BestSelling Calpak Luggage Reviews (2019)

Are you deciding on buying Calpak Luggage ? And, confused which of the Luggage model from the brand is worth your money?

Then you have landed on the correct page. Here we will reveal and review 17 of the Best Selling Luggage from Calpak.

Each Luggage is Reviewed by Us by taking them on few trips or by getting in our hand just for this review process.

When I recently traveled to Paris I see one thing common where ever I was moving. Many peoples on my journey were asking for which brand luggage is this? what model is this ? from where you have bought this and lots of appreciation. I feel like I am a celebrity but my travel companion Calpak is the real Hero behind this.

Calpak Luggage is on the best and stylish luggage brand in the USA. Calpak makes luggage to last long. 

The brand of carry-on suitcases, Calpak can flatten you with its looks.

The key features of this brand distinguish it from the other
 luggage brands. It satiates all the features a shopper is looking for. It is durable, convenient to handle, the style quotient is perfect and moreover, it is cost effective.

When a customer steps out to buy something, he wants a perfect product for his usage.

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A travel bag is one such product. The durability and convenience are the two most important factors when you buy yourself a suitcase.

Only an avid traveler knows how difficult it is to carry your luggage around. As a matter of fact, all the die-hard travelers keep looking for the best suitcases.

One, that is durable enough to accompany them in their adventures and expeditions. One, that can survive the trip without any signs of wear and tear.

You may have thought once that Is Calpak a good brand? Then you need to know this that Calpak is Known for it's high-quality and high-fashion travel goods, the brand Calpak offers you with many such products in different shapes and sizes so that you can choose one according to your choice and requirement.

You can choose suitcases, backpacks, duffel bags and many more. The brand is bound to make your life much easier and enables you to reach your destination without much trouble. 

We have enlisted the best products from Calpak and reviewed them for you. I am sure you will fall in love with each product.

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Calpak Luggage Wandr - Pale Pink - Carry-On


Wandr can be a perfect choice for your princess or daughter.

The pretty suitcase has perfect luxurious looks and features.

There are basically two compartments in the suitcase: a larger compartment for holding clothes and accessories and the second, a padded one located at the top of the suitcase for holding passport and wallet and other important stuff.

The fully lined interiors of the suitcase include a tie belt to hold the luggage together.

It also includes a zippered mesh pocket to keep your accessories in place.

There are 8-wheels in the suitcase which are multi-directional.

The wheels help you to move the suitcase effortlessly with the help of handle. The one-push button handle is well-built.

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Wandr pale pink carry-on suitcase features a TSA approved lock to keep it safe and secure.

Wandr from Calpak is only available at Calpak official website. You can get this at

Calpak Astyll - Milk Marble - Carry-On


Astyll from Calpak is the gateway to luxury.

The exotic marble looks of the suitcase are accompanied by the hard-shelled body.

Even with this hard shell body, the suitcase is extremely lightweight.

It is expandable for extra storage and the interiors of the luggage are fully lined.

In the main large compartment, there is an adjustable tie belt inside the suitcase to keep clothes arranged in their respective positions. Next, there is a side mesh pocket which is zippered.

Calpak marble luggage reviews suggest that the suitcase is provided with handles at the top and the side of it.

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Both the handles are cushioned. The suitcase features 8 wheels that are multi-directional.

The spinner wheels promote effortless mobility and the retractable handle is ergonomically designed. The suitcase is mounted with a TSA-approved combination lock. Astyll is a perfect example of beauty and durability.

Astyll from Calpak is only available at the official Capak Website.
 Click here to get it.

Calpak Champ Black 21-inch Carry On Rolling Duffel Bag

CALPAK Champ Black 21-inch Carry On Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

The carry-on champ luggage is well-known for its ultimate storage capacity. Even stuffed, the bag can be easily maneuvered.

Despite this large storage capacity, it can be easily stored in the overhead bin.

The luggage is built in a strong and sturdy manner and stands tall in the upright position. 

Though it tends to lean a little it does not fall. Being a carry-on luggage, it is durable and last longer.

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The bag is spacious enough to pack your clothes for a week’s trip or so.

The ergonomically designed handle of the bag is of very high-quality. In fact, the height of the handle is good enough for tall people as well. The long strap of the luggage makes it easy and comfortable to carry.

The fabric it is made up of is very thin but it is of good quality and durable.

There is a side compartment that allows you to store small items separately so that you can find them anytime you want.

The retractable handle system of the backpack is self-locking.

The in-line skating ball bearing wheels of the carry-on luggage make it easier to roll. Including the weight of rollers and handles, the bag is not so heavy. It weighs around 7 pounds.

The product is accompanied by a warranty repair as well. The handles of the bag are also covered under warranty. 
On the whole, the bag is highly recommended for international trips.

Calpak Luggage Grand Stand Green Monster Lightweight Rolling Sport Backpack

CALPAK Grand Stand Green Monster 17 inch Lightweight Backpack

The wonderful backpack is capable of holding the majority of your books along with your laptop all because of its perfect size.

It is an ideal product for college or high school students. It stands up on its own and makes taking out books easier with this. The wheels of the suitcase roll out smoothly without making any noise.

The wheeled backpack is ideally designed to lighten kid’s weight. The bag I extremely lightweight that your kid will squeal it easily all the way to his school.

Pull it through sand and gravels or take it to any road trip, it will come out perfectly fine and ready for next trip.

The retractable handle of the backpack is ergonomically designed and can easily handle a good amount of weight. It can be operated with a push-button handle. The green color and monster design are liked by children a lot.

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The backpack has padded wheel covers that allow it to convert into a rolling luggage. The excel zippers of the backpack are easy to maintain because they are self-repairing. There are side mesh pockets on the backpack that can be used to store the water bottle.

The inline skate of the backpack feature ball bearing wheels. The wheel mechanism of the backpack is very strong. 
Its height with extended handle is 36 ¼ inches.

One issue you may feel is with the handle of the suitcase. It is not easy to take it out and push it back. Younger kids may ask for help.

Calpak Luggage Silverlake 20 inch Carry-on Hardsided Suitcase

CALPAK Silverlake 20-inch Carry-on Lightweight

The lightweight yet durable hard sided suitcase from Calpak offers you packing flexibility.

Being hard sided, the suitcase is fold-resistant which adds to its durability.

Due to its enhanced durability, you can conveniently use this suitcase in public transport without worrying about wear and tear.

Silver lake suitcase is constructed from ABS plastic.

The features of the suitcase include everything you can ask for. It is expandable, built-in side locks, self-locking handle system and an adorable color.

The wine shade enables you to differentiate your luggage easily from the crowd.

The suitcase is so well-built that you can boast about its classy look and uniqueness. It is so spacious and space can be maximized by expanding it up to 2 inches.

It is mounted with a combination lock which assures extra security. The interiors of the suitcase are fully loaded. The criss-cross elastic tie-down strip helps you to organize stuff neatly. It features 2 zippered accessory pockets that create 2 extra packing compartments.

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There are 4 spinner wheels of the suitcase which can be easily rotated at an angle of 360 degrees and provides incredible maneuverability and easy mobility.

Calpak Luggage Tustin Review - Lucite Green - Carry-On

TUSTIN - LUCITE GREEN - CARRY-ON calpak tustin review

Tustin is one of the most decent and luxurious suitcases from the brand Calpak.

A perfect suitcase for travelers and businessman, Tustin has only one main compartment which is quite spacious.

It is large enough to pack your entire stuff for a week or so. There is an adjustable tie hold belt that keeps your clothes in place.

The suitcase is expandable to accommodate more stuff if required.

The fully lined interiors of the suitcase give it an exotic luxurious look.

There are an accessory pocket and side pocket that helps you to keep your cosmetic and accessories arranged.

The suitcase allocates 8 spinner wheels that are multi-directional. The wheels provide effortless mobility and make it easy to travel.

On the top of the suitcase, there is a TSA- approved Calpak luggage lock that enhances security. The suitcase is extremely lightweight and weighs 7.5 lbs only.

But you can buy this beautiful luggage from the official website of the Calpak. For more information or to buy this beautiful luggage visit

Calpak First Impression 16-inch Deluxe Laptop Briefcase

CALPAK First Impression 16-inch Deluxe Laptop Briefcase

You will fall in love with this bag at first sight. The size and color of the bag are so perfect.

You can easily use it as a functional bag to carry in routine.

Though it is medium-sized, it has so many compartments which allow you to pack maximum stuff in an organized manner. You can pack your gadgets, electronic devices, important papers, cosmetics or whatever.

A thin compartment is padded, specially designed for laptops.

The front section is divided into many pockets so that you can accommodate your cell phone, passport, money etc. The small zippered pockets are really nice.

Calpak deluxe laptop briefcase is moderately priced and is quite durable for its price.

The fabric it is made of is hard and seems to last long. The shoulder strap is wide so that you can carry it comfortably. Moreover, it is long enough and adjustable.

The bag is travel-friendly and two above handles make it easier to carry it around. The strap of the bag is removable and you can use handles only.

As per its size, you can fit it over the handles of the suitcase to make your traveling more convenient.

The length of the bag is 17-inch and the handle has a drop of 6-inch.

It is a unisexual bag with pretty much practical usage, best for those who love to pack their stuff neatly.

​Calpak Soho 21 inch Carry On Rolling, Blue Dot

CALPAK Soho 21 inch Carry-On Rolling Blue Dot One Size

Calpak Soho is such a cute girly bag. The design of this beautiful bag is quite functional.

Soho is a well-built, sturdy bag available in different colors and patterns. The bag facilitates you with double fun. As per your requirement, you can carry it on or roll it on the floor.

The bag has one large compartment which is not further divided into different parts. You will easily manage to pack your stuff for 3 or 4 days trip in the bag.

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Instead of 4 spinner wheels, it has 2 back wheels which make it easy to roll.

Though when you walk fast, the bag may wobble. The top two handles of the bag are not much comfortable to handle but are ok when you are carrying lightweight.

​CALPAK Rover 20 inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Duffel Bag

CALPAK Rover 20 inch Rolling Carry-On Duffel Bag

If you are an avid traveler then a good luggage is a must thing you should have in your arsenal. Either you are a businessman going on a business expedition or an adventurer, this luggage will serve you at its best.

No matter how many connecting flights you have or either you are going on a cruise or have to roll it for long, the bag will let you travel comfortably.

It will come out perfectly fine, looking new after all the traveling.

The bag is big enough for a carry-on.

It is quite spacious to pack your entire luggage. The size of the bag is good enough for a duffel bag. Available in 2 colors, the looks of the bag are durable.

It is manufactured from a long-lasting nylon fabric which simply adds to its durability.

The bag does not have many compartments and zippers are self-repairable.

They work on the interlocking mechanism. The bag is extremely lightweight and is nearly perfect for quick gateways.

Calpak medium-sized duffel bag can be rolled with the help of the retractable handle or can be carried from front handles.

Though the duffel bag does not have spinner wheels yet it can be rolled easily.

Fill it tightly but do not bulge it to avoid tipping.

The light and easy to store luggage are easily accessible. The bag is much functional and because it is not hard sided it easily fits into spaces you provide.

This gorgeous, durable and cost-efficient bag is nearly perfect for every need.

Calpak Zanny Black Grain 21-inch Laptop Tote Bag

CALPAK Zanny Black Grain 21-inch Laptop Tote Bag

Calpak Zanny is perfectly sized to carry it around and then squeal it when seems heavy. Yes, it is a 2-in-1 accessory.

The shoulder strap of the bag is detachable and adjustable. You can use it when required and can easily remove it when you do not want to carry it. The telescopic handle extends up to mid waist and is convenient to use.

The bag is large enough to accommodate your laptop along with your routine stuff. It seems heavier but it is not. On the whole, the size, looks, color and dimensions of the bag are accurate.

The tote bag is constructed from polyester fabric and the material is really well-built and sturdy.

The polyester fabric can be easily cleaned as well. It has plenty of pockets which allow you to stuff your belongings in a systematic manner.

There is a special padded laptop compartment which keeps it safe while you travel.

The outside zippered compartments can be used to keep water bottles.

It is a well-built bag. Both the wheels and handles are sturdy and durable. The interiors of the bag are also very nice. The
 feminine looks of the bag make it more impressive.

Calpak Zanny black grain tote bag has an inbuilt Pen and card holder inside so that you can keep your ID proofs and credit cards in a systematic manner. The bag is worth every penny you spend on it.

Calpak Night Vision 18 inch Rolling Multi-compartment Backpack

CALPAK Night Vision Deep Red 18-inch Rolling Multi-compartment Backpack

The first looks of the Calpak night deep vision deep red multi-compartment backpack are sufficient to impress you.

It can be used for various purposes like students can carry it to their school to carry their books and laptop and you can use it as a travel bag.

The bag is spacious enough. The large compartment can be used to put your clothes and other belongings. Water bottles can be fitted inside mesh pockets.

The other small compartment can be used to store your distinguished stuff. It will not tip over even if it is completely filled.

The front accessory pocket of the bag helps you to keep your stuff organized. You can store your earphones or passport in it.

The zippered pockets keep your stuff safe and prevent them from falling off.

If you travel with it, you will find how convenient the size of the bag is.

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It easily fits under the seats of the airplanes. Moreover, the bag is extremely lightweight. It weighs around 5 lbs when empty.

Calpak night vision backpack is a value for money product and is quite durable. The inline skate ball bearing wheels are built with high-quality material.

The 21-inch high retractable single-pole handle is sturdy and can be operated with a single push button.

Drag it around your downtown or take it to sidewalks from stairs to the street, the bag will never disappoint you and at this affordable price, this is worth your money.

Calpak Cato Smoky Black 18 inch Backpack

The very well-designed Calpak Cato smoky black laptop backpack is an ideal choice both for avid travelers and students.

The storage capacity of this Calpak luggage set is good enough and one can easily store his entire belongings for a week’s trip.

The smoky black color of the bag is trendy enough for teens and young boys. It is made up of a durable nylon fabric that lasts longer.

Cato smoky backpack is divided into two compartments.

The first compartment is big and it can store your clothes and books easily.

The second one is padded and can be used for keeping the laptop. The pads keep your laptop safe from any breakage or outside force.

There are two zippered pockets on the front side that are of much utility. These different compartments help to keep your stuff organized and arranged.

The 15-inch laptop compartment of the backpack is removable.

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You can attach or detach it as per your convenience. The side mesh pockets are good enough to hold tissues or water bottle.

The telescopic handle of the backpack is well-built and sturdy. It can be easily operated through this one push button.

The bottom of the bag is covered with rubber so that rolling the bag on the floor do not affect its fabric.

The ball bearing wheels of the backpack is attached to the inline skating. They allow you to roll the bag comfortable and conveniently.

Calpak Zorro 20 inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Suitcase

CALPAK Zorro 20 inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Upright Suitcase

This fantastically designed roomy suitcase is perfect for a business or kids trip. Available in 3 beautiful colors and pattern, you can use it to replace a typical kid’s bag.

It is quite more spacious as compared to the kid’s luggage and hence gives them more space to pack their dresses, shoes, and coats.

There is this one main compartment that accommodates most of your luggage.

It has another zipper pocket on the top that provides you easy access to your passport, cash or any important documents.

The zippers are important as they do not let your stuff fall.

The good little suitcase possesses a sturdy construction. The walls of the luggage are made on a frame and the back is even much stronger.

Zorro is a perfectly sized bag with a comfortable height. The handles of the luggage are well-built and are located on the top.

The ergonomically designed handles are retractable and work on a one-push button.

With this luggage, you do not need to worry about the spots. The bag is washable or can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

The size of the luggage is so perfect that you can easily fit it underneath the seat while flying.

Zorro is an extremely lightweight luggage and easy to carry-on. The attached wheels make it possible to rotate the bag when required. There are two tires only but, they do not let the luggage tip over.

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