Best Lipault Luggage Reviews (2019)

Are you deciding on buying Lipault Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 08 of the Best Selling Luggage from Lipault.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

Lipault is a brand name in high fashion luggage that is also a symbol of quality and excellence to countless travelers for whom comfort at any cost is the best bargain.

Lipault makes beautiful and robust, light weight and durable and handy travel bags, spinners and carries on for its diverse variety of customers. It has sustained the tradition of producing superior luggage for years that has a global appeal and worldwide demand.

These bags are chic and appealing. Lipault Paris offers a set of
 smart and vibrant luggage that is totally different and exquisite in comparison to the routine bags you will see in the tow of most of the travels.

Having a Lipault by your side will make you feel like a celebrity since all the eyes will stay on your awesome choice. There is a perfect Lipault for every one of you who knows the difference between stylish and usual.

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To give comfortable, handy, lightweight and least care demanding luggage for the die-hard fans of these brilliant bags, Lipault has a lot to choose from. That includes hand bags, suitcases, and foldable carry-ons, Luggage sets and patent luggage. Lipault Price Tag is just a bit high but is totally worth it.

Getting a
 perfect luggage may be a tiresome job for those of you who have a small amount of time to plan and execute a memorable vacation. So, here is a compact list of the best Lipault luggage for the ease of luggage shopping.

We have taken care to mention the best features along with our own experience with these luggage pieces. Read along to know which Lipault fits the best in your cruising needs around the globe or near home.

Lipault Luggage Original Plume 20" Spinner Suitcase Review


Are you tired of those heavy and bulky old school travel bag that is so heavy that you are forced to leave half of your things behind when you have to travel internationally?

You just need to click on the above link and you will learn that your travel woes are taken care by the Ultra-light weight
Lipault Luggage Original Plume Suitcase.

This is a smart looking smartly designed soft sided bag with four wheel spinner system to give you a flawlessly moving bag that enhances the functionality and utility of this luggage piece.

The best part is to fit it in overhead you can flatten the face of the baggage.

Despite being a soft-side luggage the body won't even get a scratch. Its made up of heavy grade nylon. and it's waterproof too.

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It spins smoothly without any resistance so that your voyage is not slowed down by a jerky and rickety bag. Its reliable and adjustable shape makes it easy to secure in the airplane overhead cabin as a carry on. It fits in small spaces very efficiently.

The best thing is that you don’t have to compromise on those dull looking bags when you can choose a happening spinner bag from a range of vibrant and fashionable suitcases to match your spirited and fun loving persona.

It may not have a huge count of pocket but its flexible structure allows you to pack more than you expect.

Your clothes and other essentials are preserved in a clean and moisture proof bag with the interiors having fully lined compartments large enough for a trip of any kind or duration.

The wheels and handles are handles are loyal to your needs. They are strong and well built to go a long way on a voyage. 

The only drawback this bag seems to have that it is not TSA lock. But you wont find any problem with any other airlines or TSA This brilliant bag gets 4.7 star rating on Amazon. 
And not a single 1 or 2 star rating so far.

Lipault Luggage Original Plume 20" Spinner Suitcase,Purple,One Size

lipault paris original plume 22 purple carry on luggage the craftmanship

A brilliant carry on with spinner wheels is an essential ingredient of a smart and enjoyable excursion.

Buying light weight luggage with flexible structure is a wise decision if you want to have a trouble-free travelling experience. 

Lipault Luggage Original Plume 20" Spinner Suitcase is made with all attention to such needs of frequent travelers.

It is made from flexible fabric that does not add to the weight of the super-cool carry-on while making it strong and water resistant to protect your belongings during a trip.

It is highly accommodating in the sense that opposite to its compact appearance it can pack more than you may imagine.

You will be able to carry all your indispensable needs along for a long duration trip.

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Its zippers are very strong and have convenient handles. Zippers don’t get stuck or fail when the bag is packed to its capacity.

The trolley handle is made from robust metal that can be locked at different stages to have a perfectly comfortable pulling experience.

Once you keep the spinner in its place you can hide the protruding trolley handle in a well thought zipper pocket.

The soft-lined handles give you a strong grip on the bag. It is slip free.

The bag comes in arrange of bright and happy colors to brighten your travel day with a lot of compliments from onlookers.

Its trolley adjustability for people of any height is a great feature making it a much loved travel luggage for men as well as women.

One big pocket, one small zippered interior pocket and a zippered pocket at the front of the bag gives you a great support in keeping your things organized for a comfortable journey.

The handles at top and sides are soft and sturdy to hold.

This smart bag gets 87 % - 5-4 stars as appreciation on Amazon Marketplace.

Lipault Paris Upright 25 inch 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase (Ebony)

Lipault Paris Upright 25 inch 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase (Ebony)

A wheeled suitcase must be strong and light weight and should be able to carry all your stuff without giving you a second thought about carrying an additional luggage.

The Lipault Paris Upright 25" 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase is a perfect example of a handy carry-on luggage since it is made from 100% Nylon Twill.

The fabric is the biggest reason for the ultra-light weight structure of the wheeled bag as well as the safety of your clothes and packing of additional accessories needed while travelling.

The another best part is that it is 100% fold able (look at the below image)

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Lipault Upright are also available in different vibrant color like EBONY , RED, PURPLE, AQUA (size may vary)

The bag expands and adjusts those last minute clothes and extra paperbacks that you love to carry on a rejuvenating vacation. It is made to suit any kind of travel conditions or the place you are travelling to.

Its four smooth spinner wheels make it easy to pull or push in rush hours. The very strong trolley system is capable of carrying extra things in the bag.

Its zippers are of good quality. The stitching and joints are perfect in the finish giving it a well-made look.

The strong fabric of construction is resistant to moisture, dust, scratches, and cuts. It is very easy to clean. All you need is a damp cloth.

The ebony (heavy blackish) color and fully lined clean interiors will make you feel superior among other passenger.

It is robust to handle various checking points, droppings, stacking or other expected tortures on luggage on a long vacation.

You may get exhausted but this beautiful spinner will never let you down.

This is spelled out as the best by lots of satisfied Amazon buyers who gave this bag 4.2 sparking stars.

Lipault Luggage Softsided Foldable Suitcase 2 Wheels 22 Inch Bag

Lipault Luggage Softsided Foldable Suitcase 2 Wheels 22 Inch Bag

Due to limited space in my apartment, I am always in search of luggage that would not take up space when I am travelling or at home after my excursions.

If you too have similar needs you will appreciate this thoughtfully manufactured and foldable spinner bag from Lipault since it will disappear in the smallest corner of your home without complaint.

Its fabric hardly needs any special attention except a damp cloth wipe after each journey.

A feature that I like the most about this bag is that I got a transparent PVC bag to store it after use.

It also gives me the ease of locating it among the things tightly packed in small space above my wardrobe.

The sturdy 420 Denier Nylon used in its construction is not only strong and reliable but it also has a nice sheen that makes it easily identifiable on the carousal or among the routine luggage of your travel companions.

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The organizational capability of the bag is very handy as you will get enough zippered pockets and compartments to keep your things well packed and sorted to locate your things in shortest possible time.

The quality of zippers is awesome.

The handles of the spinner bag are soft to hold and good in the grip. The wheels are smooth in mobility. The trolley is adjustable to match your comfort of standing at one place or moving among crowds. 

Of course, it is 420 Denier Nylon so it is water resistant. Wherever you travel, whatever weather conditions you face, your packed belongings will not be affected.

You will always get your clothes clean and ready to wear. 

When fuly filled with your packed goodies, Lipault Luggage Softsided Foldable Suitcase is comfortable to carry and store even in the overhead cabin in planes or trains. This robust, flexible and packable spinner trolley bag gets 4.2 star rating from lots of Amazon buyers.

Do you found our Unbiased Lipault Luggage Review Useful to you ? Let us know in the comments below. Your comments keep us motivated.

Lipault Paris Upright 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase

Lipault Paris Upright 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase, aqua, 28x19x10

An upright 4 wheeled trolley bag is a blessing in case you are travelling to places characterised by difficult terrain and uneven paths.

This is the special attribute of the Lipault Paris Upright 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase that will become your best buddy to be used for carrying your accessories while travelling.

The fabric of construction is super sturdy and resistant to all kinds of wear and tear expected in the toughest journeys.

This bag will come out a winner if you have been travelling with flimsy bags that appeared to be extremely pretty and robust.

The bag is itself very lightweight.

It is the best bet when you need to carry a variety of clothes for that special vacation since the flexible structure of the bag is the just the feature you will be looking for to pack more than its capacity.

It will fit in everything from your clothes, personal care products, books, chargers and a lot of other things.

An upright 4 wheeled trolley bag is a blessing in case you are travelling to places characterized by difficult terrain and uneven paths.

This is the special attribute f the Lipault Paris Upright 4 Wheeled Carry Suitcase that will become your best buddy to be used for carrying your accessories while travelling.

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The fabric of construction is super sturdy and resistant to all kinds of wear and tear expected in the toughest journeys.

This bag will come out a winner if you have been travelling with flimsy bags that appeared to be extremely pretty and robust. 

The bag is itself very lightweight.

It is the best bet when you need to carry a variety of clothes for that special vacation since the flexible structure of the bag is the just the feature you will be looking for to pack more than its capacity.

It will fit in everything from your clothes, personal care products, books, chargers and a lot of other things.

It may show the presence of dust or spots after a long cruise, but you need not worry about the appearance of this suitcase.

A little water, soap, and a cloth will clean up your bag as well as your worry about the looks of this cool bag. 

It never gets scratched or ripped even if you are traveling in the worst transportation conditions.

Its price tag may appear to be a bit on the higher side of your budget but you will find it worth the money due to its durability, ease of packing and the expansive capability for any kind of travel needs.

The quality of construction is quite satisfying as far as stitching, zipper movement and fabric is concerned.

The maneuverability offered by four wheel assembly is flawless.

It is an upright bag so it behaves like an obedient companion that stays at the place when you are waiting in queue for checking in or getting boarding passes.

This lovable beautiful bag with strong structure and reliable fabric get a 4.2 star rating on Amazon.

Lipault Luggage Foldable 2 Wheeled Upright Suitcase 24 Inch

Lipault Paris Women's Foldable 22 inch Wheeled Carry On Bag

Lipault Luggage Foldable 2 Wheeled Upright Suitcase 24 Inch,Black,One Size is another great choice if you are looking for flexible and foldable trolley bags that lets you enjoy stress free vacations.

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It is nice because it can be folded without any hassles and kept away where you will find it back just before your next cruise plan.

The trolley handle is extendable so that you can pull it up and lock it at a height just suitable for your posture. 

It prevents all stress on your hands, shoulders or arms felt while pulling a wheeled suitcase.

Other handles provided on the sides of the bag are slip resistant and soft to hold when picking it away from carousal or climbing down from a train.

It is securely closed by a good quality zipper.

It has one zippered pocket in the big compartment and one external zippered pocket so that you can pack the last minutes things or keep the used things away from the rest of the clean clothes.

Its capacity is good for a person travelling for up to a week.

It is ultra light in weight but super strong in flexibility.

The 2-wheeled trolley system gives you a convenient angle to pull it among people with ease.

This vibrantly fashionably colored bag is a perfect match for your fun loving nature.

It fits perfectly in all settings. Whether you are travelling for business or just a relaxed extended vacation, the Lipault Luggage Foldable 2 Wheeled Upright Suitcase will never seem to be out of place.

The outer fabric not only looks appealingly sober but is also very strong to cope with the pressure of long vacation packing.

Its interiors are carefully lined with Nylon to give it a neat and clean compartment ready to hold your belongings.

This perfect easy to roll bag gets a 3.4 star rating from lots of happy Amazon customers.

Lipault Paris Women's Foldable 22" Wheeled Carry On Bag

Lipault Luggage Foldable 2 Wheeled Upright Suitcase 24 Inch

This is another star product from Lipault that is designed especially for women travellers due to its elegant appearance.

Available in girlish purple color this carry-on bag has a good packing capacity and is reasonably priced. 

The biggest plus of this bag is its size which allows the fair travelers to keep it comfortably in the overhead compartment.

Whether you are moving the trolley bag on carpet or other rough surfaces, the wheels won’t disappoint you since they work smoothly on almost all surfaces.

Furthermore, there are no complaints about wheel getting damaged on the way.

The bag has an ergonomic handle with non-slip grip that does not exert any fatigue on hand or arm.

The extendable handle is suitable for travellers of any height or posture.

You will find two comfortable handles on the sides and top that makes it convenient to carry it while getting in or out of the hotel or your car dear ladies.

Talking about the storage space, you will find a number of pockets inside for well organized packing.

The most important part of any bag is its zippers.

The Lipault women’s bag is equipped with a high quality zipper and is strong enough so that it does not get pulled automatically while travelling.

The other features that need a special mention here are its front pocket for easy accessibility, plastic feet for protection, Denier Nylon construction, water resistance and foldable ability.

This is one of the best checking bags on this list of top Lipault bags and is highly recommended. The good 3.3 star rating by Amazon buyers is a right measure of its likeability.

​Lipault 0% Pliable Foldable Upright 75/28 Suitcase (Black)

Lipault 0% Pliable Foldable Upright 75-28 Suitcase (Black)

If you are looking for a durable bag that can be your long term companion, your search ends with Lipault’s two-wheel trolley bag. 

The bag has perfect dimensions and lightweight enough to be carried for long vacations.

This strong bag comes with a waterproof exterior made from PVC reinforced Nylon which is known for its strength and integrity.

The feature that you will love the most is its spinner wheels that will ensure smooth motion while walking along with the bag.

You can tilt the bag and roll it easily to your destination without feeling the weight of your stuffed bag.

What I like about this bag from Lipault is its front pocket and I hope you will also find this useful to store small items like a charger or other handy articles.

You will not have to unzip the whole bag to look for the urgent stuff like a boarding pass, tickets or passport.

This upright suitcase is available in bright colors Aqua and Purple apart from the gently professional Black color.

I am sure that the younger people would love to pick the peppy Purple bag for themselves.

It’s a brilliant color to show your brighter side to the world.

One more thing I would like to share with you is that unlike the bags from other brands, the zippers of Lipault bag match perfectly with the color of the bag.

This sleek and durable bag comes with three-year warranty and is highly recommended for all generations who are looking to travel with style and comfort. It gets 3.3 star rating from Amazon customers who have loved this bag for their countless trips and cruises.

​My Experience with the Lipault Paris Luggage Brand

While travelling, comfort can never be ignored at any cost. A beautiful suitcase with comfortable organizational space will be a perfect companion to move around in the world. Your luggage must be able to resist the hassles of travelling.

Lipault luggage is designed by keeping all these needs of travelers in mind. It is obviously visible in all the luggage pieces that we have reviewed and discussed here for your assistance.

Our suggestion is very simple. Do good research before finalising any travel accessory.

You must know your needs and study the market on your own specific parameters. Look for bags that have reliable and strong zippers, have comfortable and soft to hold handles, retractable trolley with good grip handle, multiple compartments and pockets with zippers for easy organisation and strong fabric which is also easy to clean.

This is the reason why we put our hands on these trolley to let our readers know everything they need to know before buying any luggage. 

Lipault luggage displays all these features. You will be taking a right decision by selecting one from the list of the products mentioned above.

You can also visit the online shopping haven like Amazon to read more about them and get a clear idea about the utility of your chosen suitcase. It is a great platform to read the unbiased opinions of customers like you and make the best bargain.

Thats all from us. Now its your Turn, Do you found this unbiased Lipault Bags review helpful ? Do you own any of the above mentioned luggage or any luggage from Lipault. Let us know your experience with the brand in the comments below.

Happy Lipault shopping and brighter an happier journeys!

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