10 Most Selling Gabbiano Luggage Review 2019

Are you deciding on buying Gabbiano Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 13 of the Best Selling Luggage from Gabbiano.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

I love to travel. My tour destinations range from unexplored and unseen local locations to famous international travel attractions.

My experience of countless journeys left with one realisation that a travel bag is one thing you should never compromise upon.

I used to spend a lot of money on travelling by luxurious airlines and railroads and staying in the best hotels and resorts but I gave a little importance to how I pack my stuff for travelling.

When I was unable to recognise my belongings in countless similar looking trolley bags I decided to buy some good and unique trolley bags that are sturdy and resistant to mishandling.

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One day while online browsing I stumbled upon some great looking spinner trolley bags with a brand name Gabbiano.

I could not help but explore the world of Gabbiano luggage since I was really stunned with the elegance, organisational design and comfortable looks of these bags. Of course, I ended up buying one from my friend's store.

I must say that all the Gabbiano luggage I explored were made from reliable and strong materials like poly carbonate, ABS or 1680D nylon.

All are totally trustworthy against accidental breakages, zipper rips or failure of wheel system. Gabbiano makes sure that they use best materials to make world class luggage for the travel freaks like me with style and grace. But in any case somethings breaks then they are
 excellent at warranty too to cover you.

I would love to share my views about the bags and trolleys that I found extremely hard to resist.

So, here I am, writing the Gabbiano luggage reviews just for you so that you can also overcome your luggage woes after buying an outstanding Gabbiano trolley bag for you.

Gabbiano Genova Collection Hardside 20 inch Upright Spinner

Gabbiano Luggage Review - Genova Collection Hardside 20 inch Upright Spinner

I found this upright spinner a perfect amalgamation of sturdiness and smartness that's why i bought the complete set. Its robust structure gives a tough challenge to even the rowdiest luggage attendants at airports or hotels.

It is made from most reliable poly carbonate compound that is well known for its strength. The poly carbonate film on the exteriors gives the needed cover against dust and stains.

It is economical on your pocket as well as light on your shoulder and arm muscles. It is light and easy to pick carry on that makes journeys delightful and business trips fruitful.

You would never feel so relaxed with any other luggage.

This elegant Gabbiano bag gets the super strength from its dependable steel alloy telescope design that also allows expansion as per your increasing count of accessories to be carried along.

Gabbiano is known for its organisation based designs and Gabbiano Genova Collection Hard side 20 inch Upright Spinner is not an exception. It is a wonderful organiser having a built-in shoe pocket along with a spacious accessories bag.

The zippers used inside for securing pockets and outside for closing the filled bag reiterates a deep sense of reliability.

The ultimate mark of security is the built-in TSA lock which saves you from a lot of harassment at airport TSA points. And locks are also prime concern these days.

You may find this jumbo 8 wheels luggage bag an attention seeker but they are a great support when you are in the rush hour.

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This spinner moves 360 degrees and can be easily pulled on any kind of terrain. The trolley and carry on handles are made from slip resistant material. And the price at which it is offered is also quite affordable.

Gabbiano Genova 3 piece Luggage set

Gabbiano Genova 3 piece Luggage set

Gabbiano Genova as said above convince you that a luggage piece can be a means to display your sense of fashion and style. (I own this set.)

But this time it is a smart set of 3 luggage pieces that will be enough to carry the needs of your entire family for a trip of any duration.

All the spinner bags are lightweight but strong. The surface looks strong and rugged which doesn’t show any signs of travel and overuse.

It can be easily wiped with damp cloth to have the clean look back. A strapped section for clothes and meshed pocket with zipper for essentials makes it a good bag.

It has good quality zippers to keep your belongings safe. By opening its zipper you can expand this bag to increase the capacity to pack more and more things. You can buy more gifts to surprise you, kids when you are back from a trip.

The bag is provided with soft and comfortable to hold handle which gives a strong grip. You will be able to carry the bag conveniently. The hard sided trolley bag is an excellent choice to secure your things on a voyage. One push button trolley handle is easily adjustable and retracted back with no hassles at all.

The only difference in above reviewed Single Gabbiano Genova and this is that it is 3 piece set giving you a handsome discount on this set. The cost will vary a lot if you buy 3 single pieces separately instead of getting them in this set.

The Best part of this set it deliver you 3 different sizes of Gabbiano Genove Luggage which completes your luggage need for any journey.

And 4.5 star rating by Amazon buyers is an indication of the excellent quality of this handy luggage set is best option to opt for within your

Gabbiano Viva Collection 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Spinner Set

Gabbiano Viva Collection 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Spinner Set

A family that travels together must have the luggage that identifies their strong family bonding and their style statement.

Gabbiano Viva Collection 3 Piece Hardside Expandable Spinner Set is just ideal for such well-connected family of three. This spinner set is also for you if you travel frequently for varying durations with different packing needs.

Gabbiano Viva offers three luggage pieces of 20, 26 and 30 inch spinners made with care and perfection.

The spinners are made from strong ABS material making them the perfect hard-side luggage and an answer to the rough treatment expected from the uncaring luggage handling staff.

The tough and hard exteriors are resistant to all kind of marks and scratches caused while travelling.

You will experience the flawless movement of these spinner bags since they are fitted with double spinner wheels for smooth motion.

The strong trolley handles and the well fitting grip is an additional feature of this comfortable to carry a piece of luggage.

Gabbiano Viva strong wheels
All three spinner bags have multiple interior compartments for proper arrangement of your travel necessities be it your books, clothes or personal grooming stuff.

The zippered compartments keep the things in their place.

Available in four contemporary colors, this travelling luggage kit definitely needs a rightful place with you while you are visiting new and unseen destinations for leisure or business. The Genuine price tag makes the deal more attractive.

Gabbiano Industrial Chic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Gabbiano chic design2

Gabbiano Industrial Chic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set will give you an impression of a sparkling luggage set that will add gleam to your local or global travel plans.

The Chic Collection from Gabbiano offers exclusive designs that fits for trendy ladies who walks with trends.

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The surface of the spinner carry-on bag is not prone to any scratches or marks due to an accidental fall.

This set has a glossy but strong surface made from 100% polycarbonate. You do not need to take care of this celebrity like spinner bags to maintain its looks as the outer surface is scratch proof and strong.

This is a hard-side spinner bag that retains its structure and shape while providing a safe space to your precious travel necessities.

Its zippered pockets made from strong lining fabric and mesh will let you pack easily and travel in comfort. All the zippers are of very good quality. The security is doubtless due to TSA approved combination lock.

This spinner bag is a perfect shopping companion while travelling to new places since it can be expanded by opening the smooth and strong all-around zippers.

It has rightly given the middle name ‘chic’ since this bag is a fashion statement. It speaks loudly about how trendy you are. And like this all the chic collection are quite stylish designs like these given below.

Gabbiano Industrial Chic other stylish designs

The trolley system and wheel system are very dependable. Trolley handles are made from slip resistant soft rubberised material for maximum comfort while pulling it along.

It has a functional design and is super lightweight to carry so that it follows all your movements faithfully. All Gabbiano hard side luggage reviews give a thumbs-up to this awesome spinner luggage.

So, Get home this glossy and sparkly chic looking spinner bag for equally joyous trips without spending too much.

Gabbiano Provence 20 inch Expandable Carry-On Hardside Spinner Luggage

Gabbiano Provence 20 inch Expandable Carry-On Hardside Spinner Luggage​

If you are fond of simple but elegant luggage that may not look like a star but have all the features of a reliable bag in terms of design and space then Gabbiano Provence 20" Expandable Carry-On Hardside Spinner Luggage is what you will fall in love with.

Gabbiano provence luggage is the most sought after luggage.

It is made from strong and dependable ABS material and is finished with a Poly carbonate Film and a texture giving it a professional and no-nonsense appearance.

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It looks classic bag with well planned zippered compartments to organise your stuff. The mesh pockets in the bag allow ventilation among your fully packed clothes while keeping them organised and wrinkle free.

The lightweight material of construction is the reason for a comfortable journey.

It is easy to carry on since its handles are made from the soft rubberised stuff. It does not slip or give a sweaty hold.

It has a well thought bottom handle making it easy to pick from the carousal when you are waiting for luggage in a huge crowd.

It is a safe hard side luggage thanks to the good quality zippers and the built-in 3-digit TSA combination lock.

The zippers are neither too soft nor too hard to move. Zipper handles are made from metal and are easy to hold and use. Its smooth and strong spinner wheels allow for omni-direction motion and convenient maneuverability.

As far Gabbiano luggage dimensions are concerned this one is spacious and good for all kind of trips. Get this unique looking luggage to identify it among the crowd and you also get identified with a great spinner bag at your command.

Gabbiano Provence 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set

Gabbiano Provence 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set​

This is a collection set of above reviewed luggage and would be a beneficial option to choose for. The reasons are endless are but the one which need to mentioned are you get a huge discount if you settle on with this option.

The other plus point is you get a complete collection of all sizes of luggage.

Whether you are going for a week or a month this never going to be a matter for you anymore.

This three pieces expandable hardside spinner luggage is made from strong polycarbonate material and finished with a polycarbonate film for extra safety. This makes the luggage retain its looks and elegance for years.

Its golden grooved body gives it straight out of sci-fi movie look. It dazzles the onlookers and makes you feel proud of your choice of luggage. You have to deck up to get countless compliments. 

Gabbiano Provence spinner bags give you great organizational space to keep your clothes, gadgets, accessories, and documents at the right place so that you don’t have to waste your time in searching the things.

The smallest bag is perfect for short trips and the larger ones can be carried for long vacations. If travelling with family the three spinner bags are enough.

The wheel system, trolley, handles and zippers all are of good quality and very carefully attached to give you overall sturdy bags. The bags have TSA approved locking system with combination mechanism. Handles have rubberized covering so that it does not slip or sweat your hands while holding it.

Amazon buyers have given a five star rating to this astonishing bag which moves smoothly and easily on all kind of surfaces. Keep the benefit in mind when choosing a set instead a single piece.

Gabbiano Luggage Safari Collection 3 Piece Spinner Set

Gabbiano Luggage Safari Collection 3 Piece Spinner Set​

If you are a Bear Grylls fan or adventurer admirer then Bear Grylls fan or adventure admirer close your eyes and click buy now and get this luggage. This design and strength is matchless with any other luggage prioritizing the design at this moment.

The design will scream in itself that how much adventure lover you are and if you really are then this is going to be your first and last option.

Stylish and glamorous could be the adjectives to describe this beautiful spinner set from Gabbiano. Its brilliant exterior contemporary design is perfect for all those who have an eye for beautiful things in life and nature.

It’s not only gorgeous but it is also strong and reliable to give you company on multiple excursions specially on on Jungle safari and adventurous journeys.

Its strong body is defined by the trustworthy ABS material. All the spinner bags are finished with a fine PC film to protect the bags from any abrasions, marks or dirt.

The trolleys handle can be locked at a different level for the best holding position while maneuvering the spinner bags.

It is secured with reliable zippers and a build-in TSA combination lock.

You will have a complete faith in the safety of your belongings kept within the spinner bags. It has a robust wheel system with its double wheels.

You can control the bag with ease because of its ability to rotate in all directions and a total freedom of mobility

All the bags are expandable to open up the bag and stuff in more things for a longer trip or shopping en route.

These spinner bags have a great organisational space with shoe pockets and two zippered compartments for storing different things at different places.

Do you find our Gabbiano Luggage review useful ? Let us know your feedback in the comments below. Your Feedbacks really keeps us going.

The best part of this trolley set is that it is covered under 5 Years limited warranty against any manufacturing defects. You must get this 3 piece spinner set for best holidays ever.

​Gabbiano Avila 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set​

Gabbiano Avila 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set​

This is a smart spinner luggage that is just a perfect travel gear for the young and stylish people.

It is beautiful and rugged with embossed designer surface making it a unique looking spinner bag among your travel companions.

It is made from ABS material and is very strong to bear the atrocities of any kind of rough and tough travelling conditions. Trolley handle is strong and stiff that can be easily retracted to adjust to the height of the owner.

Its storage space is as good as the amazing looks. It has built-in shoe pockets, zippered compartment with straps and a zippered pouch to organize your things and documents.

An organized travel bag is the best you must have while travelling. This expandable bag can be extended to get additional space for more stuff.

Its innovative double spinner wheels are a perfect feature to move the trolley bag in any way and direction possible.

It has an additional handle at the bottom which is unique in design as well as slip resistant. It makes it easy to pick it up from any side.

The trolley handles are soft to hold and comfortable to carry.

The inner lining is dirt resistant to keep your things clean and organised.

The corners of the bag are secured with extra cover to protect the bag from any scratches while moving on difficult roads or accidental slips.

This is an attractive hard-side spinner bag to express your passion for style and comfort.

​Gabbiano Toscana Collection 25 inch Softside Spinner​

Gabbiano Toscana Collection 25 inch Softside Spinner​

For each one of you who love to travel with all the personal luxuries at home will wish to own this super spacious multi-pocket soft-side very light weighted spinner bag.

This bag is a winner when it is compared on the basis of the count of compartments and ultra light weight.

​It has two big external pockets secured with sturdy zippers. The whole bag is divided into a large strapped compartment and two zippered pockets towards the inner side of the bag lid.

​Two shoe pockets are perfect for storing your footwear or spoiled clothes.

It is made of durable and strong 1680D Nylon and its inner surface is lined with soft and smooth lining.

The exterior of the trolley bag looks classy and elegant. The TSA approved combination lock removes all your worries about the safety of your stuff on the trip.

Forget those bulky looking heavyweight luggage pieces because you have a great option in form of Gabbiano Toscana Collection 25 inch Softside Spinner is super duper ultra light weight.

Its basic weight is very less but the durable construction allows you fill it or stuff with a lot of clothes and accessories for long trips. You don’t have to fret over the excess weight charges.

This Gabbiano bag displays all the features of a comfortable luggage with soft rubberized carry handle and 360 degrees rotation freedom with its super smooth wheel system.

This is an ideal purchase for the frequent travelers who long for long duration travel trips.

Gabbiano Luggage Cordoba Collection 4-Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Set

Gabbiano Luggage Cordoba Collection 4-Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Set​

I am of the view that buying the things that come in sets or packs is a great idea for a group of like minded people like a family.

I also prefer to buy one thing in various sizes to be used on different occasions and I don’t have to fuss on choosing among different looking objects.

Gabbiano Luggage Cordoba Collection 4-Piece Hardside Upright Spinner Set is the perfect example of my preference in luggage shopping.

The Hard-side luggage is made with super strong ABS plastic material and is the reason for its sturdiness.

It is a perfect luggage piece for the ones who travel for adventure. It can bear all the atrocities obvious in a challenging trip.

I just love its straight-out-of-a-sci-fi movie looks. It appears as though it is a luggage piece from future for the smart people of today.

Its polyester lining and the lightweight structure endorses my view of this great bag.

Its trolley handle is strong and retractable for comfortable handling.

The wheels are smooth and no restriction or resistance during its movement. The zippers are reliable with easy to hold and operate zipper handles.

I definitely find it incomplete in absence of a TSA approved or combination lock. The protective covers on the corners ensure that its looks are retained even after years of usage.

The handles are soft to hold but are very sturdy to balance out the weight of your packed stuff.

One compartment is secured with a zippered flap and the other one have straps with clasps to keep the clothes in place.

Your journeys will remain incomplete without this 4-piece chic trolley set from Gabbiano.

Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set (Dark Grey)

Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set (Dark Grey)

Gabbiano offers a stylish and smart looking bag with stunning metallic looks in the Gabbiano Metallic 3 Piece Expandable Hardside Spinner Luggage Set.

Its remarkable feature is its durability and the professional appearance that will stun you and the people travel along with you.

It is very lightweight since it is made of 100% poly carbonate known for its durable and light construction.

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Its superb design is completed with the highly supportive soft rubberized carry handle defining the comfort of carrying it anywhere you wish.

This bag comes with 8 super smooth wheels that make manoeuvrability a fun filled activity even for the grownups.

The rough and tough handles make mobility easy so that you don’t feel your shoulder and arm muscles stressed.

I simply love the expandable structure and the extra packing space possible with the easy moving zippers. You can make space into already well organised spinner bags of 3 different sizes.

It’s built-in TSA combination lock is the final call to the security of your precious things in the bag.

The organisational space offered by two internal mesh pockets will make travelling a hassle free experience as far as packing is concerned.

The set of three luggage bags with spinner wheels offering 360 degrees rotation is a must have for the casual or business travels going for short or long trips.

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Hardside 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Hardside 2-Piece Spinner Luggage Set​

The classic looking elegantly designed spinner bag is a dream come true for the travelers who travel with lots and lots of stuff. This is also one of the toughest luggage model offered by Gabbiano. These are super strong and can handle any kind shocks or pressure, without giving a single wrinkle on your packed fabric. 

It is made from 100% Polycarbonate material making it strong and sturdy for any kind of terrain or transportation.

It can very easily handle any type of physical disturbance that is the reason why Gabbiano had named this luggage collection "Armor".

The polycarbonate body keeps it lightweight to carry and great luggage to pack more and more things for long trips.

If you are traveling to a distant destination then this set is a perfect pick since the smaller one can be used as a cabin bag for packing urgent stuff and a bigger one for clothes and other things that you may need only at the place of your stay.

As far as carrying it is concerned it is rated as a comfortable bag since the soft rubberized handles, the adjustable trolley handle and the 8 wheel spinner makes the mobility so easy and effortless.

This one is also an expandable trolley bag with smoothly moving zippers. This is a great feature in addition to two mesh pockets and a spacious big compartment with zippered flap for better organization of stuff.

The built-in TSA combination lock is an aspect which makes travelling a stress free leisure.

Overall this bag looks great for every kind of owner. Whether you are a professional who travels for your business or an adventurer who travel to enjoy the spontaneity of life, you will find a dependent partner in this spinner bag.

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Expandable 360 Set - 3 Piece

Gabbiano The Armor Collection Expandable 360 Set - 3 Piece

This is the expanded version of the above reviewed Luggage The Armor Collection from Gabbiano and the best part is if you choose to buy the luggage set you will definitely get a huge discount from Amazon and from the headache of choosing the luggage for your next trip too.

Because with the collection of all the armor set the length of your journey would not be a matter of concern anymore.

In the category of ultra smart spinner bag, this spinner set wins all the accolades due to its sturdy construction and simple but professional looks. It is made from 100% polycarbonate. To give it a long life, its corners are reinforced so that the bag stays safe from scratches and cuts on the bag corners.

A look at the bag will give you an assurance that you are keeping your things in safe hands. It looks secure and is actually very safe due to its strong and long lasting zippers and a reliable TSA locking system.

The trolley skeleton is made from a dependable aluminium rod that does not bend or break. It has a strong but soft handle to hold it easily.

The special feature of this bag is ultra smooth wheels that move silently and smoothly without slightest effort. It is another smart expandable spinner bag that is the best support when you decide to carry more clothes or do more shopping on your holiday destination.

It looks classy but strong in structure and built. It can be taken to any kind of place you are travelling.

It has been rated with 4+ stars by 3+ Amazon buyers and loved by 100+ buyers across Los Angeles and New York Outlets that show their trust in this Gabbiano Armor Set Expandable spinner trolley set.

My Experience with Gabbiano Luggage

Final thought on Gabbiano Luggage

I personally own a Gabbiano Genova set that is why I reviewed it at the very first. The look, sturdy structure and spacious inside had made me fall with love with this beautiful luggage set. There is no reason not to like this Bag. And i had put my hands on all the luggage reviewed above because one of my close friend own a luggage shop at Washington near to my workplace.

I think buying the right luggage at the right price and with right looks can be a tiresome chore but, it has to be done with patience and an open mind.

Careers that demand traveling all the time is exciting, and everyone loves a little change in the monotonous schedule of work life. Office tours are bliss if you travel with well organized luggage.

Well, it’s all about getting the best of both worlds. But for a terrible luggage organizer like me, whether it’s a casual trip or a single day outing, all become way too stressful when it comes to ‘packing!’ All ladies reading this will surely agree that they cannot just walk out with a cell phone and a few pairs of clothing even if it is a one-day trip.

Moreover, I do not have the patience to make me an ideal packer. Every time I have to travel, the only thing that bothers me is packing for the entire trip wisely! I must tell you that a simple suggestion by a colleague took away all my self-created packing panic.

Now I pack my luggage with ultimate confidence, comfort, and convenience. This happened when I brought home my Gabbiano luggage set. It is a perfect choice for you if you travel often and brood over the packing part.

Here are some of the core features and pluses of ‘Gabbiano3 Piece Hard side Expandable Spinner Set’ gave me a different outlook to my travel plans.

A Set Of Three In Different Sizes And Style

Well, the best part about this set is that it comes in a combination of three trendy cases. The spinner-cases in a set are available in 20, 26 and 30-inch sizes.

I really admire this idea because I often go traveling with my family apart from office tours. This works great, especially if you have kids in the family. One case is large and spacious and the second one is of moderate size.

There is this small case which is absolutely fit for packing the little needs of your little one. You can pack the toys, books and other playthings of a kid with ease. No wonder, this set works just fine for the entire family.

Gabbiano bags due to their amazing style and look sets your apart from your fellow travellers.

Lightweight classy looking spinners - super-comfy to carry

Another aspect that I could not resist to share is that Gabbiano3 Piece Sets are available in impressively trendy yet lightweight.

All parents know how the teenagers are picky about their luggage when it comes to traveling. I can guarantee that combo of light-weight construction, solid spinner wheels and great looking Gabbiano bags will make your life a lot easier.

There are several other trends will suit your fashion statement just the way it is!

Zippered compartments make organizing super easy

Lastly, there are also multiple zippered compartments that show that these bags are designed with care and consideration. The pockets are tough and stretchable to keep your things in place. Ladies can appreciate the comfort when they don't have even a minute to spend thinking which pocket holds the touch-up brush before heading out of the airport!

Gabbiano offers outstanding rebates, but that depends on which set you are purchasing. There are also free shipping facilities available, and you can hunt down for more Gabbiano sets at their website.

You have to know about your needs and frequency of travelling and take a careful look at your budget before investing in a trolley bag.

You may get tempted with some good looking bags available at low prices which compromise on the quality of the material used for construction, zippers, inner lining or the handles.

Here you have to be very cautious with such offers. Look into the details of the bags you are short listing. Take your time, compare the options available and test the locks and zippers for ease, comfort, and mobility.

If you don’t have the patience to visit countless offline stores, you can do the luggage shopping at some online store like I did.

Amazon is a great place for such purchases. You are actually doing an informed and intelligent shopping this way since you don’t have to rely on the things told by a smart salesperson.

All I can say from my personal experience with Gabbiano is that Gabbiano is one of the best brands in global and stylish luggage and the options available are immensely impressive. You get the best bargain by buying the luggage set for economical shopping.

That's all from our end, Now its your turn. Do you find this unbiased review about Gabbiano bags useful ? Do you have any experience with this brand or did we missed something than please let us know your experience or suggestions in the comment below.

So, enjoy Gabbiano luggage shopping and keep on adding lovely travel memoirs !!!

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