Are you deciding on buying London Fog Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 10 of the Best Selling Luggage from London Fog.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Are you in hurry? And Don't have time to read the whole detailed reviews than here are 3 best-shortlisted luggage from London Fog.

Best In Budget

Coventry UL 21"

London Fog Coventry UL Collection 21 Inch Expandable Upright
  • OverHead Bin Sized
  • Lightweight
  • Telescopic Handle

Best Of Best

Cambridge 21"

London Fog Cambridge 21 Inch Expandable Carry On, Olive
  • Woven Hound Tooth
  • Spinner Wheels
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Arrow Circle Right
    Lots Of Pockets

Best In HighEnd

Chelsea 29"

London Fog Luggage Chelsea 29 Inch 360 Expandable Upright Suiter, Olive Plaid
  • Luxury Classical Bag
  • Push Button Handle
  • 30% Expandable

Whenever I travel my only wish is that I gather most memorable moments that I could cherish forever in my life.

I have some extremely terrific trips that I keep revisiting in my thoughts and some other that I wish to erase out of my stubborn memory!!

After all my experiences I can say that all my great trips have one common factor-
dependable luggage that allowed good organisation of my necessities.

Additionally looks and ease of mobility also make a piece of luggage brilliant! I know that you would agree with this.

To have your trips keep with immense pleasure and comfort year after year, London Fog makes some
 outstanding luggage pieces.

Any one travel companion of the brand London Fog will let you enjoy your expeditions all over again if you have recently been disheartened after the worst journey of your life.

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London Fog luggage makes beautiful products that range from very compact and personal cabin bags to spacious and safe suitcases.

Whatever is your idea of an impressive luggage, you will find the same inspiration implemented in some or other London Fog luggage piece.

The material of construction used in all London Fog Luggage is just of superb quality.

Whether it is the fabrics of construction, zippers, handles, count of pockets, inner lining or the skeletal (mostly aluminium) structure, everything is just outstanding.

You will get your revered travel companion in form of a bag for energizing weekend trips, professional or business meetings or extended global vacations.

We have compiled a list of best London Fog luggage along with our experience with them in the form of an informative review. You will get a lot of help in making a goo/d luggage buying decision after completing this detailed article.

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Chelsea 20 Inch Wheeled Club Bag

London Fog Luggage Chelsea 20 Inch Wheeled Club Bag

This one is a beautiful and elegant club bag that has been provided with wheels for convenience in a smart bag for short trip. It is also a good choice for an additional carry on.

It is compact and lightweight. You can carry it, wheel it around safely and easily stash it in the overhead cabin in a plane.

The bottom side of the bag is reinforced with sleek and light aluminum frame ending in the trolley handle. It can be pushed open with a button and adjust to match your height and comfort of pulling it besides you.

Its in-line skate ball wheels are very convenient to maneuver. its movement is smooth and sound proof. No Screeches no lagging behind!

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The bag is made from highly sturdy PVC material with a jacquard feel to its exteriors. It makes the bag resistant to water. Your belongings remain hygienic and clean.

It is lined with a good quality fine lining so that you may travel without any mess inside the bag. It is supported by good quality metal zips and brown slip resistant handles.

This bag may look compact but it is very spacious to pack for up to three days’ trip. You can also carry your large laptop and other essentials. When you fill the bag to its capacity you may find it difficult to fit in the plane luggage cabin.

The smart shape and handiness of this club bag earn 4.5+ stars from hundreds of Amazon customers.

London Fog Luggage Chatham 360 Collection 20-Inch Expandable Upright

London Fog Luggage Review Chatham 360 Collection 20-Inch Expandable Upright, Grey

This is a sophisticated piece of luggage from London Fog which is good in appearance and smart in functionality and organisational space.

If you look at the exterior material of the luggage you will immediately know that it is made of good quality and strong stuff.

It can be a great luggage for extended vacations. You can travel for as long as you wish when you have this bag in tow.

To protect it from any accidental scratches or another kind of damage expected during travelling, it comes with the Kick plate between wheels to give a rugged body to this upright bag.

It is reinforced with strong corner guards. No bumpy roads can harm your sincere companion.

It has Eva foam padded front pockets to keep your smart gadgets or books.

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The metal zippers and the zip handles are strong and enhance the visual appeal of your bag as well its life.

The handles on three sides are the reason that makes it a convenient to pick up and carry luggage. All the handles are attached sturdily to the bag for a complete trust.

The bag spins nicely at all inclinations and the trolley handle is strong and sturdy to tackle the gentle pull or rushing to make it to the last announcement for boarding.

This bag with the extra trendy look is given thumbs up and 4.2+ star rating by lots of Trusted Amazon buyers.

Do you find our Unbiased London Fog Luggage Review useful ? Let us know in the comments below. Your comments really keeps us motivated to deliver more.

London Fog Luggage Chelsea 29 Inch 360 Expandable Upright

London Fog Luggage Chelsea 29 Inch 360 Expandable Upright Suiter, Olive Plaid

Another excellent product from London Fog the Chelsea upright suiter is a very convenient companion for your long and short journeys.

Its spinner wheels have great rotational flexibility. It is very easy to move with the help of its trolley.

Its packing space organisation is very thoughtful. You can easily pack for two for a short trip planned for a long weekend.

You get the front and back pockets on the outer surface that can hold all the things that you will need while you are on the way. You can also shove in that extra pair of slippers or a T-shirt that you have been waiting to dry.

The material of construction is really strong bearing all the challenges of any trip with the complete support of PVC bumper guards and kick plate.

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Your bag will remain free from all the hits and bumps caused while going from one place to another.

It has a strong aluminum trolley handle that can be opened with a push button and locked to give you a convenient handle to move the bag in busy airports or carpeted hotel lobbies.

Its zipper can be pulled and opened to add an additional 30% packing space to store more clothes or your recent shopping. 
It has handles on all the sides so that you can lift it easily from the floor or carousal.

The handles do not tire your hands or stress your shoulders. This smart and comfortable bag is appreciated by 133+ Amazon customers with 4.2 stars.

London Fog Cambridge 44 Inch Wheeled Garment Bag

London Fog Cambridge 44 Inch Wheeled Garment Bag, Olive

Great shape and awesome looks are the first impressions of London Fog Cambridge 44 Inch Wheeled Garment Bag.

It’s beautiful hounds tooth like the fabric of construction and the contrasting brown leather like edges and handles give a captivating appeal to the garment bag.

This one is my favorite garment bags due to its innovative organisational capability with a book opening design.

It has separate zippered compartments for packing different clothes separately.

It offers hangers attaching facility so that you can hang your business suits with hanger and carry it along without even a trace of wrinkle. These hooks allow you to hang your bag in the closet straightaway and cutting down the extra task of unpacking and packing.

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The bag is supported by smooth and soundless in-line skate wheels that roll nicely on any kind of road or path.

The handles provided on this bag are stylish but sturdy and resistant to any breakage whatever is the weight of your packed things.

They don’t tire your hands or shoulders even if you carry the bag for long duration.

The broad structure of the bag is a good feature when you have to keep the bag while waiting for a delayed flight. It keeps standing without tipping over. This bag is appreciated for its looks and spaciousness by many Amazon buyers with 4.0 stars.

London Fog Coventry UL Collection 21 Inch Expandable Upright

London Fog Coventry UL Collection 21 Inch Expandable Upright

Those who have enough of 360 degree spinner bags and want to add an upright bag in their luggage collection will gladly buy the London Fog Coventry Expandable suitcase.

This is a highly appreciated and recommended bag that has two inline skater wheels for mobility as well as for keeping the bag securely in one place.

It is made from extremely durable and strong 100% heavy duty micro-weave poly-ballistic material.

Its honey comb weaving gives it a sophisticated look and superior exterior for many years after purchase.

It is resistant to mishandling and meant to counter rough and tough use. All the corners have protective guards to defend them from getting razed by a rough road.

The back panel of this bag is given special attention by reinforcing it with a layer that makes it even sturdier.

It still falls into the category of
lightweight luggage that is easy to tow as well as carry.

The trolley handle is made from aluminum so it does not add to the bag’s weight. It can be opened with a push button and adjusted to your height.

The carrying capacity of this expandable upright bag is also a vital reason to go for it.

The huge space offered in a big compartment with straps, zippered mesh pocket, two shoe pouches and two zippered external pockets will tempt you to plan for vacations frequently.

The contrasting copper metallic zippers and brown accents make it a long lasting bag.

Be ready to walk with a star in luggage! Its overall appearance is a great aspect that will assist you to identify after a journey.

The front exteriors of the bag have
EVA padding. This increases the safety of the fragile souvenirs that you have got back from your vacation.

The only limitation is that this amazing bag is available in only black color. This black beauty is very handy, robust and secure that’s why it gets 4.3 star rating from 107+ satisfied Amazon customers.

London Fog Luggage Langley 29 inch Expandable Spinner Carry On

London Fog Luggage Review Langley 29 inch Expandable Spinner Carry On

Usually, I don’t get impressed easily, but London Fog Langley Expandable Spinner is an exception with extraordinary design and tough construction.

I must say I am stunned with functionality, organizational space and of course its elegance.

The pretty London Fog Langley Expandable spinner bag is made of striped ballistic material and a fine dobby weave.

It is accentuated with a contrast vertical stripe to give a classy look while enforcing its durability.

The ballistic material makes it flexible and lightweight and the strong aluminum skeleton makes it robust to bear ill treatment in the hands of bellboys and cabbies.

The trolley handle is easy to pull out by pushing a single button and can be adjusted according to your height.

Other three carry-on handles are seamlessly integrated with bag exteriors thus are very dependable.

You don’t have to adjust the bag for picking it up since it has handles on all sides.

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The wheels are also of very high quality with smooth movement on any kind of surface from tiled floors to thick carpets.

It is a true spinner that exhibits its gliding skills on any kind of road or surface. 

The easy steering of this trolley bag will give you a feeling of flying through the crowds.

It offers huge storage space - a large compartment with straps, 2 large pockets on the inner side of top cover plus a long zippered pocket and a zippered exterior pocket.

Right from your official document to tiniest travel essentials, everything has a well thought space for safe storage.

The ballistic fabric adds flexibility so that it happily adjusts your after-thought needs like your favorite T-shirts and pajamas.

It is immune to any kind of ordeal while traveling since it is water resistant.

My only complaint with this lock less expandable luggage is that the inner lining looks a bit fake. With 4.9 stars rating from Trusted Amazon buyers, you won’t need any other evidence to accept its utility.

London Fog Soho 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry-On

London Fog Soho 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry-On

This water and moisture resistant bag is made from 100% high density dobby polyester.

Its exterior is a beautiful paisley pattern that hides all kind of marks and signs of rough usage. The beautiful pattern identifies it easily among countless routine bags of your travel companions.

The strong bag has trolley adjustable handle plus carry-on handles on three sides for versatility.

A feature of all London Fog bags, Soho Expandable Spinner Carry-On, also has a good count of pockets for storing small items and a big compartment for clothes and big things like a gift for your spouse

A front zippered pocket is the best place for documents, tickets, chargers for urgent needs.

Zippers are smooth to open and close with the help of strong metallic zip handles. All zips are stitched to perfection to resist any kind of tears when the bag is fully stuffed after expanding it to full capacity.

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Trolley handle is robust metallic and a smooth and firm grip with a push button to adjust it for maximum comfort while moving it from one place to another.

360 degree movement of the robust and tough wheels make it a great luggage when it is stuffed with all your necessities like books, clothes, toiletries, small electronic gadgets etc.

It is a good luggage piece to be carried for a short trip of 2-3 days. Its compartments keep your clothes and things organized properly.

You will love to open an orderly bag that assists you to get ready for the business meeting or conference you have to attend immediately after landing.

It is a compact bag that can be easily shoved in the overhead luggage case in flight.

It plays the role of a carry-on very well.

Like me, you will also wish that this beautiful bag must have a TSA lock. Otherwise, I fully agree with the fair amount of Amazon buyers who gave this bag an enviable 4.8 star rating.

​​​London Fog Kingsbury 21" Expandable Hardside Spinner Carry-on​

London Fog Kingsbury 21 inch Expandable Hardside Spinner Carry-on​

An interesting addition to your collection of luggage would be the London Fog Kingsbury Expandable Hardside Spinner Carry-on.

I am recommending this Spinner carry-on since the reliability of this bag is top-notch due to the hard-side construction that allows it to retain its shape thus protecting your valuable belongings from breaking or getting damaged in transit.

The robustness of its tough body comes from Durable polycarbonate composite fabric.

Its fine grain finish looks even more attractive with a smart and chic plaid design.

The smooth surface exhibits total repulsion to any scratches or abrasions that may result for frequent travelling. Both of the colours available are awesome on looking and make this a attractive luggage aswell.

It has a strong 8 wheel assembly with 360 degree motion for effortless movement from one place to another.

The wheel assembly is resistance and noise free. You will notice your bag only when the people will be enviably staring at you for carrying such a good looking bag!!

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It has two big sections for proper storage. The lower one has straps for clasping and pressing down your clothes.

The upper compartment has a zippered cover to prevent the belongings stored from falling down. You can also store used clothes in case you don’t want to ruin all clothes.

Zippers are smooth and robust. The bag can be expanded by opening the zip from one end to another and make space for the bulky winter clothes or return gifts for your kids.

Handles are also very strongly built that make it an easy to carry-on luggage to different locations and places. 

This smart and stunning bag’s only drawback is fewer pockets for storing smaller things.

On the basis of all other superior features of this bag, all I can say that it rightly deserves 4.8 stars as given by Trusted Amazon buyers, and a top position in London Fog hardside luggage reviews.

​London Fog Knightsbridge Hyperlights 25" Expandable

London Fog Knightsbridge Hyperlights 25 inch Expandable

This brilliant professional looking luggage is just perfect for those who don’t lose a sense of beauty even when they are preoccupied with their work or business commitments.

It is hyperlight as its name suggests and it is actually lighter than all those bags which are considered lightweight.

What does it mean to you? You can pack more things!!

It is made from superior quality polyester carefully fused to give a strong but a lightweight piece of luggage.

Its smooth surface is defined by a lightly woven micro-ballistic material. It is resistant to harsh travelling conditions.

The body relies on strong aluminum channels, Hyperlight chassis and strong grid base making it sturdier and dependable.

The interiors have a big storage section with straps to embrace your carefully ironed clothes.

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The cover flap has shoe pockets and a zippered mesh pocket on the inner side.

The external zippered pocket is quite spacious to hold the things that you have picked up in the last moments of packing.

Your chargers, pens, tickets and boarding passes will stay safe in this pocket. Expand the bag by opening the end to end zipper.

The trolley handle is a strong metallic structure with ergonomically designed grip for comfortable steering of the bag.

It is slip and sweat resistant. The integrated handles on all sides are also made from the strong ballistic polyester for the convenience of picking a bag from any side.

So, there is no question of breaking of the handles when returning with a huge shopping.

You need to make sure what
 type of luggage is suitable for your trip like carry-on, suitcases or backpacks ? If you are planning for 10-14 days of outing then this is perfect fit for your needs.

I found the wheel system very well designed as the wheels are attached at the corners of grid base for better mobility.

All the corners are protected against abrasions that may occur while maneuvering the spinner trolley

This sophisticated bag leads in the list of London Fog Knightsbridge Luggage reviews with 4.8 stars from Trusted Amazon buyers.

London Fog Cambridge 25" Expandable Hardside Spinner

London Fog Cambridge 25 inch Expandable Hardside Spinner

Many people like me are diehard admirers of the classic things. I am pretty sure that like me you will also fall in love with the traditional looking stylish spinner bag by London Fog - the Cambridge Expandable Hardside Spinner.

This suitcase is one of the most preferred London Fog retro look luggage (I will say Retro as well as stylish). Its polycarbonate tough and rugged body is best suited to be carried for any kind of trip you go.

The functionality of this bag is just outstanding. Its friction less omni-directional 8 wheels give the exceptional capability to pull it on all kinds of roads without giving even minor heave on your fists .

It has handles on top and sides that make it easy to lift and push into the overhead cabin in flight or train.

Yes, it is expandable!! How great it would be that you pack fewer things while going on a trip and get back with great outfits and other accessories after a gratifying shopping spree at your favourite shopping destination.

This hardside spinner is a great company for professional or fun trips.

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The fabulous looks of this trolley bag come from houndstooth print giving a feeling of woven.

The bag is secured with high quality self repairing zippers with the
 TSA approved locking system.

Trolley handle is made from tough aluminium channel tubes that can tolerate any pull or drag. The trolley grip is very comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip at all.

The inner side of the bag is as elegant as its exteriors.

It is lined with the signature London Hog lining and has multiple pockets for giving right place to all your necessities for a journey.

It has three shoe pockets and a zipper pocket on the upper side and a big and spacious strapped compartment for your clothes and bigger things.

This is a great luggage idea for the frequent travelers with the best organization capability.

Its smart looks and functionality get a 4.7 star rating among London Fog Cambridge Luggage reviews from Amazon buyers.

London Fog Kensington 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry-On

London Fog Kensington 21 Inch Expandable Spinner Carry-On

If you are in search of a bag with a lot of pockets to keep a variety of things for your journey then you will find the London Fog Kensington Expandable Spinner Carry-On a perfect luggage.

It has got two zippered external pockets, two inner shoe pockets, a long zippered mesh pocket, a detachable see-through zippered pouch and a big compartment with clasp straps.

The checkered polyester exteriors look great. This one is a winner on the basis of the strength of its body.

The aluminium channel trolley gives it the robust structure and it can be carried for any international flight and face rough handling of the airport baggage employees. It is also very light weight luggage too.

It has a firm and sturdy grip with a push button to adjust the trolley handle for comfortable mobility.

The bag is one of the lightest trolley bags among its peers and it has the right dimensions to be able to fit in the flight overhead cabin for luggage.

It has four wheels assembly that keeps the movement smooth and flawless whether indoors and outdoors. The wheel assembly is very balanced and stable for any kind of trip or adventure.

All the zippers whether they are on inside or outside are of excellent quality giving you the smooth opening and closing experience.

Packing your stuff in this bag is a real pleasure. All the zippers are self repairing. Even a fully stuffed bag will not affect the working of this reliable expandable bag.

This suitcase is designed with usage and practicality in mind. It is lightweight and smart. Its external body never shows the strain of extended vacations and multiple destinations during a journey.

Thanks to polyester patterned material!! Lots of Trusted Amazon buyers have given 4.6 stars to this bag that always looks new.

London Fog Kensington 20 Inch Wheeled Club Bag

London Fog Kensington 20 Inch Wheeled Club Bag​

This is a small bag but with a good packing capacity. The great looking fabric of construction is quite strong and dust resistant.

The bag is supported by a sturdy aluminum handle so that you can pull this bag easily through the crowd.

The handle system has the additional support of channels and a strong handle locking to set handle height to meet your comfort level.

Its in-line skate polyurethane wheels are highly smooth when moving behind you.

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The motion is effortless to give you the smoothest travel experience. The bag has dual handles with a Velcro fitted flap at the middle part of handles to keep them together so that you don’t have to struggle with the bag if you have to carry it in hand.

The bag looks stylish and compact and can be easily placed in the overhead cabin.

It has a long zip on the top side for conveniently opening the bag and packing or unpacking your travel essentials. The bottom surface is secured with protective covers to give it a very elegant look.

This conveniently shaped and compact travel bag for short trips earns a 4.2 star rating from Amazon buyers.

London Fog Coventry Hyperlights 21" Expandable

London Fog Coventry UL Collection 21 Inch Expandable Upright

If you have ever dreamed of a stylish suitcase which also is an epitome of strength and durability, your dream comes true in shape of London Fog Coventry Hyperlights Expandable Spinner.

It defines beauty in luggage. All luggage that you have seen till now will look dull in comparison to this masterpiece.

The first thing that will catch your fancy is its super strong polyester like exterior made from the long-lasting micro-weave poly-ballistic material.

The bag is padded with EVA foam to give it strength and a layer of protection to secure your valuables against perishes of long and bumpy trips.

Its frame defines its perfect shape, is as robust as the fabric.

The frame ensures that the spinner bag is able to bear the torment of all your voyages when you have to switch from one mode of transport to another.

I couldn’t help noticing that routine scratches or abrasions don’t affect the appeal of the bag at all.

London Fog Coventry Hyper lights Expandable Spinner keeps on looking its best after years of travelling.

The self repairing zippers are made from antique brass metallic, a symbol of the sturdy closing system.

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Capacity wise this expandable bag is a great accomplice for up to a week of outing.

The large compartment is provided with two clasp straps that keep a tight hold on clothes without wrinkling them.

The top cover’s inner side has a long mesh zippered pocket and two pouches to keep two pairs of shoes or soiled clothes.

Two thoughtful front zip pockets make just the right space for your documents or accessories that you may need immediately while travelling.

The 360 rotating spinners are matchless in mobility. You will feel them gliding not rolling.

Trolley handle is robust ending in a fitting grip for easy maneuverability. Inner London Fog Signature lining completes the look of an elite travel luggage.

It lacks only in a reliable locking system else it is a celebrity luggage for me. Get this icon of travel elegance that has earned 5 stars from four Amazon shoppers.

My Experience with the London Fog Luggage Brand

Nothing comes close to traveling when you need a break from that typical monotonous rhythm of your tightly scheduled days. This comes from a true travel enthusiast, and you might be able to relate to the same if you are addicted to traveling too.

London Fog Chelsea 29 inch

My personal London Fog Bags

However, personally speaking, I would like to bring up one factor in this scenario, and that is ‘luggage.’

A lot of it depends on the luggage bag and accessories when you are planning for a hassle-free, comfortable journey without those panic-attacks of losing the valuable documents! It was a lesson learned from my trip to Bhutan where I visited for my buddy’s wedding.

The travel bag was not too old, but the precious dress that I was about to wear for the occasion was full of leather pieces coming out of the inner surface of my travel bag.

I figured the urge to take my packing accessories sincerely since that doomsday.

Here’s what I want to share with you about the most convenient, trendy, structured London fog travel bags.

Take it from a really clumsy luggage carrier, these extremely handy travel bags from London Fog made me feel like the most organized person in the world! Whether it was a long trip or a road trip, ‘London fog’ has been my BFF since then.

If you are a frequent traveler, demonstrated below are some of the significant pluses of London fog luggage to make your next trip much more comfortable!


Dragging and pulling that heavy luggage takes plenty effort and my London fog spinner proved it all wrong.

I literally could not feel the force of pulling as if it was automatically gliding even on the uneven street surface.

The spinning wheels are coated with EVA foam-padded material. The wheels are firm but flexible which rolls on any side.

There are also kick plates and bumper guards available to protect the edges that usually get torn and damaged.

Properly structured with extra storage and great finishing:
The second important part is that these bags do not look all bulky. The storage spaces are intelligently placed for stuffing in as many things and still look sleek and structured. 

They also have nice and proper linings and finishing so that you do not have to worry about that end of thread spiking out only after a month.

Excellent Light in weight, extremely trendy:

London Fogs usually hold a classic trend that suits almost everyone and goes with any get up. The designs are great with dynamic patterns like novelty, plaid, paisley and more. 

Whether it is a business tour or a casual trip, it goes with all. The pieces are really light in weight with excellent material quality. Apart from that London fogs are really affordable compared to most luggage brands and offer customers great deals.

What more do you need :

Exactly, what more do I need! It’s been two years now I am using my London fog spinner, and it has served me gold with exceptional durability. You can get your hands on any London fog luggage. There are tones available! To get in touch with the brand, check their official website.

Our View On London Fog Luggage :

The elegance and worthiness of any London Fog luggage is worth a try. If you don’t get one today you will never know what it means to travel in style and poise.

All the products we have reviewed here have the most remarkable features that you will desire in your luggage.

These trolley bags and hard side suitcases are made with a focus on the needs of travelers who wish for a balance of utility, worth of their money and classiness.

The most prominent feature of these bags is the spacious compartments and additional pockets.

Before spending your money on just anything in name of classy luggage, go through honest and unbiased reviews and feedback of the genuine customers who have shared their experiences on online shopping sites like Amazon.

This exercise is most important since there are a lot of people like you who wish to help others in getting the best bargain for their hard earned money.

Just spend some time and shop the best for your future local and global endeavors.

That's all from our end, Now its your turn. Do you find this unbiased review about London Fog useful ? Do you have any experience with this brand or did we missed something than please let us know your experience or suggestions in the comment below.

Till then, Happy Shopping! May you get the best London Fog for you!!

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