Me - Harold Mills

Hello Everybody I am "Harold Mills". This page is created to share my personal experience and achievement and a page to talk as a person to my readers.

You are here reading this, means I first need to say "Thank You" for landing on my site. I am a Software Engineer from Washington DC but I am in state of mind where I am consonantly thinking of dumping my job and become a full time traveler. (Let's wait and watch where this goes)

By working as a software engineer didn't make me a guy of who only dreams of silicon valley. I think I have two personalities a gentleman geek on normal days and a street smart guy when I travel.

Travelling and exploring new places is my passion and I learned and explored a lot while travelling. I have been travelling places since I was 17. And one thing I came around that affects your experience while travelling is The Luggage.

There is a huge difference between having a journey and having a great journey. This is the reason why I choose to create this blog dedicated to luggage only. Luggage that makes your journey great.

I will keep adding the luggage reviews as soon as I get my hands on any new brand or models. So stay Tuned.

If you have any queries or just want to say Hiii feel free to contact me via my the contact us page. I usually replies within a couple of hours if I don't than I am somewhere around the globe in pajamas and holding a glass of wine with my beautiful wife.


As I am getting a great response from people from everywhere I have started reviewing backpacks and also opened a shop selling unique accessories and backpacks , purses and lots of other stuff related to travelling so don't forget check it.

Also as my site is growing thanks to you guys I am getting lots of my contents from individuals from all over the world. But one thing that most important to me is that I don't do brand promotion none of my posts are sponsored by any brands. I write only real reviews which I have personally have experienced with. But If you are a New Brand emerging from No-Where and Needs a Little exposure in this competitive luggage jungle, than feel free to reach me out.  Although I need to change my habit of showing the positive sides only of any luggage or bag mentioned in the site (which I do a lot).

Please be open when contacting me whether its good or bad or anything I am ready to take it and would really love to.

And, Now Thanks again for stopping by.

Have a great Day ahead. Till then Happy Shopping and Happy Journey 🙂