Best Lucas Luggage Review (2019)

Are you deciding on buying Lucas Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 10 of the Best Selling Luggage from Lucas.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process. SO, you can rely on us before buying any luggage or bags.

Are you in hurry? And Don't have time to read the whole detailed reviews than here are 3 best-shortlisted luggage from Lucas.

Best In Budget

Lucas Ultra LightWeight

  • Lightweight
  • Arrow Circle Right
    Spinner Wheels
  • Expandable

Best Of Best

Lucas Underseat Cabin Bag

  • Very Spacious
  • Telescopic Handle
  • Lots of Pocket
  • Arrow Circle Right
    Dust, Stain & Water Resistant

Best In HighEnd

Lucas Treadlite

Lucas Luggage ABS Large Hard Case hard 28 inch Rolling Suitcase with Spinning Wheels
  • Retractable Handle
  • Lightweight
  • Strong Body

It is not only the big brand name that attracts us but it is the functionality associated with the brand that makes us feel great.

It is the exceptional quality of the brands that make them famous. This is why our Lucas Luggage Reviews buying guide is created to make you explore this rock like strong, feather-like light and stylish luggage "Lucas Luggage".

If you are an avid traveler, you must have come across a number of
 popular luggage brands. With so many brands around, you may get attracted to more popular and expensive brands like Samsonite or Away but eventually, there are a few great but lesser-known brands which are more functional and are available at cost on the lower side of the scale.

Lucas is one of those brands which offers great hard side luggage for every budget option. Our Lucas hard side luggage review will take care of all the top model available from Lucas brand.

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Known for their stealth construction, Lucas cases can easily withstand frequent traveling and rigorous environments.

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Lucas Luggage Treadlite ABS Large Hard Case 28 inch Rolling Suitcase with Spinning Wheels

Lucas Luggage ABS Large Hard Case hard 28 inch Rolling Suitcase with Spinning Wheels

A perfect hard side luggage carrier, Lucas rolling suitcase is roomy and expandable.

This luggage carrier is ideal because of its size.

It is so convenient that it lets you pack for more than 8 days. Available in more than 4 colors, the 28-inch bag has a super classy look. Due to its ultimate features and functionality, the bag stands out for all your local and international trips.

The handles of the suitcase are built from aircraft grade aluminum to maintain its lightweight and high standard shock absorption.

This rolling wheel suitcase from Lucas hard side collection strikes a perfect balance between its light weight and durability.

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Its body is made from ABS hard side. The Lucas luggage hard shell cover is scratch resistant and textured so that your belongings keep safe while traveling.

Lucas 18-inch rolling suitcases are designed in such a way that it puts a very little weight on your arms. The spinner wheel is directional and allows 360 degrees upright rolling in multiple directions.

Designed to keep your body and mind at ease while you travel, the interiors of this suitcase are fully lines. There are organizational pockets so that you can pack your belongings even in a tedious manner.

The handle length is quite standard across all the length of the suitcase due to which it is easy to handle.

Moreover, it is loaded with a whopping 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dimensions with wheels:

30.1 x 19.6 x 11.2 inches

Storage capacity:

84 L9.6 lbs (approximately)


9.6 lbs (approximately)


  • The Spacious And Expandable Luggage Carrier Is Ideal For Long Trips.
  • The Aluminum Handle Is Strong And Shock Proof And Well Founded As Well.
  • The Designs And Colors Of The Suitcase Are Pretty Much Attractive
  • Scrubber
    The Extremely Lightweight Suitcase Is Easy To Move Around.


  • The Carry-On Luggage Does Not Fit Overboard.
  • The Zipper Quality Of The Suitcase Did Not Fit My High Expectations.

Lucas Luggage Ultra lightweight soft side 24 inch expandable suitcase with spinner wheels

Lucas Luggage Review - Ultra Lightweight Softside 24 inch Expandable Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

​​Lucas soft side expandable suitcase is known for the deluxe travel experience it delivers.

The ultra-lightweight suitcase is preferred because it helps you to avoid airline fees for extra weight. The spacious and rugged suitcase is well constructed and is available in 4 different styles. 

Its youthful design and high quality maintain your style factor.

Made from satin polyester, the soft side luggage is easy to clean. You simply need to wipe it with a wet cloth in order to keep it clean.

The handles of the luggage are made from superlative aluminum which maintains the lightweight feature of the bag. The material is known for its increased strength, durability and shock absorption feature.

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These spinner wheels enable you to rotate the luggage at an angle of 360 degrees at any kind of surfaces or crowded airports.

Their ergonomic design makes it easier for you to stroll and make a comfortable grip. 
The 4-directional spinner wheels are made from 100% virgin PU material can easily withstand long-term wear and tear.

The luggage is built and styled in such a way that it cannot be carried on. The interiors of the luggage are fully lined to keep the interiors organized and tedious.

This special 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is an extra bonus.

Dimensions with wheels and pockets:

26.6 x 16 x 11.5 inches

Storage capacity:

69 L before expanding, an extra 6L capacity can be added by expanding


Amazingly lightweight, weighs approximately 6.5 lbs


  • The Fabric Of The Luggage Is Quite Durable. It Does Not Tear Or Snag With Time.
  • Though It Is Super Light Yet It Is Sturdy And Easy To Handle.
  • All The 4 Design Are Definitely Head Turners.


  • This is not a carry on version

Lucas Troy hard case carry on 20-inches expandable luggage with spinner wheels

The hard side luggage from Lucas is known for the perfect balance between their lightweight and durability despite their extra wide body.

The case is well-built and well-moved in such a way that it keeps your mind and body at ease while traveling.

Its storage capacity can be extended up to 3 L. (15% more space)

The easy to roll hard case is available in different attractive colors.
Lucas troy hard case is made from ABS (extra durable composite polycarbonate shell). It adds on to the durability of the case.

This hard case expandable luggage has ultimate security features that keep your belongings safe.

It has in-built TSA locks which allow TSA personnel to check it without destroying.

Its lightweight feature saves you from the extra fees of airline companies. 
The extremely lightweight handles of the case are strong and reliable. They can also handle shaking movements pretty well while moving it. 

The 360-degree spinner wheels of the case are 4 directional enables the upright rolling in almost every direction and does not allow much weight on your arms.

The five years manufacturer warranty of the product allows you to rest at peace while using it.

You can use this product without any stress or worries because it is extensively tested many times and it can easily fit the overhead cabins of the airlines.

Dimensions of the product with wheels and handles:

22.5 x 14 x 9 inches

Storage capacity:

Approximately 29 L and can be expanded up to 3 L.


It weighs around 7.1 lbs.


  • The Wheels Of This Hard Case Wok Really Well And Are Super Comfortable To Use.
  • The Luggage Is Lightweight And Can Be Carried Easily Without Much Effort.
  • All The 4 Design Are Definitely Head Turners.


  • There Is No Additional Handle On The Top Or Side Of The Suitcase To Help Lift.
  • Scrubber
    Zipper Is Located Direct Into The Middle And The Zip Bumps Into The Tires Each Time You Try To Open Or Close It.

Lucas Luggage 22 Inch Printed Rolling Carry-On Suitcase Wheeled Duffel

Lucas 22-inch printed rolling bag strikes a perfect balance between the style statement and comfort.

A perfect balance between lightweight and durability, this printed rolling suitcase is made from polyester. The polyester fabric provides maximum protection for your belongings.

The lightweight construction helps you in avoiding extra airline fees.

This beautiful print, excellent shape and styling pattern of the luggage keeps your styling quotient high and makes you stand tall in the crowd. Its flexible structure allows you to get it in and out without any trouble. 

The skate wheels of the luggage are fitted inline and it consists of a telescopic push-button handle system. Both of these features make it easier to move the bag on various surfaces with high stability.

Both of the grips of the ergonomic handle of the luggage is so good that you can control it perfectly without putting much weight on your arms or shoulders.

It helps you in moving and revolving the luggage at crowded airports and parking.
It is a carry-on luggage and its storage capacity is not expandable.

The bag is available in 4 colors.

As most of the Lucas luggage, this luggage is also covered by 5-year manufacturer's warranty.

Dimensions of the suitcase:

22 x 14 x 10 inches. (after handles are retracted)


The luggage weighs around 4 lb.


  • The Luggage Is Totally Water-Proof And Its Fabric Is Very Easy To Clean. You Just Need To Wipe It With A Wet Cloth In Order To Clean It.
  • It Is Available In Wide Array Of Colors To Choose From.
  • The Zipper Of The Bag Is Quite Durable.
  • Scrubber
    Two Handles Makes Controlling And Carrying Easy As Required.


  • A Few Ripping Complaints Have Been Observed In Other 3rd Party Website About Wheels But The Source Does Not Seems Reliable.
  • Scrubber
    Lack Of Interior Pockets And Divider.

Lucas Wheeled Under Seat Cabin Bag 16 Inches

Lucas wheeled under the seat cabin bag is a perfect travel accessory for a person who is traveling alone and going on a short trip.

This bag is specially designed to fit snugly under the seat of the plane.

You can carry a quick change over clothes, toiletries, mobile phone, tablet, and comfy slippers in it. The design is reasonably good and sturdy in every manner.

The main compartment of the bag is very much spacious with a zippered fold-down entry that gives clear access to all the times.

The internals of the luggage includes separate hanging cosmetic satchel, travel slippers for sanitary airport checks and document holders for your tickets and passports.

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The front zipper includes clear partition pockets.

The telescopic handle of the luggage includes the push-button release for single-handed mobility. 

The total length of the telescopic handle is 23.5 inches.

A mesh pocket can be attached to this under seat cabin bag if you want to carry a water bottle during your journey.

Despite being a soft-side luggage so not confuse it with not consider it frail. Constructed with Dobby polyester makes it stylish and super strong as well.

For easy access to your items, there is zipper fold down. Also has a piggy bag strap to hold on larger luggage. You won't disregard intentionally these advantages like - separate hanging cosmetic satchels, a set of travel slippers and document/ticket holder.

The size is so perfect that it can fit on many regional jets as well. This bag is a perfect travel accessory for non-shoppers who love to travel extremely light.

Dimensions of the bag:

9.8 x 15.7 x 15.7 inches. (14 inch wide , 8 inch deep)


The bag is so lightweight; it weighs around 4 lbs only.


  • With More Than 1500+ Bags Sold And 84% Positive Reviews From Trusted Amazon Seller You Can Blindly Make This Bag Your Companion For Your Journey.
  • The Extra Pockets Of This Luggage Are Extremely Useful. It Helps You To Organize Your Belongings In A Perfect Manner.
  • The Chief Purpose Of The Luggage Is To Make Your Portable And Important Things Available Readily.
  • Scrubber
    Also Has Peggy Bag Strap.
  • Scrubber
    Separate Hanging Cosmetic Satchels , A Set Of Travel Slippers And Document/Ticket Holder.


  • Do Not Have Spinner Wheels.
  • Scrubber
    It Can Only Hold Normal Mobiles Or Tablets. It Does Not Even Hold A Regular 15.6-Inch Laptop.
  • Scrubber
    Shoulder Strap Is a bit Short. (This may be case with me cause I am bit tall)

Do you find our Unbiased Lucas Luggage Review useful to you. Did we missed something ? Let us know in the comments below. Your Comments Keeps us motivated.

Lucas Escapade 29 Inches Vertical Expandable Wheeled Upright Suitcase

Lucas escapade vertical wheeled suitcase is a perfect travel companion.

It is perfectly suited for travel freaks and adds a style statement to your trip. The travel bag is attractive, beautiful, well-constructed and durable in every manner.

The size of the luggage is ideal for long trips and moreover, it is expandable.

You can easily add more stuff to it by expanding it. In short, this lightweight bag fits everything you need. Its vertical upright construction gives you a trendy look.

The interiors of the bag are fully lined with pockets. It helps you in storing your stuff in an organized and tedious manner. The outside zippered pockets also make it convenient for you to store stuff.

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The handle of the luggage features a telescopic push-button handle that assists in comfortable mobility.

The wheels are 4-directional and can easily rotate at an angle of 360 degrees. 

Its skate wheels are supported with cut wires. The wheels of the suitcase can be easily rotated in busiest of the airports and parking lots.

The handle is constructed in such a way that it does not put any extra pressure on your arms while carrying it on any type of surface.

Dimensions of the bag with wheels, handles and pockets:

30.6 x 10.4 x 7.9 inches.


The whole package weighs around 9.7 pounds.


  • The Extremely Lightweight Bag Fits Almost Everything You Need.
  • The Wheel Rotation Is Perfectly Comfortable.
  • Telescopic Push Button Handle Is Easy To Hold And Use.
  • Scrubber
    Zipper Pockets Are Outside.


  • There Is No Side Handle Of The Luggage. It Makes It Difficult To Carry This Especially When You Ride Stairs.
  • Scrubber
    Bit Costly

Lucas Outlander Carry-On Hard Case 20 Inch Expandable Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

Lucas Outlander Luggage Carry On Hard Case 20 inch Expandable Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels

If you are looking for a luggage that strikes a perfect balance between lightweight and durability, Lucas Outlander suitcase definitely is your ideal choice.

Available in 4 eye-catching colors, it is a well-built build. Its sturdy body keeps your belongings safe from any environmental changes.

The scratch-resistant extra hard body of the suitcase is made from ABS plastic and corners of the suitcase are specially constructed to provide extra strong protection to your belongings.

Lucas Outlander will save your extra bucks from airline companies as this ultra lightweight luggage is specifically made for this. Moreover, it easily fits in most of the overhead compartments of flights.

Can handle your 17-inch laptop easily without tightening the divided inside a compartment. The inside structure is just awesome and can take care of your clothes without giving a single wrinkle.

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The ergonomically designed handles of the suitcase allow you to travel comfortably through crowded airports and parking lots.

The handles are built in such a way that it put no extra weight on your arms or hands. These are made from aircraft grade aluminum handles which maintain an extra lightweight and shock absorption feature of the luggage.

The spinner wheels of the suitcase are multi-directional and can easily rotate at an angle of 360 degrees.

It allows you to rotate the suitcase in any direction. 
In addition, Lucas provides a manufacturer warranty of 5 years.

Lucas Outlander earned 90%+ positive reviews from trusted Amazon seller which is a great sign that it is worth your hard earned money. (the Best part, not a single 1-star rating has been given)

Lucas luggage is dedicated to keeping your mind and body at ease.

Dimensions of the suitcase with wheels and handles:

21.8 x 13.5 x 9 inches.

Storage capacity:

29 L


It weighs approximately 6.5 lbs.


  • This Is Perfect Sized Luggage That Has Enough Space To Pack Your Stuff And Expandable.
  • Very Affordable Price.
  • 90%+ Positive Reviews (Not A Single 1 Star Rating)
  • Scrubber
    It Is Extremely Lightweight And Easy To Carry.
  • Scrubber
    The Functional And Durable Luggage Is Sharply Designed.


  • It Does Not Have A Side Handle Which Makes It Inconvenient To Carry It On Many Occasions.

​Lucas Vortex Ultra Lightweight Collection 24-Inch Spinner Trolley

This ultra lightweight Lucas luggage is available in a beautiful pink color.

The beautiful shade makes it attractive and stylish (especially if you are a girly girl).

This particular luggage from Lucas is different from traditional suitcases and is the epitome of ultimate durability and strength. The suitcase is expandable and literally holds a lot of stuff.

A perfect carry-on travel accessory, the suitcase it quite lightweight. You can expand it to make room for more stuff anytime you need.

The handles of the suitcase are ergonomically designed and provide a comfortable grip without putting much pressure on your arms and hands.

The 4-wheel spinner of the luggage is multi-directional and you can comfortably rotate it amidst the most crowded places. Its rotating wheels make it easy to control and move.

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The outward zip pockets of the suitcase allow you to pack your handy stuff in an organized manner.

Dimensions of the luggage including handle and pockets:

9 x 16 x 24 inches.


5.5 pounds


  • Multi Stage Locking Handle.
  • Water Resistant
  • Bright Pink Looks Beautiful And Is Expandable.
  • Scrubber
    82% Positive Reviews By Trusted Amazon Seller.
  • Scrubber
    The Functional And Durable Luggage Is Sharply Designed.


  • It Does Not Have A Side Handle Which Makes It Inconvenient To Carry It On Many Occasions.

​My Experience with the Lucas Luggage Brand

I need to travel a lot for my office tours, and packing is the tiresome part that I have to go through almost every month. 

Other than my office tours, I also love traveling a lot, and the most tedious part is packing. But still, it is important to carry the important stuff when it comes to traveling both to international and local tours.

I have come across many instances when I face a problem with my luggage bags, and thus I keep changing and searching for the ones that have some unique features making the task easier.

But if you are a pathetic bag organizer, Lucas Luggage ABS Large Hard Case hard 28 inch Rolling Suitcase with Spinning Wheels would be the best buy.

Tough Exterior Design

With a tough exterior look, the shape of the bag makes it easier to travel with. The perfect design of the Lucas ABS gives it a rigid finish and I have total comfort in carrying it. 

It's a great work of art and its well- thought design makes it comfortable. It also offers ample space inside the bag along with being lightweight. Other than being a remarkable piece of beauty. The strong shell cover is scratch proof.

Strong and Comfortable

It is a tough bag with robust exteriors and a little innovation in the way I can place the items inside the bag. The strong and high-quality materials used gives a perfect shape to the bag. 

My traveling experiences are changing ever since I started using this bag. I also prefer Lucas Luggage since it is extremely lightweight and it is easy to carry.

The handle length is compatible with the length of the suitcase making it convenient to carry.

Zipper Divider for Better Organization

​For making my traveling experience great and luxurious one, I would recommend this travel bag which is worth the purchase. 

It has a fully zippered panel and provides compartments for keeping the things in an organized manner. I do have to spend my energy and time in searching for items in the bag.

There are firm straps and clasp to secure the belongings in their place. My clothes remain properly ironed and wrinkle-free.

Smooth Supportive Wheels

It is an 18-inch rolling suitcase that makes it easier to maneuver and carry. In addition, the spinner is fixed in such a way that it is revolving 360 degrees smoothly to give you ease of movement in crowded alleys.

Irrespective of the size, the spinner system attached at the bottom of the bag is excellent, and it spins smoothly even on uneven surfaces without the risk of the bag moving uncontrollably.

When browsing for the ideal bag via the online store, you would come across plenty of option, and among them, the Lucas Luggage is one of the best options.

With its availability in more than four colors, you can purchase a great bag to match your style. It comes at an affordable price, and the online website also offers discounts on the purchase.

Our Lucas Luggage Review is done now. We will keep adding new luggage from Lucas so read our unbiased detailed review before purchasing Lucas Luggage.

Now it's your Turn, Do you find this review useful, Is we missing something? Do you have any personal experience with Lucas Bags then let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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