Toro.

Best In Budget

Mia Toro Moderno

Mia Toro Moderno Hardside Spinner Carry-On Luggage
  • Armor Flex Composite
  • TSA Lock
  • Expan​dable

Best Of Best

Mia Toro Prado

  • Gel Grip Handles
  • Spinner Wheels
  • TSA Locks
  • Arrow Circle Right

Best In HighEnd

Mia Toro Hamasa

Mia Toro Hamasa Hardside 24 Inch Spinner Luggage
  • Designed In Italy
  • Dura TSA Lock
  • Expan​dable

Mia Toro is a stylish luggage brand with its root in Italy. It showcases a beautiful amalgamation of Italian design, innovation, and creativity. That is why we created this Mia Toro most sold luggage lists and buying guide to make you choose the top models available of this outstanding luggage brand.

The best part of our detailed guide is that we research the whole market and suggest some of the alternate options that offers same functionality and designs without hurting your pocket. So don't forget to check the alternate models too for a satisfactory result.

Mia Toro has a distinct style statement that speaks a lot about the appeal of these unique bags. Of course, the exquisiteness of these spinner trolleys pecks up your style quotient while travelling.

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Mia Toro Orvinio Hardside Spinner Carry On

Mia Toro Orvinio Hardside Spinner Carry-on Review

If you are looking for a beautiful and handy luggage then Mia Toro Orvinio Hardside Spinner Carry-on is your luggage.

Its overall appeal is unmatched. It is a luggage that qualifies to be carried to personal or professional trips. If you travel frequently alone or with a companion then Orvinio Hardside spinner carry-on is a perfect choice.

It has a reliable Armor-Flex Composite structure.

It retains its comfortable and smart-looking shape and is lightweight to carry in emergencies.

It obediently follows you on its trolley wheels. Its four double-wheels are quite sturdy in looks as well as construction.

I also like the secured corners near wheels. It bears any kind of scratches while walking on rough tracks.

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Mia Toro is a fine example of Italian innovation and practicality in luggage expected by the new generation.

Its handle is made of strong steel that gets support from the ergonomically designed handle.

The handle is convenient to hold and push your pretty luggage. The bag has multiple sections with zippers and straps for better organization.

The security offered by the TSA approved Dura-lock is impeccable.

It keeps your things intact even if TSA agents decide to search your luggage in your absence. The combination lock is just what you need for total relaxation during any trip. "By default Mia Toro luggage lock code is 000"

It is flexible in capacity because when you need you can expand it up to 2 inches.

Get the space to pack the books that you have bought just for this trip. Your kid’s favorite teddy can now travel with her on vacation. She will love you more than ever for your smart choice. The comfortable bag at this easy price is loved by lots of Amazon Customers.

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Mia Toro Izak-Chic Voyage
3pc Set

Mia Toro Luggage Reviews Izak Chic

If you wish to travel with all your needs and luxuries you enjoy at home then you definitely need something that is capable to carry everything.

Mia Toro Izak-Chic Voyage 3pc luggage set is such a chic set of bags especially for women who travel in style.

It is an ideal purchase if you frequently plan short or long trips. Three spinner bags of different sizes give you choice to decide the duration.

It is an amazing product from Mia Toro made from light weight Armour-flex composite.

It is polished to give an artistic finish for those who look on the brighter side of life. Its mobility is superb since it moves flawlessly on every path.

The other plus point is that you will rarely find any servicing issue. But, in case if you get one or your luggage or its parts get broken then you can head over to there repair center located all around the globe.

The handle is reliably strong and solid in construction. The grip fits quite well and lets you have a complete control over its motion and balance. The four single-wheel assembly keeps the bag steady.

When you are indoors, keep it upright on four wheels for easy movement. You can tilt on two wheels while moving on uneven roads.

The TSA-approved lock is for security in flight luggage section. It has compartments that allow you for efficient organization of clothes, makeup, jewelry and other knick-knacks.

Its fine inner lining is dirt resistant and keeps your things clean and hygienic.

The zippers are smooth and sturdy. The only limitation with this luggage set is that you cannot expand the bags.

But who needs to expand the bag when you are getting three amazing trolley bags. Keep your hands full and pack all the things in three Mia Toro Bags. And all 3 bags at this affordable price is a great steal. See the price.

Mia Toro Suitcase Hamasa Hardside 24 Inch Spinner Luggage

How about adding some fun element in your vacation luggage? Yes, you guessed it right!

Here is a great spinner bag from Mia Toro for all the kids and the adults who still love to enjoy the things they did in their childhood.

Mia Toro Hamasa Hardside 24 Inch Spinner Luggage is a brightly patterned bag just for that child in you.

This is a capacious bag for all your needs on the way and home away.

Its flexible design gives you the freedom to carry more things or buy all the trivia that you liked in the local markets on a trip.

(Check out this alternate version of Mia Toro Hamsa but in affordable price tag. Click Here)

It expands by 2 inches to accommodate more right from the essentials to the indulgences.

Mia Toro bags are great in utility, made with superior material and secured with the best zippers and TSA approved locks.

All the spinner trolley bags from Mia Toro are fitted with high quality wheels to ensure a stress free and agony free travelling experience. These bags are balanced and contemporary in outlook.

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Dura-lock with TSA approved mechanism is a great respite from last moment hassles of arranging extra locks.

But you will surely miss the combination locking system. Zippers are of good quality and run smoothly with the handy zip handles offering a strong grip.

The Trolleys handle is strong with a non-slip gel grip to have a good hold on your luggage while walking.

The gel grip is a good feature if you are particular about cleaning the handle to maintain hygiene.

The bag can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. I really love the way the dirty spots and scratches are camouflaged by the interesting pattern.

The broad and strong wheels generate a sense of dependability on smooth as well as uneven roads.

The inner lining is strongly stitched creating one zippered and one strapped compartment for smarter organization of your belongings.

Get this smart, attractive and amusing bag for all the casual trips. And the price at which it is available is for sure cherry on the cake.

Mia Toro Moderno Hardside Spinner Carry-On Suitcase

This spinner bag is a winner among the professional contenders. Its shape, size, and structure are designed to give maximum capacity in a lightweight structure.

There are few factors to consider before buying luggage and colour is a important one too. That's why it is available in three colors and all of them look equally attractive and comfortable to carry. (Orange, Silver and Burgundy)

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The surface of the spinner carry-on bag is not prone to any scratches or marks due to an accidental fall.

The textured surface is one of the highlights of this much appreciated travel luggage.

The bag is supported by multi-dimensional reverse mold design that adds to the strength of the bag in preserving the shape even if it is piled upon by other luggage.

It has two compartments. One section has a zippered pocket to store those delicate clothes. The other has straps to hold the bigger clothes like trousers, jackets, and documents in place.

The wheel system with robust and broad double wheels and the protective covering at the corners make this bag a reliable piece of luggage.

(Check This Mia Toro Moderno Alternate option In much Low Price. Click Here)

The corners of the bag are not only protected against any rough usage but add to the looks of the bag.

The strong handle and the clean and smooth gel grip give easy mobility to the bag even when it is filled to its capacity.

The four wheels make this bag fully balanced. Your global trips definitely become more productive with a partner like Mia Toro Moderno Hardside Spinner Carry-On.

(Do you found this Unbiased Mia Toro Luggage Review Guide Helpful to you let us know in the comments below. Your feedback is very valuable and keeps us motivated.)

Mia Toro Review Onda Fusion Hardside Spinner Carry-On Luggage

Mia Toro Onda Fusion Hardside Spinner Carry-On Review

If you are enchanted by the sparkling things then this fashionable and smart spinner carry-on bag by Mia Toro will win your heart as soon you see it.

Mia toro stylish bags are like fashion statement when you move. Lots of celebrities also use these luggages to show how stylish and trendy they are.

Its light weight Armor-flex structure with deep and slanting ridged design is a sure feature to make it a leader among its peers.

It has a smooth running high quality zipper to secure your things.

The zipper handles can be secured into the combination lock to add another layer of trust and faith.

The four wheels are attached rigidly to the bottom surface. There is no chance of getting it scratched while moving.

I especially like the way the strong zippers are supported by a strong layer of an Armor-flex band that looks good as well.

The trolley handle is flexible to be opened at the needed height for better maneuverability. The grip of the handle is slip resistant and breakage resistant.

This is star product from Mia Toro that accommodates all the belongings of the owner graciously.

It can be extended as per need and fit in the extra items.

The only issue for me is the care required to save it from those accidental pricks and scratches (This is not particularly with this luggage this is a generic issue and will be on every luggage even if the suitcase costs $1 Million). Otherwise, this one is the best I can recommend if you need a reasonably priced outstanding luggage bag.

Check More Details

Mia Toro Fabbri Hardside Spinner Carry-On

Mia Toro Fabbri Hardside Spinner Carry-On

When you get a good looking luggage with sections for better organization, half of your worries about the upcoming trip will be handled.

The luggage has a beautiful looking rich grey signature lining and is quite light weight. This exterior design not only adds strength to the bag but also makes it look different from routine bags.

Its well thought shape allows you to keep it in your car trunk without any issue.

It looks smart with the embossed design.

The design has a nice smooth surface that resists all kind of scratches expected during a long journey.

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The handle is dependable as its metallic structure is quite rugged. The ergonomic gel grip does not allow sweating or slipping.

The Mia Toro trolley bag looks robust and spacious it scores will in looks as well.

Its wheels may look a bit sleek but they are strong enough to carry all your belongings easily and carefully.

The wheels attached to the bag are designed with Glide-technology to make the movement jerk-free.

(Check This Alternate Option For Mia Toro Fabbri In Much Affordable Price. Click Here)

It relaxes your arm and you can walk effortlessly.

The bag is secured with free-moving zippers.

The zippers are given a special focus while making this bag since all the zippers are self mending and are rated as the strongest zippers.

The bag has a strong TSA approved 3-dial combination lock. Bring in the Mia Toro's Fibre Di Carbonio Elite Polished Carbon Fiber Wheeled Luggage, the best luggage in strength, design, price and looks.

Check The Lowest Price On Amazon

Mia Toro Italy Angolo Hardside 26 Inch Spinner Luggage

This one is another amazing luggage piece from Mia Toro. Its Case Carbon exteriors provide the tough lustrous look.

Its tough shape generates a sense of trust when you travel with a Mia Toro Italy Angolo Hardside 26 Inch Spinner Luggage.

It is a perfect design to look in a rigid spinner bag. It looks nothing less than a great work of art.

It is not just a piece of beauty that must be beholden and appreciated. It is as tough as a nutshell and amalgamates innovation with practicality.

You will definitely feel a huge difference in your travel experiences with this Mia Toro spinner trolley.

The wheels match the fine quality of the material of construction of this fine luggage.

The polished surface of the bag is resistant to any kind of misuse or mishandling. It is the best bet for those who have an eye for quality products.

Check This Alternate Option For Mia Toro Angolo. It has same functionalities but at much lower price. Click Here.

All the handle grips and the trolley handle is made to perfection. The maneuverability of the bag is so smooth that you will hardly feel that you are carrying somwthing with you.

It spins and lets you move through any kind of crowded or empty places. Its capacity is sufficient to be away from home for a week.

If you love to travel in luxury then get this superb bag today at decent discount.

Mia Toro Italy Lustro Hardside 28 Inch Spinner Luggage

Mia Toro Italy Lustro Hardside 28 Inch Spinner Luggage Review

During a trip, nothing is better than a super strong which remains new even after shifting from place to place and vehicle to vehicle.

Mia Toro Italy Lustro Hardside 28 Inch Spinner Luggage is such a good spinner bag that fulfills all your expectations.

Its superior structure is defined by an embossed ridged surface that is modern in appearance.

Its corners are secured with armored covers to protect the bag from any kind of damage. It is light weight and is made from super strong armor-flex composite. To give it the suave appeal it is finished with a brush polish.

The light weight spinner trolley is a pleasure to hold and buttery smooth to pull along. Fill it, lock it and you are ready to enjoy new and exciting places.

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The reliable Dura-lock with TSA approved design is the ultimate mark of secure trips.

Its zippers are smooth to open and close with convenient zipper handles. Its flexible design allows it to be expanded as per your extra packing. The fine polyester lining looks as gorgeous as the glossy exteriors.

Innovative dual wheel structure created with glide-tech makes it move it all directions. You don’t need to sweat around while pulling it behind you.

The trolley bag is a great organizer for providing zippered partition to pack your essentials.

Another compartment is provided with easy to clasp straps and keep the things in place.

With this world class trolley bag, you get the assurance of fulfilling all your claims through the Mia Toro warranty app.

Your complaints will be handled within a day of shipping.

The Price at which it is available is also quite genuine. Check Here

Mia Toro Italy Pozzi Hardside Spinner 20" Carry-on

Mia Toro Italy Pozzi Hardside Spinner 20 Carry-on review

This beautiful irregularly rigged trolley bag is a delight to your visual senses and is dream companion of many travelers.

It is as convenient as its astonishing looks. It is trendy, handy and spacious for trips near or far away.

Mia Toro Italy Pozzi Hardside Spinner 20" Carry-on is a stylish luggage to carry along and enjoy vacations.

The wheels are strong even when the bag is filled to its capacity. The mobility of the bag will keep you stress free as its smooth motion lacks any shudders or jolts.

Its wheels do not get stuck on thick carpets or trip over on potholed roads.

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Mia Toro Paris is preferred travel companion by those who are very particular about a well-organized bag.

The bag has one zipper divider to keep all the things that you don’t want to get mixed up in your clothes.

The other compartment has compression straps that can be secured with an an effortless clasp. It compresses your clothes without wrinkles so that you have enough space for more.

The adjustable and long handle with a supportive grip makes the bag easy to man oeuvre it.

Check This Beautiful Alternate Option For Mia Toro Pozzi. Click Here

The handle can be closed with a simple push button on the top. The inner quality polyester lining and the exteriors can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth.

Zippers are strong and resist the pressure in a jam-packed bag.

Some people may find the zippers a bit hard to move but that can be easily tackled by applying a little wax.

This must not be a reason for skipping the opportunity of getting a superb trolley bag that is worth your money.

Mia Toro Luggage Warranty

Mia toro luggage warranty

No one wants a luggage that claims they are super strong and on very next day it broke out and companies after sale service don't ever care about you.

Sounds like fiction but in reality it is not. Many companies claims lifetime warranty but once you made a purchase they totally forget you, there only motto is to get a quick sell. Thanks god it is not the case with Mia Toro.

Mia Toro Paris is so much confident about there product is that they offer a warranty of 10 years on all of the luggage they manufacture. You don't have to visit the store from where you have purchased your bag. Mia Toro covers warranty all around the globe.

They covers up your repairs and any manufacturing defects without charging you a single penny. The warranty period starts from the day you purchased the bag. When you see any issue in your bag you should call them on this number 1.844.646.6887 and report your issue. 

For a quick service you need to fill up this form so they mark your issue at the top of their priority. 

After receiving your new luggage you must register your purchase here so they can track all of your issue in one place and resolve them with more accuracy and in a speedy manner.

Another best and confident feature Mia Toro Paris Luggage provides is a 30 day return policy. Use the bag for 30 days and if you are not satisfied with it just return it. Its so simple and confident move.

They will provide you full refund of your money without a single question asked. What can be better than this. One thing to note is, If you are international customer then you have to pay for the shipping too.

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Mia Toro Luggage Vs. Samsonite Luggage

mia toro vs samsonite

Travelling has always been my thing, and I was one of those kids who prefer to do their task on my own, so I pack my luggage myself every time I went on a trip with my parents.

Well, definitely I am proud of the fact that I possess this organizing skill right from an early age, but it has been slightly challenging for me lately to continue the same.

One of my favorite luggage from Samsonite is Samsonite Winfield 2 . See full detailed review here.

Rarely can I find bags and carriers that meet my taste! However, there are two of these impressive brands that have really changed my travelling life.

I will compare some of the significant features of Mia Toro Luggage and Samsonite Luggage brands in this write-up to give you an extensive idea about these two leading brands in luggage used around the globe.

TSA approved Lock System (Missing in many models of Samsonite)

The TSA approved lock system is available in almost all travel luggage of Mia Toro Luggage.

Looking for high quality stylish bags at affordable rates check Ricardo Luggage and Lucas Bags .

It is one of the finest advantages that you can have because as a frequent traveler I find it very difficult to handle normal locks and spend time finding that key that disappears half the time. TSA locks are bliss, and it does not need to be cut in order to inspect by the Airport TSA authorities.

The Samsonite Luggage bags are also equipped with TSA locks, but it is only available in case of the large travel luggage bags.

Artistic Exterior Print Designs along with Sturdy Structure

What makes a Mia Toro stand out from the crowd is its extraordinary prints and cover designs.

The cover designs are bright and give you a feel of hand paintings. But then again, do not be on the assumption that it is only fancy in case of looks.

The quality of the exterior surface of Mia Toro luggage bags is exceptional. The textures are smooth and glossy that does not hold dust or get scratched.

The Samsonite is simpler in design when compared to Mia Toro. Samsonite bags are fit for formal or professional use; however, it completely depends on your tastes and preferences.

Other Feature and Specifications - Mia Toro Vs Samsonite

The Mia Toro pieces are much flexible when it comes to the interiors. If you are looking for bags that can be loaded with a lot of travel essentials or shopping, a Mia Toro would be a perfect choice for you.

Its products have this really convenient clamshell design that cut out all struggles to fit luggage in the case.

The Samsonite bags are really good when it comes to organizing. It has several interior dividers and organizing pockets. The manufacturing materials of these bags vary from nylon to foam to hard-cases.

So, in addition, to variety, Samsonite luggage bags actually stand out from many brands. You will find categories like Toiletry kit, regular handbags, large travel bags, optic spinner stand the list goes on.

The Mia Toro is also quite light in weight; however, a lot of it depends on the sizes. So, to give you a moderate idea this is how it goes about Weight 21" - 7 lbs, 25" - 9.1 lbs and 29" - 10 lbs. On the other hand, the Samsonite luggage bags are incredibly flexible and really vary in terms of weight because of the dynamic categories of bags.

Difference In Price ranges of both brands

Well, lastly, speaking of the price range, the Mia Toro pieces are on a little higher side and they are not available in all stores.
However, trust me, the luggage sets are worth the investment.

The Samsonite Luggage holds a moderate price range with excellent rebates and discount offers. It is always wise to purchase the luggage in sets to make the best out of your investment.

Honestly speaking, I am a bag person. Out of millions of outfits, footwear, and accessories, bags and suitcases interest me the most.

My expectations are sky-high when I buy any kind of bag especially travels bags. The two mentioned brands have really impressed an individual like me who is really overwhelmingly particular about bags.

If you ask my opinion Mia Toro’s Italian origin is one thing that makes its bags my personal preference.

Mia Toro bags have all the features that you will be able to see in a Samsonite. Both are lightweight and hard cases. So this makes both the trolley bags highly robust while retaining the shape to keep the inner things safe.

I recommend Mia Toro since it is better in smoothness and maneuverability of the wheels and bag handles compared to that of Samsonite. Zippers are winners too for me. And don’t forget the 10 year Mia Toro Paris Luggage warranty that you will not find in any other brand. This is a real metric of trust.

But one of my favorite luggage from Samsonite is Samsonite Winfield 2 . See full detailed review here.

Select from highly stylized bags for professional and business travellers or vibrant and chic suitcases for women and kids.

The most amazing benefit of the Mia Toro bags is the Mia Toro luggage app.

Once you register with this app you will be able to track your luggage in case you misplace or lose it.

At this moment the app is still under development on kickstar but will launch really soon. Meanwhile, There is lots of other option available to track your luggage if you want one, like this.

Mia toro is so famous and high quality luggage brand, that you will find lots of luggage and their combination sets out of stocks as soon as they are made available. See Below.

Out of Stock Mia Toro Bags

Mia Toro Luggage Locks

With advancement in technology all product around us are getting a smarter version of their predecessors.

So does Mia Toro. Most of the Luggage from Mia Toro comes with Inbuilt TSA Locks.

The brand Mia Toro is also working on Mia Toro Global Tracker App which provide you the feature of tracking your suitcase via your mobile app.

By default the TSA lock of Mia toro bags are set to "000". To change this default combination open the trolley where you can see a red color tab.

Move the Tab to left and then set the new combination of your choice.

Then move the tab to the previous position and boom your new password is set. It is easy to set and is completely hassle free.

Here is a video demonstrating the procedure. (Note this is a different model so instead of a red tab there is a button inside of the bag)

My Experience with the Mia Toro Brand

I have personally used all of the bags above. Some for few trips and some for just detailed walk through and I can say that:

Overall Mia Toro gives a tough competition to any luggage brand any day. 

So, I would definitely wish that you try an innovative and stylish new brand of luggage like Mia Toro.

Before that read the feedback about the bag of your choice platform like Amazon. It helps a lot to make a good decision.

That's all from our end. We hope our guide helped you take a better decision. If you have any other experience good or bad or need some information kindly let us know in the comments below.

Till Then,

Happy Shopping

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