Are you deciding on buying Haupstadtkoffer Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 10 of the Best Selling Luggage from Haupstadtkoofer.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process. So, you can trust us when it comes to luggage.

Are you in hurry? And Don't have time to read the whole detailed reviews than here are 3 shortlisted luggage from Haupstadtkoffer that are worth your money.

Best In Budget


HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Alex - Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable TSA
  • Multi Directional Wheels
  • TSA Lock
  • ABS + Polycarbonate

Best Of Best


HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase (20 inch, 24 inch & 28inch ) TSA
  • Updated Style of Alex
  • Fit Under One Another
  • TSA Locks
  • Arrow Circle Right
    2 * 4 Spinner Wheels

Best In HighEnd

Hauptstadtkoffer Boxi

Hauptstadtkoffer Boxi Luggage Set 3 Piece Lightweight Suitcase (20 inch, 24 inch & 28 inch) TSA
  • Strong Spinner Wheels
  • TSA Lock
  • ABS/Hard-Side Material

Hauptstadtkoffer is the killing luggage brand of Germany.

The name "Hauptstadtkoffer" is quite hard to spell (at least for me) and their bags are also the same as their name Hard and durable.

The brand Hauptstadtkoffer was born when the company owner and partner Alexander Gobel and Sebastian Hartmann noticed when waiting for their bag at the luggage conveyor that luggage all around the globe looks same, black grey and other dull colors.

And this was the exact moment when the idea of "Hauptstadtkoffer" was seeded.

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The company decided to make High-quality luggage with vibrant, joyful colors which suit owners personality and moods.

You can easily identify your Hauptstadtkoffer luggage from a long distance.

It will stand out in the conveyor belt and makes you feel like you are no more than a celebrity.

There is another luggage brand that follows the same concept of making stylish graphical luggage at affordable prices and they are Rockland luggage and the brand is also quite famous in the USA. So don't miss to check the Review of Rockland Luggage.

This German Engineered Brand is ruling the luggage market in Germany and in neighbor countries. This astonishing suitcase is promoted all around the globe and has a customer base of more than 250,000 people who trust and appreciate this wonderful luggage.

As grown by as a startup company, Hauptstadtkoffer aim is not to provide only High-Quality luggage but also provide Top Notch after sale services. Which most companies fail to deliver.

Most companies are just behind your bucks and then totally forgot who you are why should they care about you. And from my personal experience, a top quality after sale service is the key to grow in this competitive luggage industry and Hauptstadtkoffer knows this very well. And provide genuine value to their customers. That is why Hauptstadtkoffer is growing by 2-3 fold each year.

Another notable feature about Hauptstadtkoffer is that the luggage parts are not riveted (joined). This means Luggage can be totally disassembled and parts can be replaced easily making your luggage a brand new piece.

With all these great features and affordable price, it will be a big mistake if we don't review this awesome luggage brand on our site. So let's begin our Hauptstadtkoffer review.

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HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Alex - Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable TSA

In my opinion, searching for a luggage that meets your most requirements and looks exceptionally good side by side is a tough job to do. But when you look at this stylish luggage "Alex" from Hauptstadtkoffer all your needs get settled in just a single choice.

These days nobody likes to carry a dull color bag like your grandfather used to carry in their days that is why this wonderful bag is available in 8 different vibrant colors that meets your needs and style simultaneously. The colors represent the joy of festivals in Berlin.

The 360-degree rotation wheels are smooth and move flawlessly in any direction required. The movement of wheels are well balanced and move in any kind of surface without blemish.

The shining surface is super strong and made up of PC + ABS Polycarbonate and can easily handle any can type of mistreatment done by airport carriers staffs or hotel employees.

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The smart telescopic handles are made up of anodized aluminum which makes open and close motion breeze and is durable in nature. One more handle is on the other side (long side) for easy carrying/parking as per your need.

If you are like my wife than the 15% expandability feature will hook you. This smart suitcase adapts its volume according to your belongings.

To prevent clutter of your clothes or stuff the interior of Hauptstadtkoffer Alex luggage offer cross straps at the top of the compartment. Both of the compartments are big and the fully fabric lined interior are just part of the additional beauty and usefulness Hauptstadtkoffer offer.

The Hauptstadtkoffer Alex is available on with and without TSA locks according to your requirements. As you know TSA locks are important if traveling to the USA if you don't want to open your luggage yourself in front of TSA.

As explained above all the parts are screwed so replacement of any damaged parts is just another best feature of the Alex series of luggage.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Ostkreuz Hard Side Luggage Set (20,24,28)

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Ostkreuz Luggages Set Matt Suitcase 20inch , 24 inch & 28 inch TSA

If you wish to travel with all your needs and luxuries you enjoy at home then you definitely need something that is capable to carry everything and this Ostkreuuz luggage from Hauptstadtkoffer is the best option you could opt for.

The Beautiful Ostkreuuz series from Hauptstadtkoffer is named after the most important Railway Station of Berlin Ostkreuuz. The Designer bag represents the originality of Berlin. This stylish comfy bag is a piece of art from Hauptstadtkoffer.

When you will go with your children or family then there is a certain confusion that how to arrange the luggage separately or include everything in one.

The complete set offers to pack your stuff more easily and in more organized fashion.

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The benefit of having a set is that you don't have to worry about the number of days of vaccinations you have for every possible duration period you have a separate bag for that.

All the three suitcases look very scenic and their design and pattern are also of top notch. And are available in 4 different colors.

2 * 4 spinner wheels make the movement of the bag really smooth even in the upright position.

The construction material polypropylene is quite muscular and does not break easily.

Inbuilt TSA locks are one of the Top priority for customers these days. And the brand Hauptstadtkoffer knows this pretty well. That is why you get an inbuilt TSA lock with by default password set to "000".

Having a set can be an issue sometime if you have space problems in your home. But that's not the case with Hauptstadtkoffer they craft luggage set in a viable measure that goes inside one another. It means the complete set will take the space of only the bigger one (28 inches).

Handles are made of Aluminium which is very lightweight and a grip is made ergonomic plastic for a comfortable grip without palm sweating. 

Inside of all the three bags are very spacious and organized on one compartment you will get a fully open space with straps at the top for tight grip and on the other side you have a fabric covered compartment with two separate net compartments for extra packing.

It is also 15% expandable. Overall the suitcase is quite nice looking and is very lightweight. The price at which the complete set is available makes the deal this deal irresistible.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Spree Hardside Spinner Trolley

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Spree - Luggage Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable TSA

How about adding some style element to your vacation luggage? Yes, you guessed it right!

Here is a great spinner bag from Hauptstadtkoffer that is loved by all. This joyful color bag is available in 8 different colors to choose to from.

If you ask my opinion it looks same like Hauptstadtkoffer Alex that I reviewed above 🙂

​You will definitely be pleased by the comfort and style The Spree offers.

Let's dive some of the features it offers

The smooth and silent spinner wheels make your movement hassle free. The wheels roll perfectly well on uneven surfaces and tiles as well.

The expandability option allows you to expand your bag 15% more than its original space offerings.

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The fully lined interior with several mesh pocket and big compartments with the straps at the top makes organization of your belongings easier and in a mannered way.

The hassle-free TSA locks keep you away from the issue of opening the bag in front of the crowd for security check.

The body is made up of strong ABS plastic which is used in making car parts. ABS plastic is also known for its lightweight feature.

The anodized aluminum handle is thick and strong and can easily carry 35+ pounds of weight without feeling the weight on your hands and shoulders. The ergonomic grip of the handle makes a perfect grip without causing seating in the palm.

According to most of the airline standard, this can easily be stored on the overhead cabin of the plane.

I have also reviewed this bag in our list of Top 15 bags Under $100.

So, this much feature and style under $100 is a great steal for the time being. So make sure you get one before the price rises.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggage Set Glossy Suitcase (20,24,28)

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase (20 inch, 24 inch & 28inch ) TSA

This Glossy set offers you more than 24 colors to choose from. All of the collection looks incredibly great and shines like a diamond.

It also offers lots of features like other Hauptstadtkoffer luggage.

The bag goes inside of one another and does not take more space in your room.

Corners are the part of the bag that gets in contact with the surface maximum times. This is why the glossy set has 8 corner protector to avoid scratches and damages.

Four pairs of wheels are available on each corner with multi directional movement. Wheels are very smooth and easy to carry any place.

It can also slide easily on the impolite surface with enforcing zero exertion in our arm and shoulder.

Front compartment TSA lock is already installed. No key required for this lock, it is a combination lock and opens only with your password.

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Its zipper is very strong and long-lasting. The case has long plastic feet along with the zipper.

Inside of the Hauptstadtkoffer Glossy set has a huge compartment. One side open with straps and other compartment has fabric over the top and 1 large mesh pocket.

The ABS + Polycarbonate material of the body makes the luggage very strong and also lightweight side by side.

According to Hauptstadtkoffer company, the glossy set has top synthesis technology which results in the lustrous look the bag has.

The material is made after a long research by their team.

The push button telescopic aluminum handle is strong and durable.

It can also be locked in any particular height. Another handle is also present on the longer side of the bag. 

4 small stand is on the other longer side of the luggage for parking the bag without touching the floor.

The bag is also known as the updated version of the Alex collection.

Honest pricing of Hauptstadtkoffer Glossy set made it the favorite bag of many avid travelers. With more than 85 % positive reviews over Amazon marketplace made the bad one of the Bestselling luggage set under $200.

Hauptstadtkoffer Boxi Luggage Set 3 Piece (20', 24' & 28')

Hauptstadtkoffer Boxi Luggage Set 3 Piece Lightweight Suitcase (20 inch, 24 inch & 28 inch) TSA

Hauptstadtkooffer has created a new set of standard in the luggage industry by providing such unique masterpiece designs at such an affordable price.

And Boxi is one of the stylish luggage set Hauptstadtkoffer offers.

Boxi is such a great piece of luggage that it has not received a single "1-2 star rating" from the customers at Amazon. With 94% positive ratings you can blindly opt for Hauptstadtkoofer Boxi as your next travel companion for sure.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER offers a variety of travel bag, handbag, laptop bag, kids bag, you can use at any occasion. The series of the suitcase has awesome look and different sizes, that full fill your requirement as you want.

Having a complete set is also beneficial in monitory terms as buying them individually will going to cost you more.

As much the Boxi is beautiful from outside it is same as beautiful from the inside. In inside you can separate your accessories with the help of a cross-straps belt on one compartment. And another compartment has a fabric sheet divided into a small pocket with zipper. Its zipper is very strong and long-lasting.

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Boxi and other luggage from Hauptstadtkoffer also offer spiked feet on the longer side of the bag. To park the bag with a proper grip and to maintain a gap between the surface and ground so the surface of the bag doesn't touch the ground, Protecting it from dirt and scratches.

The 360 degree light rollers wheels make the movement of bags very smooth and in every possible direction. 

Step adjustable Telescopic handles also functions smoothly and can be adjusted for any particular height when needed.

For storing laptops or tabs there is a padded pocket available inside of the bag.

Due to polypropylene, the Boxi bag can handle shocks and rough treatment. Polypropylene is one of the hardest but lightest material making the bag robust and lightweight. It only weighs 5.73 pounds.

All of the bags have TSA combination locks.

Overall Boxi is beautiful, strong, lightweight luggage with lots of features and great reviews. And the price at which it is available is really awesome too.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Spree - Set of 3 Hard-side Bags (20,24,28)

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - Spree - Set of 3 Hard-side Luggages Suitcase (20 inch, 24 inch & 28 inch)

We have already reviewed the Spree Luggage from Hauptstadtkoofer above. If you missed it than have a look here.

So I am going through with the features that the Spree offers.

Multi-directional spinner wheels.

Inbuilt TSA lock

Does not take much space when not needed because you can put the bags inside of the bigger bag.


20 inches

24 inches

28 inches

The Bag is also expandable.

Interior has a big compartment with straps and mesh pockets.

ABS material is lightweight and strong.

Adjustable Telescopic Handle.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER X-Berg Set of 3 Hard-side Luggages matt Spinner Trolley (20', 24' & 28')

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER X-Berg Set of 3 Hard-side Luggages matt Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable (20 inch, 24 inch & 28 inch) TSA

X-berg collection from Hauptstadtkoffer is made up of strong components and provides huge space and also looks simply magnificent making this a perfect example of craftsmanship.

All of the bags have modern looks and is available in 5 other cheerful colors to choose from.

X-Berg represents the joyful living and lively landscape of the Berlin City.

The benefit of having a complete set is that whether you are going for a couple of days business trip or a world tour, You don't need to buy luggage anymore you have all the size required in one place.

The hard side bag is made of ABS material the same material is used for crafting car parts. The ABS/Hard side mat also reduces the weight of the luggage to a greater extent.

According to IATA recommendation, the 20-inch X-Berg bag can be taken as cabin luggage without any issues.

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The 2 * 4 spinner wheels feel like you are gliding the bag not rolling it.

The bag is zipper closure and when it opened you will get 2 huge compartments for packing of your stuff.

The cross belt at the top of the bigger compartment holds your belongings tightly without making a mess. The other compartment is covered by fabric and also has 2 separate net pockets.

The anodized aluminum handles are super strong and do not wobble even when completely loaded.

For proper holding of laptops, the bag has an easy access front compartment.

Now you don't need to worry about your stuff anymore because X-Berg set has Inbuilt TSA locks in all of the bag. Now you don't need to carry an extra lock with yourself.

All of the bags fit onto one another taking less space in your house.

Except for the carry on bag, the other 2 bags offer expandability option. After the expandability, the volume of the bag is increased by 15%.

The best part of any Hauptstadtkoffer luggage is that the bags part are assembled individually so when any of the parts gets damaged you just need to replace that part and now the bag is brand new again.

With 82% positive reviews the X-berg set is the most affordable luggage set at this superior quality.

​HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Wedding Luggage Hardside Spinner Trolley


The Modern Looking Wedding Collection from Hauptstadtkoffer is one of the best selling luggage from the brand.

Its overall appeal is unmatched and looks magnificent whether you are going on a business trip or on vacation with your family.

The hard shell solid luggage is made of ABS - acrylonitrile butadiene styrene has high strength and is also lightweight.

The rubberized spinner wheels follow you obediently and silently in every possible direction.

The reliable TSA lock makes your journey free from worries too.

Wedding Collection from Hauptstadtkoffer is an excellent travel companion if you compare price/performance ratio it offers.

With a 5 year warranty and Free of charge, return reflects the confidence of the brand over their product. Not like another brand, Hauptstadtkoffer stands behinds their product.

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Strong Telescopic Handle is thick and goes inside and out freely without getting stuck in between. A handle is also available at the longer end of the bad for lifting it.

Four Small stands at another long side for parking the bag. So that bag remains protected from dirt and scratches.

The fully lined interior with plenty of capacity and organized mesh pockets now you don't have to leave your favorite things at home.

Wedding Collection is offered in 7 other joyful colors which represent the bright and trendy life in Berlin the capital of Germany.

Available in all 3 major sizes (Carry on: 22 inches, Medium: 26 inches, Large: 30 inches) sizes and at such an affordable price of under $100 Wedding is a great investment for any serious or seasonal traveler.

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - F-Hain Hardside Spinner Luggage

HAUPTSTADTKOFFER - F-Hain -hard-side Luggages matt Suitcase Hardside Spinner Trolley

F-Hain is a beautiful rigid trolley bag with attractive looks and features.

The F-Hain collection represents the most exciting neighborhood of the Berlin "Friedrichshain". As one of the most excited and tourist attractive places of Berlin, the F-Hain collection adopts all of the excitement in it.

The Robust, Stylish and bright colors make the bag a joyful experience to travel with.

The strong shell bag is Made up of Polypropylene and can face worst weather conditions.

If any of the parts get broken accidentally or by the passage of time it can be easily replaced. All of the parts are screwed up and can be assembled easily. Despite this, the brand offers 5 years warranty too.

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Interior of the bag is also quite pleasing. It opens in 50-50 part providing 2 spacious compartments. One of the compartment is wide open with cross straps at the top of the compartment for proper holding of your stuff without messing them up.

The other end is covered with fabric and has 2 mesh pockets.

2 * 4 Spinner wheels put zero effort in your shoulders and hands while pushing or pulling it. You don't always need to tilt the bag to move it can also be rolled in the upright position easily.

The zippers are smooth and get locked in the inbuilt TSA combination lock. 

The F-Hain bag is simple yet beautiful and full of feature. And the Honest Pricing makes the bag one of the favorite bags of many customers.

Hauptstadtkoffer Kids Suitcase Hard-Side Glossy Multicoloured

Hauptstadtkoffer Kids Luggage Children's Luggage Suitcase Hard-Side Glossy Multicoloured

One thing that my parents taught me from my early age is to take responsibilities.

They always tell me to pack my things on my own in my own luggage (How cruel).

In reality, it is not. They had taught me a great thing in my early life. Despite they pack my stuff in their own bag without letting me know.

This is a great move by them. They also bought me a new small trolley of my choice. This is the moment when a spark about luggage ignited in me. And 30+ years later I am maintaining a
luggage review blog.

Now coming to Hauptstadtkoffer Kids multi color luggage.

This Beautiful hard shell kids luggage is made from ABS plastic and looks quite glossy. Due to ABS material the overall weight of the bag is quite low so your younger one does not have any problem while moving it.

The intermediate floor is flexible avoiding any dent or damage.

The dimension of the bag is 18.31 x 11.81 x 8.58 inches (24 L). The size is perfect for 7+ year old kid.

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4 , 360 degree light duty rollers wheels move easily and your children don't face any problem while pushing or pulling it.

Despite the bag is designed for kids it does not mean that interior is anyhow small. The 2 compartment bag offers a big open compartment at one side and fabric covered compartment at another end. It also has a huge net mesh pocket for storing more stuff (toys).

The Telescopic handle is also of great quality. With ergonomic gel grip handle makes the grip perfect without causing sweats at palm.

The only thing I feel missing from the bag is TSA lock. However, you can get other combination locks to make it work. But having a TSA lock is always the best option to with.

After using the bag for a couple of trips I can say that the bag is really good and comfortable for kids. The price is also very attractive. So don't miss the chance to teach your kids some responsibility in a fun way.

My Experience with the Hauptstadtkoffer Luggage

I have personally used a couple of luggage from above for my trips and I got my hands on rest of them for this review process. Thanks to my friend who owns a luggage shop in DC I am able to get the bags just for testing.

All in all, I can say that Hauptstadtkoofer is one of the best luggage brands. The bright and joyful colors make the luggage more attractive. I didn't find anything big to complain about it. The only drawback I can see is the absence of TSA locks in few of the luggage.

The genuine and affordable price that Hauptstadtkoffer offers is winning the trust of customers all around the globe. 5 years warranty on most of the bags reflects the confidence and trust of the brand over their luggage.

Another best part is all of the luggage parts are screwed up to make a complete set. You can dismantle each part separately and can replace a bad part easily with the new one. This is something that all luggage brands should consider in their products too.

They also provide a free gift to customers with every purchase, to more click

All the bags are strong, durable and lightweight. The size of cabin bags from Hauptstadtkoffer is generally 22 inch which can be a problematic size with some airline but for most of them, they are considered as a carry on bags.

That's all from our end did we missed something? Do you have any particular experience with Hauptstadtkoffer luggage? Do you want a review of any particular brand or luggage than let us know in the comments below?

Till then Happy Journey.

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